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This is what i got this time.


I used:

  • Gulinbursti +20
  • Mist +3
  • Vela +19
  • Gullinbursti +3
  • Kadilen 4/80

Two warthogs are actually pretty good strategy, what with Groot in last round having AoE attack that boosts his special, which is a pretty good way to deal consistent damage that ignores Riposte. Pig for the win!

The second pig will get the emblems as well as Mist. Trainer for later probably?


I just changed Ariel for Grazul and added Kadilen.

Very simply battle. Protecting the team just releasing Grazul when Horghall was about to hit with his special and, as usual, Boril’s counterattack stolen by the Hatter.

Trainer to Mother North, cleric emblems have so many candidates and the druid ones will be saved.

Good luck!:wink:


Went with this lineup

Maybe I should have used a second healer in Grazul. Sonya didn’t survive the boss fight and had to use a few minor mana potions for Vivica
Cleric emblems to Grazul, Druid in storage. Trainer to Bertila


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Try new MN (3.45).
Other Option


Good start setup on boss wave, great board, mana ready, HP bosst plus minions.

Well,… so savety… but so long time to clear… lol, next time I should change, maybe using Mist.
Vivica is 99% mana shield active :sweat_smile:


Emblems both keep for now, not sure Cleric maybe for MN after max, Druid not sure if continue Vela or start emblem Gullinbursti.
Trainer goes to MN.


My team this time:

  • Vela +16
  • Melendor +c20
  • Rigard +c20
  • Gafar +18
  • Candy Skittleskull +18

Vela is up two talents from last time. Probably the last through this trial for this crew as constituted. The Sabina costume that I drew last week looks tailor made for this trial, and it will be fully leveled with 20 talents by next time. Dispel, heal, and prevent new buffs, all while adding another purple to the mix against Vivica? Yes, please! Sorry, Melendor.

Mob waves weren’t so bad, even though I chose to play them conservatively this time. Got through the whole fourth wave without using any specials, which was slow. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged. A cascade got away from me, charging Horghall, who killed Skittleskull. It’s OK. She’s mainly there to boost tile damage anyway, and she can do that still from the great beyond. The boards dictated that I run backward through the bosses. Boril first, then Vivica, and finally, Horghall. First time that’s ever happened, I think. Other than the unfortunate demise of Skittleskull, no items used and no one else died.

Druid emblems take Vela up a talent. After taking Vivica to +18 and finally drawing Hawkmoon’s costume, Hawkmoon gets 3 cleric talents (although I’m following defense on the sorcerer path; why would you ever use Hawkmoon out of costume?) Trainer hero goes to Bertila.


Used the same team as last time

with the only difference that Mist is now at +18. Lost Gulli because every single boss attacked only him. He died and the other 4 were all at almost full double health. Had a little trouble trying to time my special to prevent Boril’s riposte and Vivica’s def up this time, but the victory was never in question.
Druid are for Gulli as soon as i decide how to keep embleming him. Cleric will go to Hansel or to some 3* maybe. Trainer to Malosi.


I used Guardian Gazelle-Zimkitha-Kunchen-White Rabbit. Guardian Gazelle is a game changer. The easiest trial I’ve had to date! :wink:


Changed my team a bit, to try something new:
Vivica 3/70 / boril / mist + 18 / caedmon + 18 / costume skittleskull.

Only vivica at 3/70 as healer wasn’t enough, as she quickly died. Had to use some mana potions, and I only had panacea with me, so this was an expensive one item-wise…

Trainer to lianna.


Any tips how to win her?
One hour later still no result…:laughing::laughing::laughing:

Keep Hansel alive or take revive scrolls, he will deal with her easly

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I am talking about to win right now…not after I escape…waste of points…no takeover whatsoever

At this point you can’t. Been there, done that. You need a lot of hit power (some sniper / bomb / axe attacks / etc).

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Sorry, but that’s pretty impossible.

Two healers and a counterattacker against a healer and no mono purple.

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I am sorry. You can’t. Not with the surviving heroes left, not with tiles since they aren’t stacked, and not with the battle items you have. Instead of wasting more time on that dilemma, flee and stack color. Hansel is good to nullify that mana.


I just found my best team for this trial. I used to nuke the bosses from the Moon but seems like the new rainbow team can handle it just fine. Mist and Hansel for the win! Even if Hansel’s special gets denied by manashield, Mist can block their specials (defense up / counterattack).

P.S. I even used my maxed Rigard, without costume + talent 20 bonus :man_facepalming:


This time I decided to go with a mono cleric team.

Overprotected regarding healing but with a lack of power. It took me a long time until I defeated the bosses. The same strategy: killing Horghall first and then the rest.

The trainer for Buddy, the cleric emblems for MN and the druid ones will be saved.

Good luck and take care. :wink:


Same team as last and same thang happend let’s kill hansel and gafar :confused: one small mana used.

Cleric to rigard druid and trianer storage.


My team this time:

  • Vela +18
  • Queen Sabina +20
  • Dodo Chao +17
  • Gafar +18
  • Candy Skittleskull +18

Seemed like a good day to try out some new toys. Vela is up two talents from last time, and Melendor +20 and Rigard +20 are out for Queen Sabina and Chao. These seem like great tools to counter Boril and Vivica, but they do leave me vulnerable to Horghall’s attack down, since I don’t have a cleanser.

Mob waves were not an issue. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged. Focused my attacks on Horghall, since I had no way to cleanse his effect, and he’s kind of the only hitter in the bunch anyway. Chao was able to control his mana and Viv’s, while Sabina negated Boril’s riposte. After felling the tree, I went after Boril, while focusing mana control and healing debuff on Vivica. Again, Sabina was dealing with riposte, and I’m not sure it was actually active for more than a turn for the whole fight. Boril went down, and since Vivica hadn’t been back there healing the whole fight, she was almost ready to fall as well. Success!

This group made the fight bearable, at least this time around. Costumes, ftw! The cleric mana shield talent could have activated more and been a real pain by negating Chao, but I still think this lineup is the way to go for a while. Trainer to Bertila. Cleric emblems give Hawkmoon a couple more talents. Druid emblems saved for the shiny new Guillinbursti that I pulled on Thursday.


Team Last Time

Team This Time

As promise before, I bring Mist instead Hansel, and MN is already ascended.


Great start on boss wave, with boosted HP, and decent board setup.

Mist make Boril can not cast counter attack, and Vivica can not get def buff… great result.
No item used, with heave boost HP and minnion everywhere.


Druid maybe for Gullinbusrti, Cleric save for MN, Trainer goes to MN.


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