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I think I found an edit.

Under Stronghold:

After the tutorial you have 5 slots available to build a farm, iron storage, and food storage.

It only lists three buildings but 5 slots. Also, I’m at SH20 and have 4 TCs, but I only see 3 listed; SH5, SH11 and SH20.

Buildings after tutorial: 1 mine, 1 house, 1 training center, 1 iron storage, and 1 forge
5 expansion slots after tutorial: 3 farms, 1 food storage, 1 iron storage
@Coppersky in the Wiki (base/stronghold) is also just mentioned “5 slots” but not that 3 slots are for farms
By the way, thanks for your efforts :kissing_heart:

Yes I also say that you do very little damage when missing a hero. It pays not to have a missing hero I believe.

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Didn‘t want to start a new topic on this.

I am currently running towards stronghold20, currently @17. Is there any tips or proposals that suggest which level all your Buildings should have by hitting it? And tbc i Dont mean restrictions like ‚all iron storages on Lv18‘ I‘m more concerned with Mines, Forge, Windmills - TrainingCamps. I want to get to TC20 asap because I lack 4* Heroes like Wu and stuff!
Thnx in advance

I think it’s really up to you, if you’re not talking about building limitations.

I’m personally going for all 20’s because I like nice and complete packages…but I’m gonna do them in a certain order because some are more useful than others:

  • Training Camps (currently 16-20)
  • Forges (15-20)
  • Mines (17-18)
  • Farms (14-15)
  • Barracks (4)
  • Houses (10)
  • Iron Storage (18)
  • Food Storage (14-15)
  • Watchtower (10)

I’m perfectly fine if I leave everything as it is now, but there’s that completionist in me… :wink:


Depends on what you want. I rushed to TC20 cause I’m fairly low-paying user abd did not have thay good heroes. Because of this I heavily prioritised stronghold and tc. Rest of my building at SH20 were:
Farms 9-10, one even unbuild.
Mines 10-11, and one 16 (would be lower but VIP caused a shortage)
Watchtower 15(liked upgrading it when I hat that irpn shortage)
Forge 7 (only one build, others are still not up)
Barracks 1.
Tc 2x11 and 13.

Now after I got SH20 and upgraded one TC to 20 I was in a big hurry with my farms, had to upgrade them non stop for a while. Also I did suffer somewhat because of my low level forge. But I don’t regret it, I got TC20 really fast and I knew the risks of not levelling farms or forge.

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how long it took you to get sh at 20 and first tc at 20, since you started playing? and do you maybe remember how long until tc13?

I don’t exactly remember my numbers, but I know I was later than other players; I didn’t push as hard. :slight_smile:

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You can get tc13 fairly quick. I‘d say 1.5 months maybe? tC20 I‘d suppose u need maybe 4-5 months. But it depends on priorities and if u have the vip


I think for me it was little over 3 months, with maybe little over month being with VIP.
If you take VIP from the start I’d say you can get to TC 20 maybe in little over 2 months. Without VIP, 5 months. That’s with extreme optimization and rushing towards it.
TC13? not long, couple of weeks, maybe under 2 with VIP.


Since you already need (estimated)
Stronghold 37 days
Ironforge 9 days times 5 - 45 days
Traincamp 23 days

I would doubt these fast numbers. Not taking in account that you also have to level especially your mines to get the iron and farms to get food. Take 5-6 months as rough estimation better than ridicilous numbers such as 2 months haha

Doubt all you want. Fact is I have now played 4 months, and I have trained 7 legendary training in my single TC that is lvl 20. That means that 3 weeks ago I finished upgrading my TC to level 20.
I started before VIP existed, so I’m not sure how the resources keep up with VIP in the start. But I am willing to claim that if you start again, optimize everything for TC20, you can get it under 2,5 months(with VIP).

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If you spend money/gems on filling up your Iron - maybe. Otherwise I don‘t see it happening that fast.

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Perhaps future versions of @Coppersky ’s Compendium will hint at how to optimize for SH20/TC20 using the new VIP… :wink:

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Not sure what the numbers will be, but I lost a LOT of iron because my iron storage was always full. Iron from raiding, iron from titan loot, iron from Wanted mission chest, all that iron, just … lost.

I was able to hoard food ( Note 1 ), so when I run out of iron with two builders, I can take some of my food hoard and increase my mines, or when my mines are all 20, my watchtower.

Note 1
As an aside, I currently have too much food, due to lack of ascension items, recruits and good 5* heroes, so I have not touched my farms since April 13th ( about ten days ).

For easier sharing in game, you can put it in the first post as well :wink:


I have 2 Kiril’s that are exactly the same. When I double stack them, I have consistently had them charge at the same time. Could it be that one hero of the 2 (if different heros) have a slightly different ratio as to when, how much they get charged?

Wow:laughing: Youre the man

Reminder to stay on topic. :slight_smile:

Here is a quick link to the Compendium:

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