[Analysis, Math] Minimum buildings for Training Camp 20


[Analysis, Math] Minimum buildings for Training Camp 20

Minimum Buildings

According to my corrected math, my alliance fellows (thanks thordu), the wiki, and Gryphonkit’s base, for Training Camp 20 you will need:

Iron storage all at 18 (or 1,970k iron)
Food storage at 12-12-12-11 (or 1,330k food, you gain one food storage at Stronghold 20)
Houses (Recruit Storage) at 8-7-7-6 (or 104 recruits, you gain one house at Stronghold 20)


Stronghold level 20

Stronghold 20
Iron cost 1,969,000
Iron storage all at 18 ((392k x5) +10k for Stronghold= 1,970k

Training camp level 20

Training Camp 20
Iron cost 1,641,000
Food cost (research) 1,323,000

Food storage

Food storage at 12-12-12-11 (gain one food storage at Stronghold 20)

Level 11 = 300k
Level 12 = 340k

( 340k x3) +300k + 10k for Stronghold = 1,330k

Recruit storage

Recruit cost 100 but actually 104 (need 101 due to RT11 being even number but loot drops includes odd numbers)

Houses (Recruit Storage) at 8-7-7-6 (gain one house at Stronghold 20)

Level 6 = 16
Level 7 = 18
Level 8 = 22

(22 + (18 x2) +16) + 30 in Stronghold= 104



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According to the wiki stronghold level 20 Opens up area to add house, training center, farm, food storage.

So I will have to rework the math on food storage and recruit storage.

[Photo] For Rook, a Stronghold 20 with max level buildings

Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


Depending on where you put your Barrack you can have 3x or 4x food storages.

Dont remember exactly, but 3x12 +1x13 should do it.

But good write up! We need more of these! :slight_smile:


You cannot place barracks instead of a storage building anymore though, no? It’s always gonna be 4.

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Houses 8 8 8 4 (probably)
Food storages 12 12 12 12

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You’re right. I forgot about that restriction , good catch :slight_smile:


For TC20 you need 100 recruits. So 3 houses at 7 and one at 6 should do the trick. 6×18 + 1×16+1×30

If you are prepared you can make recruit odd. For the order construction houses need to be upgraded last as you can upgrade them while researching for TC20.

Well that’s what I’m going with. If I have time I might push 4 houses at 7 but not planning to have a house at 8.

Since it’s all about prep and gaining time to have TC20 early pushing house at 8 even before researching or reaching TC20 or stronghold 20 is a waste of time.

Given the data on the wiki we may even calculate at which level the houses can be pushed before stronghold 20. As it takes a week to research for TC20.

Unless you want to gems your upgrade and research time. But even if you gem no need for a house at 8. 4 houses at 7 is best if you’re afraid of losing 1 recruit


So I did the math and it take roughly less than 8h to lvl a house lvl1 to 7 and less than 17h to lvl 3 houses from 5 to 7. Having 3 houses at 5 at stronghold 13 let you train in TC13 as you’ll have 72 recruit max.

Otherwise even with 4 houses at 1 you could still level them up during the reseach time which takes 7d. 168hours you have a big big margin to upgrade your houses to lvl7 less than 32 hours if your 4 houses are lvl1 So the requirement for recruits are valid but you don’t have to do it before having TC20 completed. The other requirements are good and ok and valid and can be done during your way to TC20 or stronghold 20 even at stronghold 13 as it helps you store and manage your ressources. (Food storage iron storage) but I’ll recommend to do it at stronghold 15 as you have all the ressources building before reaching 20.

Well, that’s my take in rushing TC20 the fastest possible way guide


How long does it take to get tc 20? I been playing my ■■■ off for 3 months and my stronghold is 3 days away from level 15. I played wow early on and it was a grinder but this game seems like all your hard work is for nothing is all.

Add ALOT more ways f2p players can earn gems

Hi @Chuck364. Since this question is off-topic for your idea thread and likely to pull that thread away from discussing the core proposal, I’ve moved it over here in the hope that someone like @Gryphonknight can help you arrive at that answer.

I know it took @Boolz a couple of months from TC13 to TC20 with VIP (he’s been F2P otherwise).

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From SH13-no VIP >>> to >>> TC20 with 2 months of VIP >>> total TC20 in 3 months and 4 days, by Boolz :)