Black Knight coupled with QOH


I’m trying to understand something.
If Black Knight and Queen of Heart trigger their special together, what happens ?

1 : Taunt gets cancelled and one of the two heroes get hit
2 : Double taunt completely blocks the special and heroes can’t launch it


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from what I understand with double taunts in the field, if it is an AoE attack, then it will only hit the heroes with the taunts. Sniper attacks, I am not so sure about.


Snipers would target one of the two heroes with Taunt.

@Lel: As per the usual mechanics of the game, second taunt will override the first, just like a Kirik/BT buff.

It affects every attack, no matter if it’s an AoE or sniper, with taunt active no other hero can be hit.

Not in this case as QoH’s taunt is minion based, where Black Knights taunt is a status effect.


Well, if they do not override each other, most likely QoH minion will override BK status while active.

@Sernarok What I meant by the sniper attacks was I do not know which taunt it prioritizes. That was my bad for not clarifying.

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Now after I have both emblemed to answer. So they split taunt but as mentioned QoH is minion based and BK with 1 taunt is pure hell for special attacks.

QoH needs backup like healer as it can’t withstand as many attacks as BK.

My second prefer attack in war is consisted of QoH-King Arthur-BK-Finely-Mitsuko. This team wins 9 out of 10 attacks.

If community would like a video I can make it with them.


Thanks, informative posts, I have both and not sure who to give rings to first, BK or QoH?
There are posts suggesting QoH works very well with Puss in Boots also.

Hey, definitely BK first in my opinion he is best in the game from my point of few.

Probably yes QoH and Puss with all the minions are nightmare. :slight_smile:

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