Atomos – New Atlantis Hero: First Thoughts & Discussion


New Atlantis Hero Released: Atomos!

What do you think of Atomos?

This thread is for initial thoughts and discussion on Atomos.

Based on preferences of Forum members expressed recently, please try to stick mainly to Atomos and not wander off topic too much to other heroes.

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Can Atomos resurrection special be dispelled? [Answer: Yes]
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I now have one, so I hope feedback is positive. Otherwise I will be sad.


Fun novelty gimmick…

Two questions:

  1. Is the revive dispellable?
  2. Regardless of the answer to the previous question, can we start a new poll “Atomos: Worst Atlantis 5*, or worst overall 5* hero?”

It looks like from this thread that it was dispellable in early beta, and based on the card description, I assume that hasn’t changed — but it’d be worth testing to be positive.

What makes you think he’s a candidate for the worst?


He’s a weaker Quintus that comes back to life IF he dies during his 5 turn special…

His damage will only depend on the enemy’s manta level…

I didnt think a green 5* could get any worse than Kadilen


I was hoping for THIS particular ATOMOS…

Moderator’s Note

Beta image removed.

Original stats:

  • 679 attack, 811 defense, 1334 health
  • Average speed
  • 225% to 255% AoE
  • All allies regenerate 900 hp over 5 turns
  • All enemies get -75% healing received

I guess this version was too powerful…and here I thought Aegir got nerfed lol


Slow, potential to do minimal damage once the special is finally fired, ok stats. The revival part of the special will just be annoying but won’t pose a problem. I’m now Considering only using only my epic hero tokens and Atlantis coins to try and get Frida then saving my gems for next month. Disappointed by this months heroes


and that is the reason that beta content should stay in beta… :roll_eyes:


Indeed…Ariel seems durable…I already have Aeron and Musashi…sooo…Frida it is

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I took care of the image, thanks.

A reminder for all that beta images and video aren’t allowed to be posted, even after release.


When I see his stats I am not yet impressed but I may be wrong.

Mana slow and special is dependant of the mana of opponent.
So the output for damage is not predictable at all.
Base attack is okay, not great but not low either

I sure do not see this as an emblem candidate for now.

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Wow…lol…they took the image down but left the beta stats up…shouldnt make a difference now…he’s no longer in beta so deleting the image is pointless


Stats are fine to share, even when in beta testing. Images and video are not.

Logical or not, those are SG’s rules. :man_shrugging:


What ever floats your boat :sunglasses::+1:

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He might not quite be able to push Thorne out of his seat, but he is a worthy competitor. He is a novelty special, admittedly a very conceptionally cool novelty but slow speed and being dispellable (even if it weren’t…) make the secondary effect a very minor factor, particularly on defense. There will certainly be some cool situations where he can high roll and win some very flashy comebacks, but far more often his special will be at absolute best Quintus’ ability and at worst a slow Zimkitha hit minus the cleanse/Atk buff/ heal


He’s like Kestrel but with slow mana and less damage.
Revive can be strong, but if it’s dispellable it’s pretty useless.

He doesn’t seem like a titan hitter or offensive raider. Only position I can see him working is tank to delay the enemy, but he’s not the best at that either


Let’s be honest…as long as there is a Gravemaker and Marjana around…slow green heroes have no chance especially if they are not tanky…like Horghall

This was a total waste of a green hero for those of us in the diamond arena


Firstly, Kadilen was already stronger than Elk.

The sad thing with Atomos is thatI don’t know that his ability is great even if it is changed to s 100% revive health


Yes, this atmos’ special is real bad on first look. Even many regular TC20 heroes special looks better than his. I think even horghall looks more exciting than him and I know many people won’t even spend the tonics on horghall.