Vela and QoH

Is Vela ignore QoH minion’s taunt?

No, Vela does not ignore Queen of Hearts’s taunt. As with any AOE attack, if the taunt is active and Vela fires her special, the attack will only affect Queen of Hearts, not the other 4 living heroes.

Note that the extra damage that would normally go to the other heroes from the AOE attack does not all go to Queen, instead it just disappears. So for example, if Vela would normally fire and cause 100 damage to each hero, When Queens taunt is up she simply takes her 100damage, not everyone’s damage for 500 damage total.


But why Vela does not ignore taunt, if it come from Minion? I know, Vela ignore LotL’s mana cut)
Seems like a bug, maybe.

Vela’s Resist Minion Effects:
This Hero has innate resistance against INCOMING negative effects and damage from Minions.
(emphasis mine)

QoH minion taunt is not an incoming negative effect.


Both QoH and BK are the anti-Velas for this reason. Also the anti- Anzogh, Horgy, Isarnia, or any attack-all heroes.

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I think this is negative effect, and Vela should resist it. But developers’ decision is no resistance also ok, but should be mentioned specifically, I think.

I know, but this question is especially about Vela’s minion resist and QoH minion taunt. For other AOE with QoH and Vela with BK taunt is very good, no question here.

It is a negative effect, but it is not incoming (part of a minion’s attack). Which is why I bolded and put in all caps INCOMING when copying the description.

Edit: Some examples of incoming negative effects that Vela is immune to is LotL minion’s mana drain (as you pointed out earlier) and Kvasir minion’s poison dot/minion prevention debuff. Vela is immune because these effects are attempted when the minions attack Vela, hence the phrase ‘incoming negative effects’. It may be possible Vela’s resistance was worded and put in place like this specifically because of QoH, but their may be other examples that I’m not thinking of right now.

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