How do you keep 4 TCs busy

I agree.

Before I pulled Drake, I used a 4* team plus 3 timestops to get through legendary challenge events.

However I’m at that point now where, with the exception of Guardian Jackal or Rigard, a 4* won’t add much to my squad. I have most asc mats needed for a complete rainbow 5*.

Now that I have Fong, challenge events and Rare quests are much easier. Quintus is giving me a headache though because I don’t want to use my tabards on him but I could change my mind.

Your rule about doubling up on 4* only applies, I think, to when 5* asc mats are unavailable ie. as you say, when a player can’t complete their 5*. But perhaps that was implied and I’ve made an unnecessary meal of it.

Thanks for the clarification @Kerridoc

It’s more what you’d call a guideline. :wink:

It sounds like you have a solid 4* team, so off to the 5* races!

Let’s do some math:

So, if you farm on 8-7, you can have 18-20 recruits per hour. If you deviate to other provinces, the average can drop to 10. Let’s assume 10 recruits per hour, so for 2 day the budget will be 480 recruits.

Let’s have some other math to figure out recruit costs for the same period of time (2 days):

TC20 takes 100 recruits per 2 days
TC13 takes 80 recruits per 2 days
TC11 takes 2 recruits for 2 hours = 48 recruits per 2 days
TC1 takes 5 recruits for 10 minutes = 1440 recruits per 2 days
TC2 takes 5 recruits for 30 minutes = 480 recruits per 2 days
TC4 takes 4 recruits for 3 hours = 64 recruits per 2 days
TC5-8 takes 5 recruits for 1 hour = 240 recruits per 2 days

So, to actually keep your 4 TC busy, you need to choose TC levels so they won’t be more than your 480 recruits per 2 day budget.

So, basically, you can’t run TC1 or TC2 all the time at all! You can run them to burn through excess of recruits, but then switch to TC11/TC4/TC5-8.

If you run TC20, you can also have TC5-8 and TC4 and still accumulate recruits.

If you want best hero per recruit ratio, you need to aim to TC19 and TC11, since they give you 1 hero per 2 recruit. If you’re recruit-bound and not meat-bound or material-bound, that’s a good solution.

Personally, I used to run 2 TC20 and 2 TC11, switching one from time to time to TC19 to burn extra recruits. I wouldn’t advise running TC1 at all, since TC3 is much better if you do have enough meat.

Right now I have one TC20 running and 3 TC11, one of them I switch either to TC3 or TC19 for an hour or so, depending on what materials I have on my hands.


I use 3 tc 20 and one tc 2, the last one only when i got spare recruits i run at least 2 trainings in all tc 20 at all time so they keep on going.

That’s exactly what I’m coming to conclude, thanks, working that way.

Depending on situation I’m sure this can be converted into XP/hr to maximize existing heroes vs training new 4-5*.

I’m still trying to train more heroes I don’t have 4* with some hope for an occasional 5*. The balance is is ever changing.

I definitely agree, TC4 burns twice as much recruits as TC11 AND takes twice as long. Level that one to TC11 ASAP.

I never use TC4, just TC 1-3.

That’s also part of the reason TC 1 and 2 burn a lot of recruits, 5 per pop that’s why you’re running out of recruits so much. TC11 is the answer.

I just got to SH8 and only have 1 tc at lvl 7. Would Like to know the best way to start leveling up tc’s and when to get them. How many do I need to have in the next SH’s and at what lvl. What lvl should I keep each tc and which is the best way to use them. I’m confused how some are saying they keep each tc at different levels for different use. Can you run all training camps at the same time?
I want to plan and prepare so I don’t get stuck and want to be able to use them efficiently.
Lots of questions, just want to get it right.

For past 2 months I ran x2 TC20 and 2 TC11
Now all 4 are tc11 … I got enough heroes to level em up.


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I basically do this:

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A key factor not often mentioned is the strategies vary depending on f2p vs p2p.

Look for video Zero’s base reveal where he speed levels a 5*. He is a spender which allowed him to not develop a tc20 at that time.


Thanks for the info, Ill try to find that video.

Two posts about training camps:

==Special skill & Hero XP==

==Speed Hero Leveling ==

Zero has plenty of 3*/ 4* ascension items. See Notes for his play style.


[Wiki, Play style] Xero786 ( Zero )'s leveling one hero at a time technique from his video (linky, linky)

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