Beginner (ish) Question

I just started the game (My stronghold is currently at 3), and somehow managed to have already pulled a 5*, 4*. Should I just start upgrading them as much as possible, now?

Best to wait, especially on the 5*. You need unfarmable ascension materials (ie ones not available from the map) and you are better off working on 3* for now as you collect them.

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Nope, that will actually slower your growning

Max 3 rainbow 3* teams (15 heroes in total)
Then at least 3 rainbow 4* teams
And them start working on 5*

Not about question but might be helpfull

Be in active alliance with few older players who can help/explain

Stacking colors is much stronger than rainbow teams, when you have 3 or more heroes tail in their color will deal much mire dmg


Also, levelling the higher star heroes takes considerably longer than 3*. I did not have a maxed 5* until I had been playing for 10 months, and I did start my first one right away (which did slow me down).

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Was just saying this then you posted.
5*, even now when people have everything max takes forever to level up, so as a new player you definitely need to focus on your 3*, then 4* and then 5*.

We all understand you want that nice amazing 5* at max, but it will just eat ALL of your resources .

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Thanks, all! Yeah, I was kind of feeling some kinda way about the 5* :smiley:

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The only bad thing about the 5* is that as you are summoning them and not touching them,they are taking up space which kinda sucks,but better to have them for when you are much stronger

The temptation is to play with the shiny new toy.

For advancing and being able to complete events, quests and the like it is best to focus first on a solid 3* team (with substitute options), then solid 4* and then finally the 5*.

First off, you only have a few farms and probably not even maxed, a 5* uses a TON of food per feeder as they advance, it will kill you.

IF you don’t care about balance, advancing, etc then maybe it is what you want to do but EVEN in that situation I believe it will be frustrating and drain the fun from the game because 5* simply consume too many resources.

@Ruthless1 As folks have already said, I would work on building a stable of 3* heros 1st. The ascension material is easier to obtain and the heros will be beneficial in gaining higher ascension materials through raids, 3* tournaments, events, 3* challenges, quests and Season 1 - 3 stages.

Once you have 3/4 heros of each 3* elements, you can start working on 4* heros. These will be a little harder to obtain, but are available via event summons. I would level 3/4 heros of each 4* elements while still continuing to level additional 3* heros. Feed 1* feeder heros to the 3s and 2 feeder heros to the 4* heros you’re leveling. As you build out a solid stable of 4* heros to go long with your 3* heros, you will start to build up a collection of 4* materials to go along with your 3* materials that you need to build out 5* heros.

Once you have 3/4 heros of each 4* elements, you can start working on 5* heros. These will be difficult to get to be totally honest. The Season 1 5* heros and HoTM heros are easier to get than all others. Based upon whether you have the ascension material, you can start leveling 5* heros. Use this forum to gauge which 5* heros to level and which to avoid. Hard to give advice now as you don’t have hardly any to be picky at this point, but this forum is an excellent resource to decide when you finally are ready.

My suggestions once you get to the point of leveling 5* heros is to do it in conjunction with continuing to level 4* heros. Feed the 1* feeder heros to the 4* heros you’re leveling and the 2* feeder heros along with 1*/2*/3*/4* trainer heros to your 5* heros you’re leveling. You will be surprised how many 4* heros are really 5* heros in a 4* disguise. Good luck and good gaming moving forward! Remember, this game is a turtle race not a rabbit race! All good things take time! :wink:

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This is good advice. I pulled a Obakan early in the game and put a few heroes in him. Started reading the forum and got the advice to focus on 3* and then 4* when I started getting MATs. I left Obakan alone and by the time I had tabards I got Khiona, much better than Obakan. Then I got Kunchen, after that Freya…all amazing purples.

With a little patience in the beginning you’ll have a much nicer team built and it’s so much more fun will a solid army. And hey, this forum doesn’t steer people wrong often.


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Thanks for all the great tips, guys!! My two favorite 3*'s so far are Kvasir and Grevle. I also have Bane, Dawa, Gato and Azar. I got lucky with some of my draws, and also have Baldur, Tiburtus, Grimm, Agwe, Gormek, and Kelile. I’ll probably wait a bit with those, but it’s hard!!

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Once you get a good 3* team together, pay attention to your 4* or 5*. The rule doesn’t apply to all. Miki, Telly, Heimdall, and a few others are immediately useful.

Realistically, given the nature of Baldurs special, you could very easily find him quite useful in short order, even at 2/60.