New Player Priorities Question

Slow mana speed

It is, but Spirit Link is slow mana speed unlike Wonderful Feast or Icy Resilience, so often better options even among Classic 3* heroes.

At least Gunnar makes a good last man standing hero ( anchor) since his defense stat is so high ( 3* 3.50 same as Grimm 4* 4.70 but Grimm also a glass cannon).

Kailani is hampered by her stats and Bane being so good ( I had 3x Bane for war, events and quests ).

Building a Roster

I agree.

Still getting used to Atlantis 3* heroes.

Heroes I like

Tyrum Balthazar
Bane Melia
Valen Gato
Belith Belith (the 2nd) Mnesseus Brienne
Hawkmoon Namahage

Normally I like 3x Bane because he is such a good 3* hero. 2x Belith and 2x Hawkmoon because it is very handy to run two healers of different colors. But reflect green and reflect red events do not give you that option with 3* heroes.


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[Raw Data] Strongest heroes with farmable ascension materials 3*, 4*, or 5* [Analysis, Math]


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