🔵 [Nov 15, 2020] Trials of Fortitude – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

4* challenge… :muscle:

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Alby out, 3rd Hansel in.

Other option


Decent start board on boss wave with mana charged and boost HP ready.

2 copy of Hansel are died… Hard not to use items, so used 1x axe, 5x heal, 4x minor mana.
With 3x Hansel but both Viv and Boril 99.999% Mana shield active :sweat_smile: :man_shrugging:


All emblem saved for now.
Emblems candidate,…
Druid: Gullinbursti or continue Vela
Clerics: Mist or Snow White (after max)
Trainer keep later for Evelyn as she is still low level.

Now, this is the latest 4* challenge, all completed from Mystism to Fortitude.
Mission has been completed. :+1: :muscle: