[Wiki, Play style] Xero786 ( Zero )'s leveling one hero at a time technique from his video

[Wiki, Play style] Xero786 ( Zero )'s leveling one hero at a time technique from his video

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link to video

Zero levels one hero at a time, his target hero. He has some really cool ideas.

He has 215 hero roster slots, which isn’t necessary, but appears to helps him store 3* and 1*- 3* Trainer Heroes until his target hero is level 3.60 and 4.70 since leveling costs more food the higher the target hero’s level.

He collects his loot/ feeder/ leveling heroes from his training camps, or regular summons tokens ( silver ), in as large an amount as he can to level his target hero ( one collection lot ).

Analysis Aside: Having 215 hero roster slots helps, but is not necessary. The more you can collect at once ( one collection lot ) the more food efficient this technique.

Since you are leveling one hero at a time, you are going to feed it all colors and feed the target hero in batches of 10 loot/ feeder/ leveling heroes at once ( this helps with food ).

Feed them in the following order

1* other color,
1* same color,
2* other color,
2* same color,


refill your hero roster with 1* and 2* heroes. As you can see, the more empty hero roster slots you have, the more 1* you can feed at once, so the less food you will need to level.

Analysis Aside: More empty hero roster slots also lets you hold onto those 3* heroes and Trainer Heroes longer.

Leave finished heroes in your training camp since they don’t take up space in your roster until you collect them. This also works for regular summons tokens ( silver ) just leave them your inventory until you need them.

Aside from Zero:
Not really needed, but you can use extra low cost, common and elite training to store food. But unless power leveling a hero to max in one day, better to use extra low cost and common training than elite training.

Analysis of Training camps by Dante2377 mentioned in video

Quote about food cost and batches of ten


I wonder if you can improve on this technique by temporarily hoarding 2* heroes.

If you have 50 slots, only use 1* heroes until you have 40x or 50x 2* from RT11 then use all 40x or 50x 2* at once.

Repeat until RT11 empty.

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