🏗 Stronghold 21, Hunter's Lodge, Titan Battle Items & Advanced Buildings FAQs

Thank you for the info.

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Personally, I’m saving all duplicate 5*. Their food value is pretty low, but their potential value in the Hero Academy is possibly large.


Sorry if this has been previously covered - but I am relatively new ( started in April ) and am in the process of Stronghold 20.

I would like to start making harpoons as soon as I can… I’m under the impression that you need to have 4x Food Storage 20 to even get an advanced storage, to then research the Harpoon in the first place??

If so I’m way far away… as I only have 3 Storages now, all at 14.

Are there any other reasons to go after the Hunters Lodge? I might just scrap the idea for now and chip away at it… I really want to get to TC 19 and 20. Maybe I should just focus on that for now?

Any guidance would be much appreciated. :+1:

I would focus on this. The payoff of TC19 is a windfall of hero leveling.

And TC20 can get you 4* and 5* heroes over time, plus serve as a Food bank.

And yes, if you read the top post:


Tyvm @zephyr1 ! Also for all you do around here. :smiley:

I’ll be so glad to get there… maybe I should have sooner. Oh well. Stronghold 20 will be a good point to catch up on everything else.


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Extra Fast

With Advanced House Level 1- 9, and Atlantis Rising, Extra fast training ( RT19 ) is still nice, but Common ( RT01 ) and Uncommon ( RT02 ) training just became more useful for leveling. Advanced House, and Atlantis Rising, shifts much of the burden from Hero XP per recruit to Hero XP per 1k food.

Harpoons will also consume 1 hour of food production ( see notes ), so Extra fast ( RT19 ) may reduce your harpoon budget.

Legendary training


You can use the recruits from Advanced House Level 1-7, and Atlantis Rising, to more easily run 2x to 3x Legendary training to get Classic 4* / 5* heroes faster. On average a 4* hero every five days ( 2x trainings ) or an average of every 3.3 days ( 3x trainings ).

4* heroes are the backbone of Empires and Forge Level 17 is the backbone of Class quests. So Legendary training and Forge Level 17 are important goals.



([Math] Harpoon production, watchtowers, mines and farms [More Math, Do you find math fun?])



So just for clarity, converting a Level 20 house to a Level 1 Advanced House means you gain space for five recruits, and one new recruit is created each hour.

Did I get that right?

But then, Level 2 seems to say you get an extra eight storage, plus an extra four storage, so maybe I don’t get it.


Good question!

There are two types of storage for Advanced Houses, much like Farms and Mines:

  • General Storage — what we’ve always had

  • Production Storage — new to Advanced Houses, since they now produce Recruits, and works like Farms and Mines (the chart above lists that as “Tmp Stor”)

So each of the Levels of the Advanced House can increase either of those amounts and/or the production per hour of Recruits.

So to break it down, according to that chart above, Level 1 adds 1 production per hour, and 5 production/temporary storage. That effectively means that after 5 hours uncollected, the Storage will be full, and no more Recruits will accumulate.

Likewise according to the chart above, Level 2 adds 4 to the production/temporary storage, so you’d have 9 hours to collect Recruits before they stop accumulating. It also adds 8 regular storage, meaning your overall storage capacity for Recruits collected from various sources increases by 8, like with a normal House upgrade.

Does that help clarify?


Wow, zephyr, did you just happen to be passing by? Talk about your quick response time! :smile:

And yes, that does clarify things immensely. Many thanks!!

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I was checking the Forum while waiting for it to be time to hit War. :slight_smile:

Glad that helped!

shouldn’t the hunger lodge lose the capability to do the normal forge buildings? like if i wanted 4 of my previous forge buildings to craft at the same time, i can only do it now with 3 as the other one was “upgraded” to the hunter’s lodge. I think it should have another tab for the previous capabilities.

The house improves on stirage and gives you recruits per hour like the iron and food camps

Oh wow Thank you I didn’t know that! Thank you!

How can I upgrade my Stronghold to level 22 and 23? It’s already on lvl 21 but I don’t get the option to level 22

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Level 22 and 23 aren’t available in the game yet. They tested the upgrades in beta awhile back, but they have never been available in the live game.


Been looking for this answer. Thanks.

Makes playing Wilbur and using harpoons against titans a closely choreographed dance. Or does it? Is it worth overwriting with Wilbur in order to get the rest of his special?

I’m unable to upgrade mines. I converted a mine to advanced mine, and I haven’t been able to upgrade existing mines. I have converted the advanced mine back to mine, but I am still unable to upgrade.

It seems you are choosing a lvl 20 mine so you either convert it to advance or keep it as lvl 20
Also there is maximum numbers for advanced mines you can build at SH21 you can only convert 1 mine to advance

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Thank you. That explains it, I looked in the forums to find out about building level maximums but was unable to find it. Please feel
free to close this request.

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I always make sure Wilbur’s special is active when hitting 11* titans as it helps with survivability and titan damage.


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