[GUIDE] How does the Queen of Hearts’ Taunt work with AoE specials, or specials affecting nearby enemies in addition to the target?

The Queen of Hearts (QoH) is a Minion Summoner, and her Playing Card Minion gives her a special ability: Taunt.

In its simplest application, Taunt prevents any allies of the Queen of Hearts from being targeted by special skills until any and all Player Card Minions are killed.

As this effect is the result of the Player Card Minion, it cannot be dispelled.

That part is fairly easy to understand.

But if you play the Wonderland Challenge Event, or have or encounter the Queen of Hearts hero, you may wonder:

What happens when I target the Queen of Hearts with a special skill that affects the target as well as the nearby enemies? Are the nearby enemies still hit?

Or you might similarly wonder:

What happens if I use an AoE (area of effect) skill that doesn’t target any particular enemy, and instead affects all enemies? Do they work as usual?

Or you might appreciate these elegant specific questions from @AnayaL and @AndyBSG :

These are great questions, and a Mad Hatter hat tip to @Adisty, @0mn1k, @AnayaL, @RedKirby, and @AndyBSG for helping to ask and answer them.

Some Answers

Additionally, it’s worth noting explicitly:

  • A dispeller like Sonya, Caedmon, Sabina or Melendor can only affect the Queen of Hearts when Taunt is active, just like any other special skill

  • Taunt is a function of the Queen having at least one Playing Card Minion, and cannot be dispelled — but can be stopped by killing her Minion(s)

  • The Queen’s defense against special skills can be dispelled

And Here We Can See This In Action

Image: Queen of Hearts with an active Playing Card Minion

(credit: @Adisty)

Image: Queen of Hearts with multiple status effects applied to her by special skills. Note that the other bosses were unaffected due to Taunt.

(credit: @Adisty)

And in conclusion about these screenshots:


@zephyr1 +1 Nice work on collectively gathering the information to demystify Queen’s abilities!

Just a quick note, dispel abilities (like Sonya, Caedmon, Sabina, etc.) will only remove Queen’s defense boost against special damage, not the taunt. This is because the taunt is an ability of the minion, not a dispellable ability placed on Queen herself. I think someone mentioned Sonya specifically in another post, so I thought this might be what they were asking about.


Thanks! I updated the post to make that explicit.

Bonus question:

Will having two Queens with card minions mean that special skills target no one?

Thanks to an incredibly lucky researcher, the answer is: no.

Special skills will hit all QoHs with an active card minion.


Came to think of those talent skills that effects the enemy wil they be able to hit other then Queen if she has taunt?

Talents aren’t considered Special Skills, so they should be unaffected by Taunt.

I thought that aswell. But hope someone can confirm that. (Someone who had a fight with the queen)

If the Queen is on your team and you have Gazelle too with her special active, does the Queens taunt still work as it’s an effect from her minion?

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Does QoH taunt last forever (4 turns) when she gets ghosted by Lepiota?

Yes, QoH taunt works well while she’s :dancer:dancing :dancer: to Gazelle’s music. They complement each other. QoH card minion can take Joon’s hit and and live to tell the tale. Imagine if that beam was aimed at the fragile madame Gazelle. That would have been a desaster.

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Thanks for the info. My Gazelle is 817 defense and 1579 health so even if Joon strikes her she should be alright :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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