[Math] Hoarding resources in Training camps versus Hero Academy

[Math] Hoarding resources in Training camps versus Hero Academy

Oops, Click for 2* hero discussion


This section is a reply to another post. But they were asking about 2* TROOPS in Hero Academy not 2* heroes. My bad.

Note: This is why I prefer

TC02 = Training camp level 2,

RT02= Uncommon recruit training and

HA04= Uncommon troops.


Oops, looks like they said HA02 uncommon which is neither Uncommon 2* heroes ( HA03 ) or Uncommon 2* Troops ( HA04 ) but actually Common 1* Troops ( HA02 ). Now I am really confused.

2* Heroes

It will depend on you play style.

I treat Empires like a marathon, so Extra low cost ( RT11 ) and Uncommon ( RT02 ) will always be my favorites ( see top post ).

([Guide, Camps, Roster] What camps to run, and for how long, often depends on your roster)

Hero Academy

Click for rant

I am very sad HA1 to HA10 are less than ideal at banking recourses ( see below ) and does not produce 5* heroes.

If it was designed to actually improve game play, you could hoard food in Hero Academy and run all 4x training camps for Hero XP.

But if Hero Academy was actually designed to improve game play, then color, and advanced color, hero training would be rebalanced for training camps.

Hoarding Iron

([Hoarde, Iron] Less than optimal iron storage or Zero, er, Hero Academy level 6 Rare troop training ( HA6 ))

Hoarding Food, Training Camp

Hoarding Food, Hero Academy

The two best places to hoard food in Hero Academy are Epic ( HA08 ) or Trainer Heroes ( HA07 ). See notes for math.

Legendary versus Epic

Legendary ( RT20 ) produces a Classic 4* hero, on AVERAGE, every 10x days.

Epic ( HA08 ) produces a Classic 4* hero every 2.5x days. No limited time 4* heroes, but considering how bad Legendary Hero Retraining (HA10) and Epic Troop Retraining ( HA09 ) are implemented, this is not a loss.

So Epic ( HA08 ) is most useful if, and only if, you are missing Wu Kong ( costume Wu Kong is less than ideal ), Tarlak, Miki and Ranvir. Missing Wu Kong is possible with Merciless RNG.

Otherwise you are better using Legendary ( RT20 ) to have a chance at 5* heroes, or Costume Chamber for a chance at costumes.

( rant )

Costume chamber was definitely a monetizing driven decision instead of a game play decision ( like many updates since 5* HotM added ).

( end rant )

Legendary versus Trainer Heroes

Once you have all Classic 5* Heroes that do NOT have a costume you want ( see above rant ),


you have enough 5* heroes, of any type,

Then you do not need Legendary training ( RT20 ) so Trainer Heroes (HA07 ) may be better if you have finished upgrading Hero Academy to Level 10.


Since you only get 1x Hero Academy instead of 4x training camps, you cannot upgrade Hero Academy AND keep training ( less than ideal for game play, great for micro transactions).

So if you are planning to upgrade, training camps may be a better place to store resources.

Guaranteed Rare (RT12) or Legendary ( RT20) are good choices .

Elite training (RT13 ) is almost never a good choice except for players who log in once a week.



Legendary training


148.5 kfood/ day
6.1875 kfood/ hour
.103125 kfood/ minute

Trainer Heroes

HA07 ( Trainer Heroes )

120 kfood/ day
5.0 kfood/ hour

Guaranteed rare


82 kfood/ day
3.41 kfood/ hour

Epic Heroes

HA08 ( Epic Heroes )

80 kfood/ day
3.333 kfood/ hour



I’m just happy to see a new @Gryphonknight thread :smiley:

I’m mostly using HA for trainer heroes, especially during Atlantis.

I then hammer it for 1* and 2* when I’m levelling a new 4*

I have 4 x tc20 running trying to find my last few classic 5*.

Once my houses are up to snuff, I’ll run ha10.

Not sure if I’ll have recruits for both ha and TC .

Any new 5* and three TC will be converted to tc2.

Anyway, just my thoughts.

Good to see you Mikeeey!


Many many thanks. Many many characters

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So, what building did you scrap to make the HA?

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I’m down to one forge and I’m not using the alchemy lab


Thanks @JonahTheBard. I didn’t get many responses to the inquiry. And finally decided on scrapping a TC for it a few days ago. They tend to bottleneck anyway. Meanwhile, my troops are behind the curve, so…

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Think I’m gonna scrap a windmill. Maybe just while I finish upgrading HA at least

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If only there was already a thread…

FWIW, 1 forge, 0 Hunter’s lodge.

@Gryphonknight Thanks so much for your time and effort! :smile: After reading your post, I decided to shut down my last tc20, and use tc12 for food storage instead.

I’m only missing Dom and Leo from tc20 5*. Never gotten those two, or any Quintus from tc20, despite running at least one tc20 24/7 since May 2018. RNG gonna RNG. :sweat_smile:

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Just wish they would shorten the time to retrain a legendary. Waiting a week to get a season one hero is very disappointing.

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