Is Gormek worth leveling?

I currently have fully leveled BT and Lancelot; Colen, Kelile, and Scarlet at 3-60; and Guardian Falcon, Captain Kestrel, and Wilbur waiting in the wings, in addition to Gormek. At this point, I’m thinking I might be better off feeding him to someone else.

I also only have enough AM to ascend one of them, and was thinking of giving it to either Colen or Scarlet, since it will ne a while before I have the others leveled anyway. Thoughts?

Yes yes and yes.

He is one of the most basic red heroes to be upped. Always good to have.


Not if you have Wilbur. If I were in your shoes, I would max Wilbur asap. Falcon and Scarlett will be next in line and hopefully a more reliable Red 5* option. If not Captain Kestrel will do fine.


Gormek is totally worth leveling, but of your people I’d go for Wilbur first.


Wilbur is better, but Gormek would still come handy in war.

You might regret if you would feed Gormek to someone else, he is tough and have useful special.


Personally I would level Gormek and Wilbur to 4* 3.60.
4* 3.60 heroes are the most powerful heroes with farmable ascension materials ( see links ).
A 4* 3.60 hero only requires 517 recruits instead of 1034 recruits for a 4* 4.70 hero. So you can level both to 4* 3.60 for the cost of one to 4* 4.70.

Gormek is part of the Ramming Pulverizer trio ( see notes ). Three heroes with one of the most powerful 4* special skills.

Wilbur is getting experienced players very good results ( linky, linky )

Guardian Falcon + Gormek can be very effective on a triple red team versus a Green titan ( see quotes )

Scarlett at 4* 4.70 or 4* 3.60 is very effective on a Wu Kong team ( linky, linky )
Personally I have her at 4* 4.70.






Like tiburtus and grimm, the answer is YES. Pretty handy for attack and defense.
Very useful against tanky heroes. But you should only lvl 1 hero at a time.

Don’t feed gormek, at the least, save him on the side until you have the resources to level him up once you have finished with your other interests (unless you have many multiple 5* red heros)

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I agree with most of the other posters…keep Gormek and level him. I am a bit confused by the ‘level 1 hero at a time’ advice. I like to level 1 hero for each color; thus, 5 heroes at a time. You get a 20% on-color bonus, which adds up over the long-haul and I think this is the most efficient way to level heroes.


You barely mentioned G Falcon. He is fast and has an elemental defense debuff. His speed and strength are better than “wet noodle” Gormek and his special is better than BT.

@badassninjadad If you focus on 1 hero at the time, you will get à max lvl hero quicker so you can use him sooner.

I too level one hero of each color. It’s slower for an individual but gets you where you want to be faster if you train with the same color.

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It’s a bit of a trade-off. Focusing all resources on a single hero will max that one hero faster in the short term, but leveling one hero of each color will on average let you level 6 heroes in about the same time as leveling 5 heroes one at a time. It depends on whether you need that one outstanding hero ASAP or if you just need to deepen your bench.


i would keep gormek for sure but would first level wilbur then falcon. Wilbur is awesome and falcon is gonna make a huge impact in green titans damage

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Personnaly, I am feeding 2 5* so i need them ASAP to upgrade my defense team and have more possibilities in raid. Because lvling up 5* is long, i rather prefer focus on one at a time. I have also 2 more 4* to feed, but it can wait :).

He is not fast and he hits like a wet noodle. He is only good when you have few reds to stack with him. So I would put him aside until you have BT and good red hitter and Gormek.

As what lexinen said. Level 1 4* for each color for better farming on the maps and quests.

Wilbur is great. Most mentioned here have more leveled heroes so for you who is relatively new, you will find Gormek having more utility than Wilbur.

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