How high to ascend wu?

No particular order


At least complete a team of rainbow 4*


No bias at all eh @Oracle83? :wink:

Let’s start by keeping this on topic. You should ascend Wu to 4/70 no doubt. But… I do not think that is your priority right now.

I’m sure others will point this out, but you already have a good rainbow 4* team:

Caedmon, Scarlett, Cyprian, Li Xiu, Kiril (play with the order, because Li is OK at centre as well)

That team alone will take u a long way into the game. I’d be surprised if u haven’t already worked that out considering how u are levelling.

So get those heroes as high as u can as a priority. Rigard is a standout 4* hero and should be levelled when u have resources.

This game is high in FOMO - don’t buy into that! Your current heroes are awesome and you will spend at least the next two to three months having enormous fun without getting any new heroes. Ignore your ‘inner voice’ saying that you ‘need’ more 4* or a 5*. U don’t. Not yet. U will. But not yet.

After levelling the above 4* heroes, my strong advice is to also build a strong base of 3* heroes. You will not regret this because they will help you on every aspect of the game: The Main Map(s), AW, Titans, Events, Quests, Farming.

For the moment, hang on to all of your three star heroes. But there are some that should forever stay at the current level, and other who are worth levelling to the max.

Here is my opinion on the ones that are worth levelling to the max, in addition to the ones that are already there like Nashgar & Bane:

Nature: Belith, Berden, Brienne,

Ice: Valen, Gunnar

Fire: Hawkmoon, (Nashgar)

Holy: Kailani, (Bane)

Dark: Balthazar, Tyrum, (I have no idea about Gill-Ra)

Do not level the other 3* beyond where they are until you know u want them (my guess is that they’ll remain untouched)

Once you have done that it time is to RELEASE WU (i.e. ascend him) You will by then have enough diversity and depth in your team to colour stack on titans, to allow u to fully appreciate the magic that is Wu.

If u ascend him now, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Wu is only Wu, when Wu has the right friends to play with. He needs support in every element with colour stacking (FishDreams stands back for the flood of comments)

IMHO, Li and the 3* mentioned above, are better use of ur holy feeders for where u are at right now.


If u r not already in an alliance, then u should be. It’s the best way to learn.

There are plenty that would want some! with ur lineup of heroes.

I know our alliance would welcome u.

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Take him to the top. He’s one of the most useful offense heroes

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Did anybody already have given the advice to level Wu to the end as soon as you can?
Your alliance will be thankfull for that when you start using him in titan fights…


Well, you should level him as soon as possible till the end!
You will notice that he is very helpfull in titanfights!


Killer, hearing this makes me a lot more stoked on things. FOMO was definitely getting me. Now at least I have direction haha. Farming and feeding. Not just hoping TC20 provides.

Truthfully I’m stunned (good way) at how helpful and easy to read your response is @FishDreams. Thank you. Actually all the replies I’ve recieved have been very helpful as well.

I was getting confused at some threads that I managed to find. Getting my head twisted around some of the more technical things was driving me crazy but I suppose that comes with time.

I’m glad I’ve joined this community. Seems to be rare not to be flamed for being a newbie.


Thanks for the offer @FishDreams, I would be honored to join but at this time I am going to stay loyal to my current alliance. They’ve been good to me, have some heavy hitters (we can take 7* right now) and very laid back. That being said, if things change…

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Again many thanks to everyone that has or will reply. I’ve gotta get at least a couple hours sleep before work here so I’m off to bed now.

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==Wu Kong at 4* 3.60 & 4* 4.70==

Some heroes are good, some suck but most are just okay.

To keep this on topic, since Wu Kong is a glass cannon, leveling him to 4* 4.70 without a rainbow team of good/ okay 4* 3.60 heroes to back him up, will decrease his effect.

I usually advice leveling a rainbow team of 3* heroes to 3* 3.50, then a rainbow team of 4* heroes to 4* 3.60. Both 3* 3.50 and 4* 3.60 are maximum with farmable ascension materials.

Then swap your 4* 3.60 yellow hero for your 3* 3.50 purple hero (linky, linky) when farming season 1 province 7 stage 7 ( s1-7-7) for least real world time used, ~8 recruits & rugged cloths.

Then swap your 4* 3.60 red for your 3* 3.50 green when farming season 1 province 8 stage 7 ( s1-8-7 ) to quickly fill your Wanted monsters mission chest for ascension item rolls & ~9 recruits.

==Teammates are your best resource==

Your play style and hero roster will change as you play. The best resource is a good alliance were you can ask specific questions about your hero roster from others with a similar play style.


Some of these are old, but a list of links, mostly involving 3*/4* heroes (linky, linky)


This is really old ( I need to update it ) but has the basic principals:


Thanks very much @Gryphonknight. I now have a solid game plan between you and @FishDreams and others of course. Alot of ppl to mention haha. So aaaa-farming I will go… :laughing:


Ok. Might be a dumb question, but bear with me as I’ve got a ton of info to now digest (No complaints, but old ■■■ brain’s been overloaded haha) I’ve read a lot about farming 8-7, what materials/items am I specifically farming for there?

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==Short answer==

Recruits. OMG :tired_face: sooo many recruits

==Long answer==

Monsters to fill you Wanted monster mission chest ( WMMC ), which gives you rolls for ascension items.
Recruits for your training camp, especially extra low cost training ( recruit training level 11 ), elite training ( level 13 ) and legendary training ( level 20 ).

==Detailed answer==

s1-8-7 gives 11- 14 monsters for your WMMC but only costs 3 World energy.
s1-8-7 gives you ~9 ( 8- 10 ) recruits but only costs 3 World energy.


Recruits need for various heroes:

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Ahhh perfect. That makes sense. I thought it might be ascension materials but recruits are even better with the amount of farming I need to do. Thanks again. You guys are awesome.

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I agree @anon89026910 should ascend Wu above all else.

I made the mistake of not doing this, and I’m going to do it again, I’m afraid because I like shiny things.

I got Wu from TC13. I was so excited. But! By the time I’d gotten Wu, Guardian Jackal fell into my lap and I had him at 3/60. Used orbs on him. C’mon! Jackal plus Grimm? yaaaass… damage go BOOM!

Then i SWORE to myself that I would ascend Wu. Then Fables came out, and I’d had some high scores on titans. (My highest is 85k on purple) So I drew Gretel. She got Wu’s orbs. Wu kinda got it but looked a little disappointed.

Then… finally I had 4 orbs again. I drew my first 5* Yellow! Drake! a HOTM! Shiny! Not only did he get those orbs, he got my next four because he is my first 4t 5*! You know what? Wu wasn’t even mad at me.

Poor, poor Wu. I promise… next time will be different. I swear. I love you, you angry little monkey. I love you.

Started running 4x TC20. I drew Vivica, Justice & Leo on consecutive days two weeks ago, and then last weekend I drew Joon. (seriously a legendary run on TC20, this also included my second Lianna and Magni in a 3 week stretch)

Wu looked at me, with a little tear in his eye. He knows. He knows, and he understands. But the smile on his face says that, despite his heartbreak, he is going to give his all until he dies.

Bottom line is this: You can survive without Wu at 4t. You will get awesome scores, you will be happy. But your scores will be even less likely to be consistent because Wu will die faster. So, you’ll do, say, 85k on one titan, then 9k on the next because the titans (I swear it) will target him like the bullies they are. If you 4t him, your scores will improve. If you do not 4t him, your scores will not improve.

you decide…


That is absolutely the right decision

You have been in the game three days. You have some good heroes of one color (3 if you didn’t feed Bane to Li.), and should finish one before moving on to another color. Li Xiu is going to do more for you now and is the only choice for you at this stage. WU DON’T FARM!

Yeah, caps again.

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@Bud thanks for your input. Much appreciated.

Been playing quite a bit longer than 3 days. I hit a wall but still enjoyed the game so I decided to get more in depth and found the forum and in the last few days with all the great advice I’ve recieved my play level has increased dramatically. Gone from scratching top 10 in my alliance to top 5. Wish I’d have found this forum sooner. But then everything happens for a reason I suppose.

But update… my LiXiu is now as far as I can take her. Waiting on at least one more orb to show itseld to get her to tier 4. So now I’m gonna work on Wu. Simply cause well I’m gonna love it when he produces and I know I’m gonna wanna shoot hime when he bungles everything up. Haha. I like “safe” gambling.

Definitely not feeding Bane. He’ll come in handy in challeges where I cant use my 4*

Sorry, mistook game for forum days.

If your comment about taking Li as far as you could means 3^60, I use her in my grind farming and love her. She does not need to go any higher for me. Great niche hero.

Yeah. No worries at all. 3/60 is what I was referring to. She’s been doing pretty well for me so far. Farming is where I’ve liked her the most so far nice to one shot/almost on all enemies in 8-7

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