Beginner Needing Base Guidance

Thank you for the reply Jin!! I am sorry about that, I should have made the image a little bigger. You are correct, I only have 2 forges, 2 TCs, and one Barrack. Now I see where the other 4 plots for Level 15 SH goes to. The other 3 forges are to make battle supplies as you need them? I have the two TCs working as you suggested, I need to make a third for TC1 or TC2 as I get the supplies. I have left the housing at level 8 for now due to as soon as I get 70 troops I am throwing them into training. Although it does seem to take a bit to get to 195K food in order to pull out the troops and throw them into TC 13 training.

Congrats on your new buildings. Take the quick levels on them, then consider getting a forge to level 12 to make bombs. Then you can think about the big push to stronghold 20 for those new buildings; although you might want to take a forge to 17 along the way.

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Thank you for the reply Noble!! I do struggle with food production a bit with training and leveling the mines in order to get more iron for storage. They are only level 11 so I probably need to level them up some more. Since I made it to level 15 SH, I should focus on getting it to 20 first to open up the rest of the map. This does entail leveling up the storage to be able to hold it. lol

Your plan seems to be keep all similar buildings at similar levels. This should not be done with training camps. At your level, I suggest tcs 1,3,11 with the fourth tc being pushed to level 20 when the slot opens.

There are many theories. Check threads on recruit storage and speed leveling.

Good luck

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Yes, I would. The levels between 15 and 20 are a slog, but worth it. The extra base room is nice, but the real prize is the level 20 training camp, which provides a better chance for four-star heroes and a small chance for 5-stars. Get your stronghold to 20, then get a training camp to 20. Don’t bother with the research on any of the training camp levels except 20 and maybe 19. Levels 14 through 18 are totally useless, and they take a lot of time and food to research.

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My older teammates advised me to get all buildings to Level 11 then concentrate on getting Stronghold 20. Simple advice but helpful.

The Watchtower is a huge source of food and iron. Gryphonkit, my wife, always kept her Stronghold and Watchtower the same level.

Exception: Do not level Barracks until you have a rainbow 4* 3.60 team. Troops require an insanely high amount of food.

Beginner links

([Analysis, Math] Minimum buildings for Training Camp 20)

([Guide] “Rage Quit and back again” or How I learned to stop worrying (about 5* s) and Love the 4* s ( told in links )[ 1- 16 months, Manual, Road map])

([Links, Links, Links ] Waiting for 5* heroes or effective use of 4* and 3* Hero teams from Legendary training- Updated 2018-Jun-03)


I started asking about 2 weeks after starting. Got some good advice.
Started VIP for the second builder.
only built things to get my stronghold to lvl20 asap
This gets you the 4 additional buildings.
Don’t recall now but I think I got my stronghold lvl20 in 3 months.


Thanks for the reply Bud! If I may ask, why would you suggest tcs 1 & 3? My plan was 11, 13, and 20 so I was curious. Thanks!!

11 and 13 are slow. You don’t get a significant amount of feeder heroes for levelling the good heroes from them (11: 12 heroes per day, 13: one every 2 days), so you should switch to 1, 2, 3 from time to time. Have a TC13 (later 20) running 24/7, 1 TC11 24/7 for collecting recruits and 1 TC11 for some hours until you have the time and materials for 1/2/3 (later 19), after that switch that TC back to TC11…

I’d recommend this guide:

Best plan:

Before SH20:
1st: TC 11 - constanlty
2nd: TC 13 - constanly
3rd: TC 1 or TC 2 (depend on sword and backpack).

After SH20:
1st: TC 11 - constanlty
2st: TC 11 - constanlty
3rd: TC 19 or TC1 or TC 2 (depend on sword and backpack and rugged cloth).
4th: TC20

@Taisan, I appreciate your work commitment, but I would personally recommend finding an alliance with a casual approach. Not only does it add a new element to the game, but in fighting Titans you gain access to a much bigger chance for ascension materials (AM) plus the help and support of those who may not frequent this forum. Make sure you find one that fits you, as many (like mine) have requirements for participation that you might not be comfortable with.

There are some great suggestions here and plenty of knowledgeable players willing to help.

Welcome to the forum.

@ AngelOfDark666 Thank you so much for the reply and the link. :grinning: I have read thru the pages and that is very nice info to begin setting up my TCs and such to start feeding. I have been leveling my 3* currently and have 5 fully ascended while working on some others that I have seen people mention in threads. I will really have to sit down and see what 4* I want to level first as I have a few that vary in levels.

@ jinbatsu Thank you for the reply Jin and the info! I have quite a few backpack and swords in storage at the moment.

@ GelatinousPilot Thank you so much for the reply and advice Gel. I wanted to get used to the mechanics and such before I started looking, but you have a very good point and I do plan on starting to look for a beginner aliance. I am a little hesitant when it comes to guilds and alliances.


This is logical formula for someone who buys summons. For a F2P, or even, VIP2P, there’ll be a greater need to find better heroes, and there’ll be less need to produce feeders for the paucity of 4/5* heroes.

So, with TC13, the third training camp might operate as RT11 much of the time. And after getting SH20, there will be an urgency to get a second TC to 20, and possibly even a third one.

Well, nice suggestion, I currently also has many todo to levelup, will try to focus for feeding then, then just use TC20 for the new TC at SH20. Thanks for the tips! @DracoLovesRi.

I differed in my plan. Objective is to get to SH20 asap so only build mines, iron storage, farms, food storage to get required amounts to build your next SH lvl.
You will need all 5 Iron Storage to lvl18. Don’t need higher to get SH20.
You’ll also be lvling your mines.

AFTER SH20, you can quickly build up your TCs.

As F2P, TC20 is worthwhile but takes almost 300k ham and 100 recruits and takes 2 days to cook.

If you are C2P, best strategy is to get one TC11, keep your other 2 TCs lvl2 & 4.

Build up your Watch Tower to lvl20 as you work on your farms and food storage. Your mines and Iron storage are on hold after you get to SH20 as now you are going to need ham more than iron.

This is the most efficient, do your TCs after SH20 because building other buildings just delay your SH.

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@Taisan, take your time, but don’t be hesitant. Make sure you feel comfortable in an alliance and don’t be afraid to move on if they can’t help you in the way you want. Many alliances are hardcore and may want requirements more than you can give. Some are so relaxed that you might find it frustrating. Some are Zombie, with little or no activity.
As an unaligned player (it’s called naked) you will be pounced upon if you do venture into AR chat so make sure you find out what an Alliance can offer you in return for your flags and your allegiance. Check out the members by browsing the list, are they a good balance to your level? What size of Titan are they killing?
Good luck, and when you do take the plunge don’t be afraid to ask the forum for recommendations.

Thanks for the response, I mean, I have to many todo to levelup heroes, not leveling building except for support getting focus to SH20 for now.
And you right, for a while I did not plan to upgrade other TC to TC11, because if I upgrade other TC to TC11 it will slow down focusing SH20.

Current status building:
SH16, WhachTower14 (upgrading), TC13, TC11, TC3.
Farm 6x lvl 15, Mine 4x lvl 15.
Iron Storage: 2x lvl14, 3x lvl13. (enough to upgrade SH17)
I’m waiting to upgrade SH17, and not using 2nd building for a while.

What level is ideal for all mines until SH20? Thanks

Why? For me feeders are always necessary. My alt acc (F2P) on level 17 got Grimm and Scarlett and they’re eating a lot, but even the 3* are not maxed yet. And it’s always good to have a deep bench of 3* when you don’t have the 4* and 5*. And with TC 13/20 you’ll constantly get 3/4/5* heroes for maxing :wink:

On my main, VIP2P, I rarely run TC2, and never TC1. I’ve already got 5x or more leveled 3* in each color, and am starved for heroes I can continue to level above 3* in two of the colors. I’ve been able to do all the rare quests for over 3 months now and get tier 9/10 titan loot, but have one glove left. I’ll have a third camp at TC20 in 3 days. I have 200 days queued up in TC20s and 600 days in TC11. Recruits and food I have, but not heroes. (I only went 1 out of 40 on TC13, which isn’t far from what people expect; that was first green 4*. Green isn’t even shortage color right now. Yellow (only Chao) and blue (Kiril and Agwe) are.)

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Okay, that makes sense. So I’d agree, it depends on the need for feeder heroes. When you don’t have enough heroes to level up, there’s of course no need for TC1/2/3/19.

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