So many awesome new heroes..please help me set lvl order!

Did 60 Teltoc pulls and need help prioritizing all the excellent collateral I got while hunting for Falcon and Jackal…

I’m not really concerned about finishing class quests right now. Priorities are basically everything offense (war depth, comfortable Platinum raiding, being able to complete epic content easier, being able to attempt legendary content, making titans cry).

Main thoughts/questions swimming around in my head:

  1. Stay the path and level 4* teams before working on 5* -OR- make exception for Frida and Panther up to 2.60 (or at least to a point where they are sturdy enough to bring vs 8* titans/color stacking quests)
  2. Prioritize Hatter up to 2.60 as well? He is super fun to use for war clean up at 1.1 but sometimes dies before I can pull off the switcheroo. If I save Hatter for later does that change my green 4* priorities (Hatter has anti-synergy w my “best” 4* options–Caedmon and Melendor)
  3. Concerning my decisions for 1 & 2 - when does a 5* hero become stronger than a maxed 3*?
  4. When I get to a second Purple healer, do I go with Rigard 2 or Sabina 1?
  5. What do I do w multiples? Any new rumors on the advanced buildings and how they might work turning heroes into other heroes or dismantling? I don’t mind holding on to the dupes and some will eventually get levels; it’s just kind of annoying seeing them every time I scroll through

In 1st pic, team 1 = current defense (prioritizing these to max) & teams 2/3 = tentative levelling order; they are all repeated in the by-color-by-power roster shots that follow

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I might split the difference there. You have some great options in purple, so finishing say, Tiburtus and/or Sabina seems to make more sense to me than working on Panther. On the other hand, you have fairly limited blue options, so Frida and her incredibly rare elemental defense down could make some sense there. There’s always the possibility of stacking though, and Sonya would level faster. You’re also not in great shape on capes/scopes, so you risk Frida getting stuck. Maybe take 2 Sonyas to 3^60 for stacking, then see where you are on ascension mats.

With the disclaimer that I don’t have Hatter and don’t understand much about his special, I still think you should prioritize either Caedmon or Melendor. Given your priorities, Melendor is probably the better option. Both dispel, but while Caedmon does have an offensive special, Melendor’s max attack is quite high at 714 vs. 635 for Caedmon. Again, putting this into your stacking calculus, you get more bang offensively with Melendor. (And Kashrek’s attack is an anemic 548, so you need help there.)

Paging @Gryphonknight here, but I think the rule he told me was at about 2^60.

Given your priority for offense, I’d go Sabina. Her attack is a whopping 699 at max vs. Rigard at 595. Also, I like having different skills on the team, but if you have another dispeller besides Sabina, that’s a wash. Cleanse is a nice feature, and it’s why Rigard is on my most wanted list.

If you’ve got the space, keep them. A few can be worth leveling multiples of, but as you said, with the new buildings in the offing and uncertainty about how they will work exactly, it’s a risk to eat them. I’m F2P, trying to avoid buying more roster space, and really sick of pulling dupes, since I really lack variety, but I’m still holding 2 Sabinas, 3 Tiburtuses, and 3 Danzaburos.

Other observations: Your elemental down heroes can stack with regular defense down, but you don’t have any of those heroes leveled yet. I like Gormek - he is on my main team - but his attack is really weak, even when maxed. Maybe prioritize Tiburtus to get a defense down hero in the mix and think about putting Scarlett in your red queue. She’s squishy, but her attack is super high, and that affects stacking damage, even if she’s dead. (Don’t sleep on Ameonna for the same reason, but you’ve got better purple options.) Prioritize Scarlett over Boldtusk if you are planning to stay with Kiril, as the attack buff will overwrite instead of stacking.


On reflection, I think I’m gonna retract this advice. Frida’s special is unique enough to be useful at 3^70, and you have the capes to get her there, at least. And it sucks to have those fun five-stars riding the pine, doesn’t it? :slight_smile:

BUT, what your team really needs is Grimm. Your blue options aren’t as deep as the other colors, so he’d be a clear best option. He hits like a truck and has a defense down special. If you had him, Sabina would take priority in purple (since you wouldn’t need Tiburtus to get defense down) and Scarlett in red. Start leveling Frida, but if you pull Grimm, I’d switch to him immediately.


Aye where are you Grimm!?!

Thank you for taking a look. Definitely convinced me on Melendor/Sabina…I’ve felt too tanky/heal-heavy up until now so was going to put them back of line but I didn’t really consider the tile damage. Also I will consider Scarlett before BT. I may just have been blinded by all the BT praise here. Be nice to have a good rogue too

Nice Plan

I like @Noble_Weasel 's plan.


We probably will not have a definite answer for 6- 18 months.

If trade was introduced tomorrow, I have never seen anyone level more than 3x same 4* hero ( Grimm ) and 2x same 5* hero ( Gravemaker and Panther are famous ) but some heroes would command high trading value.

I finally reduced my Melendor clone army from 9 to 6 ( The lady running my training camps must have a crush on him, I have summoned him a lot more than 9 times )

4x 4* 1.1
1x 4* 3.60
1x 4* 4.70


How boring do you want to get?

Yawn ( Spoiler 5* 2.60 > 3* 3.50 )

Yawn Yawn

Yawn, Yawn

Yawn Yawn Yawn

Yawn, Yawn, Yawn


Though emblems do make a 3*+19 hero roughly equal to a 4* 3.60 hero. So theoretically 3*+19 > 5* 2.60 but it gets very weird comparing emblemed heroes to non emblemed heroes.


Build your 4* base first, tempting those 5s may be. To fully level 1 x 5, you can level 2 x 4* and looking at ur roster, you def need more 4* leveled to be more well rounded at all aspects of the game. Those 4s will get you the mats for later. Having just 5 x 5s sitting at 3.70 will leave your options limited for events=frustration. Your game will be more enjoyable with the 4*s expanded.

Also on a side note, seeing that you are spending for pulls, I wouldnt invest more money into buying more pulls. You have enough heros to level, to last you a year. If you’re going to spend money, buy those offers which give you ascension mats (they often come with gems anyways) so that you’re actually able to level your teams rather than run into the ascension mat wall.

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Oh yes I’m done with summons for a long long time lol…went full degenerate in the Teltoc portal chasing Jackal (got Panther and Falcon on second 10-pull). Thanks for this though…solid advice

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Not too boring lol…2.60 works. Thanks!

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Well-deserved praise, I think. He’s 1 or 1a on my most wanted list (with Rigard). But in your situation, I think you can bump him down the priority list a little. I have all three pulverizers maxed, two with emblems, so my needs are different than yours.

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Are you basing this on your discussion of “true level” here? Just asking because I was comparing my 1^40 Poseidon to my 3^50 Gato, and Poseidon’s overall hero power is already at 460 vs. Gato’s 447. I know the family bonus plays into hero power somehow (which is why the game considers Danza+5 my “strongest hero” over Sabina+7 and Tiburtus+6), so I tried to compare to another Atlantis hero. I have no idea how they calculate that hero power, and it won’t really change how I’m leveling my team at all. Just curious.

Hero Power

All generalization will be imperfect.

But as a general rule:

Calculating Hero power

You can actually calculate Hero Power yourself. But the post with the current calculation is buried under posts complaining about the Hero Power adjustment in version 15.1

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