[Feb 24, 2019] Trials of Fortitude Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

It’s time for Trials of Fortitude!

NOTE: The Trial officially starts at 07:00 GMT. This post is scheduled to go live at 06:30 GMT.

If you do not see the Class Trial in Quests as of the start time, force quitting and reopening the app will usually work.

This thread is for sharing and discussing your teams. :slight_smile:

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  • Trials of Fortitude allows Clerics and Druids

  • The bosses are Boril, Brienne, Horghall, and Vivica

  • Monsters are green/nature and blue/ice

Final Boss HP

Each boss in Stage 3 has 4195 HP.


@Mariamne’s excellent overview of the Trials of Fortitude:

If you need it, @Mariamne’s full guide to the Trials and Hero Classes is here .

@madmarv has also created a video tutorial series for each Trial .


As with the first time around in this Trial, I had a pretty easy time killing Boril and Horghall, but just couldn’t take out Vivica with my merry band of Clerics and Druids who aren’t really into hitting things.

I killed Boril first, with mostly tile damage, and some shots from Gadeirus.

Melendor makes it easy to clear his Riposte, and with Rigard and Vivica along, there’s no rush to use his special just for healing, so he can stay charged up for an appropriate moment.

Horghall was also easy to kill on my Boril’s Riposte. I just tossed some tiles to set him off each time Boril was charged and fired, and he died unceremoniosly after a few rounds of that. Rigard made clearing the attack debuff easy.

I managed, through a fair bit of effort, to get Vivica about halfway dead. But the mix of my growing impatience and inevitability of the board dumping stray tiles into her and charging her too fast undid my work.

In retrospect, I should have just nuked her then and saved a few items.

The only way I managed to get as far as I did was careful use of ghosting, and Melendor to clear her defense buff.

But with only Rigard as “strong” attack (sure he’s purple, but his attack stat is lacking), a 3-60 Gadeirus in the mix, and Boril (who also doesn’t have much for attack), it’s just not very feasible to consistently do damage faster than she heals.

In the end, I tossed 5 Dragon Attacks, 4 Bombs, and 2 Axes at her and called it a day.


:skull_and_crossbones: = :large_blue_circle:

After last time around I thought about bringing Brienne instead of Gadeirus for this time. That might still be the right choice to try.

I certainly had little trouble keeping everyone alive with so much healing — and I’ve been leveling Vivica up, so by the next time this Trial rolls around, healing will be even less of a concern.

I will say, it’s fun to see Melendor sprout a Thorn Minion from time to time. And the emblems from Stage 2 unlocked his second Talent percentage upgrade, so now they have a paltry 6% chance instead of a measly 3% chance.

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Carpet boming always works best!!!



It does work spectacularly, and I don’t have to do it super often these days, so it’s pretty sustainable for item production for me.

It’s just a bit of a bummer to carpet bomb / nuke after killing 2 of the bosses.

I could have just as easily done it at the start and called it a day. Oh well.


Always recommend to visit the board. If I had this morning, I wouldn’t have spend all of my we for farming just before this quest came up. Now waiting for a refill, since I also used all my flasks to reach level 32 a few days ago.

This trial is an easier one for me due to a huge amount of healing. Hopefully will get em all down without items with my team. Tiles, Caed, reposte and minions have to do the damage. Since debuff and cleanse are also on my side, the bosses won’t have any impact except healing.

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I’ll be really interested to see how you do with taking out Vivica. Maybe Caedmon will help make the difference for you.

I really had a hard time with too much healing.

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My plan is, that Rigard flirts with her. Maybe she’ll forget about her special then… :wink:

Hoping to get rid of her by ghosting, Caed and mums minions.

I loved Melias cute attacks in your vid. Just a bit more than a hug…


At this stage of her ascension, that’s about all it is too heheheheh


Made the mistake of carpet bombing after vivica had healed a couple of times, ended up as viv and zim against viv. Well that is 10 boring minutes of my life I’ll never get back! Fleed in the end, pointless. Does anyone know if the stalemate timer kicks in on these quests?

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There is no time limit vs monster/quest…

I didn’t do the last stage in the first Trials of Fortitude as I had not pass the level requirement at that time. This is my team in the first Trials of Fortitude:

Now I had Boril 3/60 and a maxed Kailani so I don’t use those 2* heroes. I try to kill Horghal with riposte but I make some blunders by not healing my heroes with some red potions and accidently using Spirit Link (doesn’t work well with riposte). Horghal’s skill almost kill my entire team save Boril… :sweat_smile:

In the end, my true heroes save me: :heart_eyes:


Carpet Bombing for life!


I have Horghall, Boril, Caedmon, Hawkmoon and Melendor. Items were bear banners, small mana pots, arrows and revival scroll. Propably should have used more damage items.
Luckily Vivica only heals 10%. It took a while, but after I killed Boril&Horg I could slowly wittle her down.

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Why were they in ghost form?

Reviving talent grid seems to be a little glitchy so far…

TP was 3100+; i had Melendor 51/3, Melendor 70/4, Boril 70/4, Zimkitha 70/3, Mnesseus 50/3.
Flew through the first 2 levels, mobs on the third one gave me no problems, boss level was kinda long and tricky, with basically no attack at all. Kinda struggled in killing Boril but at the same time my Boril did his thing against Horghall. Last was Vivica with her annoying heal and defense. Used 5 bombs and 5 axe attacks, some mana and very little healing.


This one is the only Trial where the last level is still impassable for me. Those 4 waves of monsters are still too much for me: I could use dragons/bombs on them, but then I will fail against bosses. Maxed Boril is not of much help here, (so far) weakly levelled Hatter and moderately levelled Caedmon cannot save the situation. (Not maxed) Kailani an Melia are easy targets on the last level.

Hmm, that’s odd. Only Fighters have the Revive Talent, not Clerics and Druids.

This sounds like it might be something more like this bug:

@Robkirky1 would you mind adding your screenshots and any additional information (phone model, OS version, any other observstions) to that thread above?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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This did the trick


Did you find the two Hansels, defense debuff from Kunchen, and attack buff/AoE from Zim were enough to not need items?