Forum Rules - Please Read

Forum Rules
Last updated: January 3, 2020

This forum aims to encourage vibrant discussion amongst players of Empires & Puzzles. The forum is intended to be a fun and safe platform to interact with other players across the globe - of all backgrounds and beliefs.

Remember that you are responsible for how you express yourself. We ask that everybody keeps the conversation constructive and civilised.

The Empires & Puzzles forum staff and moderators monitor all posts and reserve the right to remove any comment that is in breach any of our Forum Rules expressed below. The Small Giant Games staff have the final decision on all matters. Rules can be added, removed or changed at any time, and a website notification will be given when such changes occur. This is a private forum, operated and owned by Small Giant Games.

We encourage respectful dialogue and ask you to abide by the following rules:

  1. We do not tolerate any vulgar or offensive behavior. Please be mindful of the way you treat other players.
  2. Any kind of harassment, hate speech or offensive language towards other players is not tolerated. Please be mindful of the language you are using.
  3. Do not post any offensive content, such as sexually explicit, racist, abusive or disrespectful material. Posting NSFW (Not Safe For Work) videos or images is not permitted.
  4. Be civil and do not flame, name and shame, or insult other players. Nobody likes a troll. No matter how fired up the discussion, please be civil.
  5. Respect all players and staff. Bullying other forum members or disrespecting staff is not permitted.
  6. Spamming is strictly forbidden. Please do not post any advertisements, offers, competitors’ materials, promotions or spread misguided information.
  7. Only one (1) forum account per user allowed. Creating and using multiple forum accounts may result in a permanent ban of all accounts.
  8. Read the categories and announcements through, before posting anything. Any duplicate threads will be deleted. For example, Alliance recruitment posts go under the Alliance Recruitment category, and all support issues go under the Bugs & Issues category.
  9. Wildly irrelevant topics are not allowed. Please post only topics that fit under the pre-defined forum categories. Irrelevant in this context means all non-game related topics.
  10. Do not abuse the Flagging function of the forum. Clearly falsely flagging the content of other users can result in the suspension and / or blocking of your account.
  11. Respect privacy. Posting your own or any other person’s personal information is absolutely prohibited.
  12. Do not spread false information or impersonate any player or staff member.
  13. Any illegal activities or content sharing is forbidden. Do not post any pirated content (warez), or any other content that is illegal in any way.
  14. Do not discuss or debate publicly any of the disciplinary actions taken by staff, moderators or support. This includes: account and in-game chat bans or warnings, forum moderation (suspensions, silences, topic closures or post removals). Posting any private messages or e-mails (regardless of topic) received from staff, moderators or support is strictly prohibited.
  15. Mainly English language is allowed. We do not officially support any other languages on this forum. You can write in a foreign language in the [Foreign Languages] category. Some of our active members help out on translations there, from time to time. Please note, that foreign language support is not guaranteed.
  16. Do not provoke or inspire others to act against the Forum Rules or Terms of Service