Is it worth ascending two Grimm's

My blue team consists of Alaise at 3/70, (been been waiting for 2 telescopes for a few months now) Grimm, fully ascended, Sonya, fully ascended and unfortunately my tank Kiril fully ascended. He has been a very good tank though!!

On the bench, another Grimm, 2 Boril’s and another Kiril.

Suggestions on who to work on next? Thanks!!

I’m just finishing up Grimm#3, but I also have two maxed Kirils. Both are useful in wars. If you don’t have six healers for wars already, I’d recommend Kiril.

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I have 2 grimms maxed and they are superb!

2 Grimm is great for Wars, Events, and Titans. 2 Kiril is useful for Wars if you need the healers.

I currently use 1 Kiril, 2 Grimm, and Alasie for my red Titans. 2 Grimm is nice in this case because of his high attack stat and if Wu makes your first Grimm miss, you’ve got a 2nd try :+1:


I am going to level as many of good heros as I can. Maybe not all at once because better options at the time come along. I have a maxed Grimm and 1 at 60. Mainly because I always lack gloves all the time. I have 2 more unleveled in my queue sometime. Tiburtus is the same.

I currently have 5 healers. Any opoinions on Boril? I know his special skill is very useful, but not sure where he would fit in?

I will probably work on another Kiril then Grimm.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions and responses. I appreciate it.

Riptose was useful for me in the beginning. Boril was my 1st 4* blue so used him quite a bit. Since I don’t use him except maybe wars and he was just brought to 60 not to long ago. I also have a Cyprian I haven’t touched.

Riptose loses it’s appeal later on imo although I do hear it works well in events.

A lot of top ten teams in the epic tier of the last event had multiple grimms.

I’d do a second Kiril before a second Grimm given that the event where double Grimms is most useful just passed, but I just finished a second Grimm myself so he should be in the queue as well.

I do have a maxed Isarnia though, and use Grimm and her on titans, so there’s a consideration for you as well. If I didn’t have Isarnia I’d probably double up with Grimm.

Personally I have one Grimm at 4* 4.70 and one at 4* 3.60.

Kiril’s bonus only last 3 turns compared to Ramming Pulverizer lasting 6 turns ( though Kiril’s free Dragon banner is very useful versus double Vampires to get the Royal Tabard ).

Boril’s Perfect Riposte suffers from his high defense stat.

Grimm has the highest attack stat of the Ramming Pulverizer trio ( see Notes ) against Purple, Blue, & Green Bosses/ War defense heroes, ( Gormek is highest vs Red, Tiburtus is highest vs Yellow ).

4* 3.60 heroes are the strongest using only farmable ascension materials. A 4* 4.70 hero takes 200% of the recruits/ XP to level as a 4* 3.60 hero. While a 5* 4.80 hero takes 422% of the recruits/ XP as a 4* 3.60 hero ( see Notes ).

In addition to my 4* 4.70 and 4* 3.60 Grimms, I also have a Kiril 4* 3.60, a HotM Perseus 5* 2.60 ( protection from green useful for reflect green titan ), and a Sonya 4* 2.33

Pirates has a 4* green ( & purple ), Guardians has a 4* yellow & red, Knights has a purple ( & red ), Grimforest has a green & yellow for a total of 1 Purple ( & 1 ), 2 yellow, 2 green, 1 red ( & 1 ) but no 4* blue challenge event heroes.

Maybe reflect green, each challenge event appears to have a 4* hero weak against the reflect color ( Pirates purple, Guardians yellow, Knights red, Grimforest green ). But considering how little love purple 4* Boomer gets, we will have to wait and see.

4* 3.60 heroes

Ramming Pulverizer

Recruits/ XP

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Between the 3 Id say to bring both Kiril and Grimm to 3.60 for war.
A 4.70 Grimm could help you even with titans and events.

Personally I’m trying to not ascend a double hero past the free ascension limit (due to a possible Fine Gloves shortage) but another Grimm is tempting… I have a Grimm (the king) at 4.70, other 4 Grimms to 3.60 and the newborn Grimm at 1.01

I’m kinda short on blue heroes to fight red tanks on AW so maybe the newborn will become the King’s double once Triton will reach 4.70.

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