Domitia - my shiny new hero

I believe we are kindred spirits, sir! Currently looking for time to lay out who I can use for what on a spreadsheet so I can decide which 3 stars can become food. Since picking up sorcerers Skittleskull and Ameonna, I think Graymane is gonna be toast. (Sucks that I maxed him, though.) Same with Renfeld now that I have another fighter in Poseidon. Once I level Tyrum, I think I’ll have just enough paladin depth to deep-six Prisca. (Hmm, three self-healers that are all garbage. Are you paying attention, SGG? These heroes are terrible.) I know I’ll eventually have to buy more hero capacity, but perhaps today is not (yet) that day!

I didn’t get either of the spirit linkers nearly as early as I would have needed to for them to be really useful. Leveling Gunnar now for 3-star raid tournament use. Kinda wondering what a Brienne, Melia, Gunnar combo might be able to do there. Yet another reason to put off leveling Kailani. I can’t imagine she’ll make a huge difference in cleric trials, even with spirit link. Maybe I’ll just roll with Hawkmoon and Mneusses until someone like Boril shows up; then Kailani’s fish food!

Good luck with that push; I think it would be a good change. I’ve only ever used Gan Ju in late stages of war when I want to use his mana cut to keep a healer from firing so I can do more damage before I flee. I will probably keep him for that purpose for a while, and may eventually level him for that reason. His cut by itself isn’t that great, but if I team him with Azar and Carver, it can make a little difference.

Yes, and I am looking forward to this. I suppose I could find someone that would knock him out of being next in line for orbs/darts, but given the entirety of this thread, it’s looking pretty doubtful! I so want there to be a Poseidon avatar for beating Atlantis. I would switch to it ASAP.

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Avatar is Ariel ( you can click on the Missions >> Complete Season 2 ( outline of a head with a ? ) >> Avatar Ariel appears. In fact you can do this for any reward outline of a head with a ?

Ugh. Didn’t notice that. Maybe for completing hard mode, then. Another mission that unlocks after you finish Complete Season 2. Hope springs eternal (until it is dashed, I suppose).

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I would really recommend against this. I know its only a 3* but you will get nowhere near the return using a max 3* as what you put in. I did it early on and ate a max friar tuck. Granted I have better healers etc but with war and raid challenges and trials i would love to have him back.

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I haven’t decided for sure yet, but I also have most of the other blue three-stars maxed, including Gato, and I have lots of better sorcerer options. His special isn’t really… well, special. It isn’t strong, doesn’t buff/debuff, doesn’t control mana. It hits a little and heals a little. Totally replaceable. So if I don’t need him for his class, color stacking, war depth, or his special, I’m just trying to decide what I’m keeping him around for. I probably won’t do anything until I put together my spreadsheet and see for sure that I don’t have any potential uses for him.

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Hero XP

This is a separate discussion of Hero XP.

Kerridoc is a huge fan of leveling with matching colors. Lots of benefits.

People leveling HotM in one day have saved for months.

Click for boring part

Falcon and Jackal ( together they fight crime)

Actually Joon >> Jackal >> Wu Kong on defense, but all three are better for attacking. Rumored Ranvir is a yellow 5* HotM Wu Kong that might be better on defense than these three ( but is still mostly attack oriented).

Boldtusk >> Falcon >> Wilbur on defense but they make an insanely powerful 3 red stack for attacking. Revive is insanely good with Boldtusk, Protect is insanely good with with Falcon and Withstand is okay with Wilbur.

Wu Kong 4* 3.60

Wu Kong actually has a very nice attack stat at 4* 3.60 for matching/ tile/ board damage.

Self Heal

Self heal really needs to be buffed to 90% similar to 1/8 Aegir or 100% similar to 8/8 Aegir.


Only recently got Melia.

Gunnar + Brienne seems awesome until you realize Gunnar is slow mana speed. Bump him to average and it would be nice.

Recovering Hero XP

Good points.

You lose 90% of Hero XP and all ascension items when you use a leveled hero to level another hero.

I still have my Graymane and Friar Tuck 3* 3.50 for these reasons but I am E2P so I have roster space.

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Oh, duh. That’s why I haven’t seen them on defense. Some days…

Totally agree. These heroes might be useful then.

Boo! Didn’t notice that. Thought we might have found a use for Kailani, but she is similarly slow. Oh well. If it were a good idea, I wouldn’t have been the first to think of it, I guess.

You are E2P, but you just got Melia? I believe you; it just struck me as odd. I’ve pulled her twice already. Not a big spender on Atlantis, I take it.

Clone Gunnar

Kailani’s Attack 429, Defense 453 and HP 729 make it difficult to find a use for this hero. Kailani really needs to be a yellow clone of blue Gunnar ( 387, 533, 656 ). Similar to the Melendor/ Sabina. And both Gunnar and Kailani could use an upgrade to average mana speed.

Gunnar is eventually replaced by Kiril. While Kailani is replaced by Wu Kong, Li Xiu and Hu Tao. And both are replaced by Wilbur.

Everyone 2 Play

Everyone 2 Play ( linky, linky )

Oops. I assumed E2P was “expensive to play”, as opposed to C2P being “cheap to play”. Seems I misunderstood. My fault. I do like your essay, and you may consider me one who has benefited from your philosophy.


Thank you.


Nope. Not your fault. Devs are running a business so they only care about F2P, C2P, and P2P.

But I care about Help 2 Play, Budget 2 Play, Artwork 2 Play, Cool 2 Play, Panda Attack 2 Play, Gift 2 Play, Christmas 2 Play, Mowing Lawns 2 Play.

If I am enjoying a game, and can not make the game community a better place by my involvement, perhaps I should find a community where I can.

“I created the OASIS because I never felt at home in the real world. I didn’t know how to connect with the people there. I was afraid, for all of my life, right up until I knew it was ending. That was when I realized, as terrifying and painful as reality can be, it’s also the only place where you can find true happiness. Because reality is real.”
― Ernest Cline, Ready Player One

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I like Domitia. She was my 2nd fully ascended 5* Dark hero. I use her all the time when I use Purple on raids or against titans. She’s definitely 1st Team purple here! I use her to attack in war, but not on my defense team.

Your real question seems to be: is she worth the mats? In my opinion, yes. I never regretted giving her the mats, even before her recent buff.


Yes, ultimately, this is what it boils down to. Thanks for your input. Feeling better about this pull all the time.

I have her at 4/80+3, i use her constantly in the trials too and she does a great job:

🔵 Trials of Survival Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!.

I think its a good purple option for a 100% f2p player like myself. She is very resilient and can take some heavy hits, her stats are great and she is tanky enough. She plays a good role in the titan fights too, with a nice tile damage and that protection from yellow perfect against yellow titans, plus dispels which is great against rare titans. I was doubting too when i first completed my first 6 tabards set, didnt knew if i should have wait on another 5* purple or get her to the top, but i decided to go with that last option.
In my opinion the only purple which is worth waiting is Sartana but for a f2p she could show up tomorrow from a TC20 or never. And to be honest while i still think Sartana is great [and maybe a better option?!?], you cant compare them like that.
I see Sartana mainly as a sniper while Domitia its kinda more functional, yeah she doesnt deal the same amount of damage but that slightly better attack stat + the dispel + the protection from holy i think they compensate really well that difference in damage dealt and that fast mana.
I feel like the developers could have bumped her damage a bit more with the latest v20 buffs, because it feels like she kinda miss that sniper punch. If i had to decide tho, i would have left Domitia just the way she was and only bumped her mana from average to fast. [maybe was too much for a vanilla 5* but hey could have been an option and even more hard to pick between her and Sartana].


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I am also 100% F2P, and it seems after using her extensively, you have come to basically the same conclusion I did when I pulled her. Sure, Sartana would be great, but who knows when/if she’ll show up, and Domitia ain’t a bad consolation prize. When I think about the other 5-star purples I could have gotten from TC20, I think it would have been dicier thinking about giving the tabards to Khionna, Quintus, or Obakan than to Domitia. I appreciate this feedback very much.

I honestly dont like Quintus or Obakan and i think Sartana and Domitia are definitely superior. And while Khiona would have been a better option than Domitia, she’s a HOTM and you cant get her from the TC20.
But yeah Khiona it is a better option than Domi or Sartana [at least for me i wouldnt have a doubt on who to ascent if i had Khiona, Sartana and Domitia].


Oops. Didn’t realize that. Thanks.

Ariel for normal.
Poseidon for hard.

Yaaaasssss! Shooting for that. Thanks.

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Which level. I dont play Atlantis much.

I just gave my Domitia the final assention. I think she would be good to either replace one Sartana or Victor in my tripple stack against guinever? Also good for titan survivability…

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