Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You

Summary: This post is a summary of the epic thread that the inimitable Mai began months ago; it is being created as some things have changed since the original analysis, some new information has come to light, and Mai is no longer around to update her original post for easy information access.

Titan Grades:


  • A+: position based, rank 1 on the damage scorecard
  • A: position based, ranks 2-5 on the damage scorecard
  • B: ranks 6+, player must do at least 3.3% of the Titan’s HP in damage
  • C: ranks 6+, player must do at least 1.0% of the Titan’s HP in damage
  • D: ranks 6+, players that do less than 1.0% of the Titan’s HP in damage


  • A+: does not exist on an escaped titan
  • A: position based, ranks 1-5 on the damage scorecard
  • B: ranks 6+, player must do at least 3.3% of the Titan’s HP in damage
  • C: ranks 6+, player must do at least 1.0% of the Titan’s HP in damage
  • D: ranks 6+, players that do less than 1.0% of the Titan’s HP in damage

Example Math for B/C/D grades

Loot Tier Calculation:
T-L is Titan Level in the calculations, a 10* Titan would be T-L 10. Note: in game Loot Tiers are listed in Roman Numerals; I’m using common numbers for clarity’s sake here.


  • A+: T-L + 3
  • A: T-L + 2
  • B: T-L + 1
  • C: T-L
  • D: T-L / 2, rounded up


  • A+: does not exist on an escaped titan
  • A: (T-L + 2) / 2, rounded down
  • B: (T-L + 1) / 2, rounded down
  • C: Loot Tier 1
  • D: Loot Tier 1

Example Math for Loot Tier Calculation

Loot Tier Ascension Drops:
I’m only going to list the ascension drop numbers (explicitly how many you get, and yes unfortunately these can be farmable daggers and leather armor too haha) off the various loot tiers as the rest isn’t as important over time; see Mai’s main post for a reasonably accurate list even now in the current version if you’re interested in consumable and crafting material drops for loot tiers.

Loot Tier 16: 4 (as of v21)
Loot Tier 15: 4
Loot Tier 14: 4
Loot Tier 13: 3
Loot Tier 12: 3
Loot Tier 11: 3
Loot Tier 10: 3
Loot Tier 9: 3
Loot Tier 8: 2
Loot Tier 7: 2
Loot Tier 6: 2
Loot Tier 5: 2
Loot Tier 4: 2
Loot Tier 3: 2
Loot Tier 2: 2
Loot Tier 1: 1

Updated: 20190208, game version 1.9.x
Updated: 20190508, game version 20.x (mod edit)

Reference: Resume of how Titan loot works – Tiers, Scores, theories

Credits: This is just a short list of the people who helped nail down this info in the past few months only (thread does go back further than that). Many thanks for all your assistance!

Talisax, Elpsis, Ronin, D.D

Verision History

  • 20180130: initial creation
  • 20180208: Loot tier 2!
  • 20190507: Updated for v20.x. Corrected rounding data, added higher loot tiers (mod edit)

Examples of B/C/D calculation:

I’m going to use the current 1.9.x max titan HP value for a 10* which is 3234000 HP. This math holds for all titan levels, just use the HP of the titan which you are fighting as the value for T-HP (Titan HP).

B: T-HP * 0.033 // 3234000 * 0.033 = 106772; higher than this and in ranks 6 or lower, will result in a B grade. Incidentally 3.3% is roughly equivalent to 1/30 which would be the average damage needed per member to kill a titan assuming a full alliance of 30 members.

C: T-HP * 0.01 // 3234000 * 0.01 = 32340; higher than this but below the B line (106772 in our example) will result in a C grade.

D: Less than the C value, 32340 in our example, will result in a D.


Examples of Loot Tier calculation using a 10* titan again.


A+: T-L + 3 // 10 + 3 = 13 (XIII)
A: T-L + 2 // 10 + 2 = 12 (XII)
B: T-L + 1 // 10 + 1 = 11 (XI)
C: T-L // = 10 (X)
D: (T-L / 2) // = 10 / 2 = 5 (V) (note, because of rounding on a 9* titan, ROUNDUP(9 / 2) = 5 as well.)


A+: does not exist on an escaped titan
A: (T-L + 2) / 2 // (10 + 2)/2 = 6 (VI)
B: (T-L + 1) / 2 // (10 + 1)/2 = 6 (VI) (rounded up)
C: Loot Tier 1 // = 1
D: Loot Tier 1 // = 1


Reserved, twice more times think I want to break this up into multiple parts for information clarity


Final reserved post if I can’t do it with this many I suck even worse than normal.


If I’m missing anything or something else should be here (I debated putting in the Titan Scoring math but that probably deserves it’s own summary thread) let me know. Thank you all that have contributed your findings here over time!


That’s a great summary. Thank you, @Revelate.


Thank you very much indeed, @Revelate !
This is a great explanation that everybody can understand!

… bookmarked, made screenshots, and shared with my alliance … :slight_smile:


So there is no tier with 4 rolls?

So far that is correct and has been from original release AFAIK.

SG did state in the AMA that higher level titans (hyper titans) were slated at some point, I’m guessing these take the form of 11* and higher, and that should introduce new loot tiers potentially with 4+ ascension rolls.


Nevermind, thought I had loot tier 2 and Bluestacks has a stupid graphics issue.


Next time to get before / after screenshots of the inventory.

Loot Tier 2, dos cervezas por favor!

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Most people are going to need a degree to understand these answers. Perhaps you could put it in clear layman terms so the younger population can understand these answers.


I disagree. If a player is at appoint where they want to better understand Titan Loot tiers, they can understand what Titan level is, what loot tier level is and what their total score for a Titan is. This is simple elementary school math to figure out.
“+” means plus, or add
"-"means minus, or subtract
“/” means divide
“x” means multiply, when in an equation or when it’s between 2 numbers

It’s pretty simple, IMO
Great work @Revelate!!


How about this…
For a win.
A+ is number one spot counts as 3 points, add to the titan level.
A is number two through number five counts as 2 points, add to the titan level
B is titan health ÷ 30 (absolute minimum you can have) counts as 1 point, add to the titan level
C is titan health ÷ 100 (absolute minimum you can have) has no points, so it is just the titan level
D is anything that falls below C you get a cut the reward in half penalty. (titan level ÷ 2)
The answer is your loot tier converted into roman numerals.
For an escaped titans it is basically the same math with a cut in half penalty. A+ doesn’t exist C and D is automatically converted to loot tier I.
So A is number one through five on the list and gets 2 points, add to the titan level then halfed by the escape penalty.
B is titan health ÷30 gets 1 point add to the titan level and then halfed by the escape penalty.
The answer is your tier loot number.
I don’t think that I can explain it any simpler that that. And that is basically restating what was said above with out the short hand of abbreviations.


@Revelate I have a question: according to this a titan level 6 should give a player in Grade D a loot tier of III?
In my alliance, those that place in D with a 6 star titan are getting loot tier II.
Is this a bug, or has SG made changes?

I’m not sure as there is a titan loot tier bug running around; however, I’m seeing some strangeness on small titans too in my test alliance but I haven’t been able to track it down yet.

It’s possible the formula for D is wrong. Can you toss up some screenshots if you can please?

I’ll see what I can get from my alliance members. Although I am pretty sure your formula, based on the information you had, wasn’t wrong. I am concerned about the bug or some tweaking…

Even when I get the top spot I never get anything that I can’t craft myself. No ascention items no tokens nothing. I have 10 hero’s that need ascending yet I can’t. They have needed ascending for a year at Christmas just gone.


Yikes!!! Over a year!!! :frowning_face: