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It’s time for Trials of Fortitude!

Note: Per my announcement (Class Trials Forum Threads -- Future Change of Set-up & Format) this is now the Master Discussion Thread for the Trials of Fortitude.

This is the Second of the Trials in the cycle!

This class trial starts on a Sunday at 07:00am UTC. It recurs every 35 days.

Next Start Date End Duration
2021-01-24T07:00:00Z 2021-01-22T07:00:00Z 24 Hours
Restricted Classes
Cleric & Druid
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:world_map: Quest Guide

Credit: Mariamne’s Memento Guides

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Reset Token Tracking

=> Class Emblem Trial Quests - Chance for Reset Emblem - Jan 20 - NO

:left_speech_bubble: Share Your Team & Results!

Post your team in a comment down below, and how you did!

:dizzy: Special Questions for Trials of Fortitude

  • Cleric & Druid classes are packed full of healers, Do you have one? Did you bring them along? If not, how did you manage the lack of healers?
    Healer Options: Mother North, Vivica (reg), Ariel, Grazul, Kunchen, Lady Woolerton, Rigard (reg), Hawkmoon (reg). Alberich, Gadeirus, Melendor, Gullinbursti, Belith (reg), Friar Tuck (cost)

  • Conversely, Druid & Cleric Classes are quite light on in “big hitters”. Did you find this to be a struggle? How does this fight compare in length to other trials?

  • Cleric Boril can be effective for killing boss Horghall by getting him to suicide on Boril’s riposte. Did you bring Boril along, and if so, did you find that an effective tactic?

:grey_question: Standard Questions for All Trials

  • Did your team change notably since last time?
  • Have Costumes caused changes to your team?
  • Did changes to your team make the Trials any easier or harder?
  • What items did you use, if any?
  • What are you doing with your shiny new Emblems?
  • If you beat Stage 3, who’s eating the 3* Trainer Hero?
  • Anything else interesting to share?

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I swapped out Gaffar for White Rabbit and it worked out fantastic
Reset Token: YES
No Items Used


Full green Mono, though Lianna is 3/70 only walk in the park. No items. Finally this quest lost its annoying long heal and riposte battles. Emblems stored, Trainer to costume Caedmon.


Boril / Caedmon+c +20 / Gullinbursti +20 / Mist +20 / cSonya +20

I wasn’t intentionally doing the 4* challenge, but those are the heroes I have in these classes (Rigard would have been an option, too, of course). No real problems at all — Mist shuts down Boril quite effectively, and Gullinbursti has everybody at double hit points before the bosses even show up, and my Boril convinces Horghall to commit seppuku. A couple of mana potions to speed Mist’s charging.

Emblems are stored up. Just pulled Reuben, so he may be my 5* cleric, eventually… Might emblem a second Gullinbursti, as he’s just that good. Trainer to Buddy.


Went the old way, easy but also deadly lol
Last time Kadelin was +7

Scored a diamond

Wasted Boril

Then the deadly part came in with bugger all green tiles

Always slow and steady with Viv

Emblems saved
Trainer for 2nd Lianna or Richard


8x heroes challenge… oops I mean 4x heroes.

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Other options


Decent and good board at boss wave… almost double HP.

Well,… it is so long time and Caedmon was died,… trouble can not dispell the counterattack and def up opponent from vivica, those slash attack from bosses are huge… but finally Alby can revive him (about 5x try I think lol)… so it needs 2 heal and 2x mana pots to make it savety…


Emblems, reset token and trainer keep in stock for now.


My team last time:

My team this time:

I killed Horghall first after having stolen Boril’s counterattack twice, so the main danger disappeared so fast. I thought it’d be simpler, but it seemed that Vivica and Boril’s wanted to get their revenge on the Hatter, attacking him constantly. That’s why I had to use some healing potions for him, despite having Gullinbursti and Ariel.

Trainer to Almur and emblems will be saved.


I went a bit off color this time.
Gulli +8 - Mist +10 - C.Sonya - Boril +c.bonus+5ish - Vela +10

Gulli makes the Gulli, Mist to shut down Boril’s riposte and Viv’s defense up, C.Sonya to dispel Horghall’s attack down, Boril between the two other blues to speed up Horghall’s suicide, Vela to weaken enemy’s attack. It was one of the easiest trials in the last period. Items left untouched.

Cleric emblems went to Mist, i had a few stocked and brought her to +18.
Druid emblems are going to Gullinbursti (speaking of which, i started embleming him on the attack/defense side, but now i’m torn at node ten: should i continue that way or go for the health/healing bonus?)
Trainer to Buddy, reset token will be used on some early mistake sooner or later.


No items used. I’m pretty sure the Mana Shield talent is set to 99% on this trial. It is clearly not 30%. :slightly_smiling_face:


this one always a bit of a pain I was literally gonna carpet bomb and go wernt in the mood for a long battle haha. Well took this used me some mana as @jinbatsu said those slash attacks jeuzz, calm down haha. Well wasn’t too bad horguall was gone quite quick and then just ghost tiles.

Druid in storage cleric to areil trainer. Hansel :sunglasses:


Loots saved for now.



4x hero challenge


The final battle was taking too long and those slash attacks were no joke, so I just used a bunch of items to end it. Cleric emblems to Ariel, Druid emblems to Master Lepus, trainer hero to Mother North (4/34).


My team this time:

  • Vela +14
  • Melendor +c20
  • Rigard +c20
  • Gafar +18
  • Candy Skittleskull +18

Vela is up two talents from last time, and I went back to Melendor +c20 instead of Caedmon +18.

Mobs were unremarkable. Entered the boss wave with everyone but Rigard charged due to miscalculating the board. This, however, was the boss fight I’ve been waiting for. Gafar FINALLY did his thing. Blocked Vivica’s heal on Horghall twice, making him the first to fall. Turned his voodoo on Boril and blocked one out of two heals after Horghall went down, letting me take down the dwarf and leaving Vivica all alone. Then, he blocked at least one, maybe two heals on Vivica before she fell. This was exactly what I saved EHTs for the first half of 2020 for… getting Gafar specifically for this trial to make Vivica less annoying. I know it’s a little thing, but it made me really happy.

Not enough emblems in either class for the next talent on Vela or Vivica. Trainer hero to Isshtak’s costume. I had planned to do some short leveling projects before costumes this month, except now there won’t be new costumes this month. :angry: Still, the Isshtak costume will be helpful in three-star events and tournaments. Would have been super nice to have had for Avalon rare last week.


My team consisted of Ranvir Gazelle Freya Ariel Grazul :slight_smile:


Changed it up,
Took out Elk and put in 2 MN’s
A little bit behind on getting her so all i wanted to see was all the minions :rofl:

All loot saved
2nd team

Had to revive before boss fight as Kadilen was at 42 health and all others were dead lol, bombs away

Emblems for Kadilen
Trainer for Elena


Just completed with this team. And went through fine with no need for battle items…


Took this ©sonya out hansel in used a few small mana bosses loved hitting my attackers :confused:.

No loot pic :thinking: well druid in storage cleric to rigard trainer storage too.


Very easy. I got lucky with my board at the end for the final boss and only Boril fired his special once, I used 3x Minor Mana for Caedmon to get rid of it, then I obliterated Boril + Vivica.

Mist +18 / Hansel +15 / Gullinbursti +19 / Caedmon +19 / White Rabbit +17

I couldn’t remember who I usually use when I do this, so chose Mist, but I see from my previous completion I use Rigard not Mist, but this worked out well, and plus I take Minor Antidotes for Horghall special.


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