What should I (f2p) do with training camps before level 20?

My base is at stronghold lev 14 with a single (f2p) builder working flat out to upgrade all iron storage to same lev. I have 1 TC11 (so far stacked up with 20 days worth of heroes) and have 2 TC13s currently churning out 95% 3* heroes.
I will need to do at least one upgrade to a TC13 because (as the upgrade is slow incomparison to the iron cost) even my 3 current lowish level mines lev 13 and watchtower lev 11 will be able to more than recoop the TC upgrade cost in the upgrade time so as to get my iron stocks to (or at least significantly towards) the level needed for stronghold 15.
Then the question is what should I do with the upgraded TC? Should I return to TC13 producing 95% 3s and 5% 4s or use TC 11 to produce a 1-2* every two hours and just stock these up until there I’ve got some decent heroes from TC20?
At TC 20 I can get a new training camp to level up from 1-20 and can then level up my other TC13 so there will be some time to generate 1-2* heroes and then more time while upgrading barracks, forge etc. before returning attention back to stronghold.

Boa tarde eu continuaria no ct11 pois é lento mas gasta pouco recursos

Good afternoon, I would continue with TC11 because, although it is slow, also spends little resources


Focus on getting each Training camp to level 11 then upgrade 1 of the (at then end you will have 4) 4 to level 20 then research 20 and 19. Start putting recruits into tc20 then if your short on 5* level up a second one to tc 20 and alternate having 1 or 2 running tc20. If you have lots of 5* heros then keep them at tc 11 or tc 2 for feeders.

all 3 TCs are at 11 or beyond. I’ll only have 4 after getting stronghold 20.
at present I’ve just got 3 4 stars (across 2 colours) and 21 3 stars. As said I’m f2p. With one builder its a long time til lev 20. What do I do with my TCs between times?

that sounds (via google) good :slight_smile:

Use mandatory one camp on lvl 13 . Sadly, the odds are not as good as we like them to be, however as a F2P at that lvl is one of the few sources to get a 4☆.
Today there are other sources too like costume chamber / TOL or Atlantis but still you need time to gather the keys / Coins and need to be able to complete stages.

The other two camps should be producing feeders. One of them can flex between tc 13 or tc 2/11 according your needs.

I dont recommend you to start upgrading the camps further then lvl 13 wait until you get SH lvl 20. Focus better on iron storage. Once you unlock SH 20 and another camp you can start you non stop road to camp lvl 20. That way you will have 3 free camps still to work with

So my advise is one tc 13, other tc 11 and the other flex between tc 13/2/11 depending if you need more heroes to work on(tc 13) or feeders (tc 11 or 2)


Greg, I’d strongly suggest you have one running at TC11 to store recruits in and give cheap feaders, and one running at TC13 to store food in (and have a chance at 4s). I’d leave the other TC as a floater to alternate based on needs - run lvl 2 if you have packs, level 4 if you want fast 1s, or level 11, if you’re out of materials.

This was the approach I used until I got to TC20, and it allowed me to have a substantial bank of recruits and food to pour into my first and second TC20s. Strongly recommend this approach.

Best of luck!

Edit - Complete agree with @Lexxtarc. He’s spot on.


I’d run two tc11 and a tc13. I’d save every backpack and sword you can get. As later on it be more beneficial for you as keep it running is alot of work. Also don’t do ANY research past tc13 just get to tc20 as quick as possible. As you won’t ever use them. Tc19 you can always go back to later on. You will have a week of research before you can start tc20 so keeping the tc13 is good to store recuits so you can automatically sawp recruits into the tc20. I’d prob use the tc13 as a tc11 for a bit. Then you can grow you backpacks up and swap it over at some point once you have a decent amount.


Down the road you can keep two of them at TC 11 and two to TC 20. The levels you want to focus on are 1, 2, 11, 19 and 20. Trying to build heroes I had TC 20 running on both of them, then I switched to two of TC 11 always running. Designate one camp as the “TC 11 exclusively”. That way you can always pump excess recruits and ham into it.


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As others have said, after TC13, there is a vast wasteland of mostly useless TC levels. TC 19 & 20 are the useful ones, and 19 is only somewhat useful.

Your current setup is pretty good, and I’d stick with it. You want those chances at 4* heroes. Any4* hero you get will help you; the odds of 5* from TC 20 aren’t great, and it will be a while, unless you go for a cheap VIP deal for a second builder.

You’ve correctly identified the need for iron storage, and pushing there is a very good idea.


Among 4 tc:

Keep 3 tc lv 11 to produce food to levelup ur main heroes

Focusing 1 tc to lv.20
After 1 tc lv.20 done, move another tc to lv.20

Repeating until at least u got 3 tc lv.20 to increase ur chance to get free 5*.

Forget about tc 13. It will waste ur resources if u hope it will give u 4* (u will get a bunch of 3*)

Just concenentrate on tc lv.20, the chance to get 4* will become higher and occasionally 5*

Guaranteed rare

Personally, I tell all new players to use Guaranteed Rare - recruit training 12 ( RT12 ).

Merciless RNG

3* ascension items

Color stacking

How to use 3* 3.50 heroes to color stack.

Everyone saying 11 & 20 are right.

I run three TC 11s and one TC 20. Granted I tend to run one of those 11s on backpacks and swords.

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