The TC11 Recruit Bank

Before I had Training Camp level 11 (TC11), I was desperate for swords and backpacks to train heroes. My training camps sat idle most of the time and I felt like I would never get enough feeders to level up my favorite heroes. Also I kept running out of room for recruits. This all changes the moment I got my first TC11.

Extra Low Cost (ELC) training changes the game. ELC takes no requirements other than 2 recruits and 1000 food. Once you get there, your TCs will never be idle. So, If you need feeder heroes, stop leveling any other buildings, except what you need to get to SH11 and TC11. Research ELC as soon as you can. Stop leveling your houses. You will not need them “stay on target” of your first TC11.

Granted with ELC you only get a 1* or 2* every 2 hours, but that is not its real power. Because it only takes a little food and 2 recruits, you can “deposit” your recruits here and “withdraw” them later. If you houses are full, deposit more to your new recruit bank by increasing the number of ELC training. If you need more recruits, reduce the number of ELC trainings. There is no penalty for this. If you put 100 recruits and 50K food in (50x ELC), you can withdraw 100 recuits and 50K with no “interest”. Only the current running ELC should not be removed. If you cut its training short, you will loose the 1K food and 2 recruits. But you will quickly find that you never need to pull out that last one. You will end up keeping it at a positive balance and it will run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week giving you 12 heroes per day.

Now that you have your first TC11, start hitting 8-7 all the time. 8-7 is the best for recruits and uses the least amount of world energy. Other levels are good at other things, but you don’t need that stuff yet. You need recruits now. Keep hitting 8-7 until to get your bank to about 10 days of ELC training (480 recruits). After that, switch to whatever you want to farm for. Finish the season, hunt for backpacks or swords, whatever. But keep depositing you recruits in the bank. It is possible you will never want to level this TC to 12, ever. It is too valuable as a bank, and a higher level does not make it a “better” bank.

At Stronghold 11 you will have 3 training camps. Get you second one to TC11 as fast as you can. When it gets there, fill it with ELC training. It can be a second bank or not. I just fill it with 3 days of ELC and refill when it it gets below 1 day. Other than refilling it, you can forget it until you are ready to move to TC13 or TC19.

Edit: You may want to “pause” leveing one of your TCs at TC4 to act as a food and recuit bank. See below the link to a nice post by @Gryphonknight.

While your second camp is leveling to 11, it is now time to reap the rewards of the bank. This TC only needs to be at lvl 2. It does not needs to be higher yet. Dump your saved swords and backpacks into it, pulling recruits from your bank.

This will create a new problem. You will need more food, lots of it. Now that you do not need to worry about recruit storage, regular farming of 8-7 (or other levels) will give you more swords and backpacks that you have food for.

Summary: Your first is TC11 and is your bank. Your second is also TC11 and is permanently generating ELC heroes. Your third need only be lv2 and used for processing backpacks and swords for now.

You might be tempted to upgrade the third TC to 11 also, but I would recommend holding of for a bit. You probably need more food. If so, point your builders at your farms and the watchtower. Max them. If you keep farming levels, you will run out of food fast. Max your food production now and you will thank me later.

After your food is maxed out (or before), go back to leveling that last TC to 11. While the builders are working save your backpacks and swords. every once and a while take a break from leveling the TC and level something else to let you catch up on lv1 and lv2 training. But you may want to just focus on getting your third to 11.

When you food generation is maxed and you have 3x TC11s, you are cooking with gas. All three of your TCs will be running 24/7 and never idle. If you only run ELC on all three you will get 36 heroes every day. But, let #3 generate ELC heroes until you build up enough backpacks and swords to process and do them in large batches. I turn my phone off for 9 hours at night, so I tend to save to 18 backpacks and dump them while I sleep. I run swords during the day, or rarely save till I get 54 swords (9 hours) and run the while I sleep. Nice present when I wake up.

My (almost) Final notes:

Keep* your TCs running 24/7 with ELC at minimum. Cheap and easy.

  • I gave an order to things above. This is how I would do it if I needed to do it again. Do it any way you wnat, just get all your TCs to 11.

  • If you want to level your bank, simple. Withdraw your recruits and deposit them to your “new” bank. No muss no fuss.

  • You don’t need to level up your houses any more, but you may want to for convenience sake. Your call. I’m at SH20 and recently leveled mine because I bought the second builder for a month and was running out of iron. My houses were the cheapest to upgrade for me.

  • When switching a TC from ELC to something else, don’t worry about dumping the last ELC training. It is only 1000 food and 2 recruits and you have plenty. I find my sanity starts to go when waiting on a ELC hero it finish so I can drop something else I want more.

  • After all TCs are at 11, I don’t think you need to level them until your stronghold is at lvl 19. I recommend you focus you builder on other things for quite a while.

  • Granted some people have different needs and ran lv13, but I skipped it and went to 19 which I love. Most agree that 5-10 is useless once you get to TC 11. Also, TC lvl 12, 14-18 are also useless when you are at TC20. Your results may vary, but everyone agrees that tc 11 is a watershed moment.

  • Need new heroes? Jump all to TC13, but not your bank. Run Elite training on both and feed from the bank. Same for TC20 or anything you want in-between TC11and TC20.

Edit: The Recruit & Food Bank/Hoards
I am at a point that I am always out of food between leveling heroes and leveling troops. This guide I myopically focused on only a recruit bank. @Gryphonknight pointed out that TC4 has no materiel requirements (like TC11), but it takes 4 recruits and 1500 food. This can be used in the same way as a recruit bank + a food bank. Very cool. He did a great write-up on this. I don't want to include all of his information to keep this short (for me), but I HIGHLY recommend reading his doc also. I leaned a lot from him on a topic I thought I knew a lot about. The depth of this game surprises me and delights me very often.

Recuit & Food Hoards

Hope it helps
Did I get anything wrong? Happy to edit.


Just skimmed through, nice writeup; however, if you’re using TC19 for all the goodness that TC19 is, you should likely be using 3 over 1 for the same reason: faster leveling in the time domain.

Would suggest 4-10 are useless as a slight tweak rather than the 3-10 you have listed now.

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I believe 3 is useless after 11. Willing to be wrong. Why use 3?

Edit: I see now. I have not used 3 in so long I forgot the requirements. Thanks. Making the edit now

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Haha that’s what I get for doing something in game rather than finishing my post; yup!


Thank you for this wonderful help post…I have just modify my training camps and it really works as it says on the tin…
Thank you!!!

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Great advice, thank you!

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Thank you for writing this up and sharing it on the forums.

It is VERY helpful for new, and old, players to see the strategy you have worked out.


Why do you advise against using low cost ( RT 4/ TC 4 ) for this until you unlock your first camp with extra low cost ( RT 11/ TC 11 ) ?





This is soooo true.

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Good point about TC4. Let me get my mental mojo back and edit. Thanks

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I’ve been stocking up for a while now :wink: the two buildings on the right are a TC 19 and a TC 10 both in the process of being upgraded.


Thanks Gryphonknight. I made a few edits and added a link to your document. I have been starving for food (pun intended) for so long I have never even thought about this. I never did it and probably will not for a long time. I have SO many troops to level… uggh.

Great write up and wonderful new information for me.


I found two uses for TC4, at least temporarily.

First, as a poor man’s TC11 before I could use TC4 as Gryphonknight suggested :slight_smile:

Second use I found accidentally, when I moved my old bank (maybe a month worth?) to TC11, it took a while, because I had to earn the food to add as I moved recruits over.

Part way through this I was getting ready to do the second ascensions on my first group of 5 heroes, all about the same time needing 132k food each, and I was sooooooo food broke, so I took a step backwards–moved some surplus from my TC11 bank back to the old TC4 bank. Just so I could pull enough food out to ascend somebody, and not have to wait a day. Further, I was full-up on feeders and needed to ascend so I could level up and clear out space.

I think I’m finally over that hump; I haven’t needed to do it for a bit, but I do know that if I desperately need some food NOW, I can switch the TC I might use at 1 or 2 over to 4, and load it up from the bank.

Once I get a queue going at TC13 (or TC20), and get it loaded up as a food bank, this use will go away as well.


Great write up about your experience. The lack of food is hard. I have sooooo many things I want to do, but food is the limiter.

This is great. Thanks for the info, y’all. I’ve always had a TC11 going, but never thought of using it as a bank.

My stronghold will reach level 20 tomorrow, which means a 4th TC. I’d like one TC at 20 for chances at 4 and 5 stars. For the other 3, should I make 2 of them ELC and the other churn out rank 1-2 when I get lots of swords / backpacks? I have a load of heroes to level right now.

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Currently 40 days que’d for my TC11 :smiley:

Food has been my killer lately for leveling heroes

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No. Use TC12. You are banking troops and recruits for the day TC19 opens.

As far as using TC3, there are times I have to burn off some ham. Very useful in one special case

I am confused about this. As far as I can see, there is only one location where hero’s are stored after they are trained. How do I store them in two different locations.

You use the training center to store heroes. Normally you store heroes in your “houses”, you still will, but this allows you to store more (infinitely more).

To be totally correct, they are not stored, but waiting in the training que to be created. So every 2 hours you will get a new hero. But by farming every day you will have WAY more recruits than ELC training can handle. So, the end result is you are storing recruits, but not limited to the space in your houses.

As I write this I have 71 recruits in my houses. I have 3 TCs qued up with 3 days of ELC training. So I can “withdraw” 216 recruits from my training camps to fill my houses when I need them.

… And I do need them. My 4th TC I use for TC1, TC2 and TC19 training. Depending on the way you play, you may use the same as me or totally different. It is a big game


There is also a TC10 food bank, btw.

Personally loving TC 13 as i currently have 900 heroes ticking away !!! Thats 1800 recruits !!! SH at 19 lvling up iron storage and massing iron to get to 20 then its “HELLO MAMMA!!!” TC20 here i am !!!


Thanks for sharing! Its still a bit confusing but hope it becomes clear once i level up to tc11