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Last updated: January 3, 2020

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  16. Do not provoke or inspire others to act against the Forum Rules or Terms of Service
An Open letter to the DEVS regarding nerfing Heroes
HEROES de fuego
Покупка предметов тщательно
Passage de niveau compteur bloqué
Agevolazioni nelle costruzioni - [ideas] speed boost with alliance
Can we please get recruits for challenge levels?
Made summon, received the hero of the month, but did not find him in his list of heroes. (screenshot)
Because of unfair warning and 2 x final warning, I have deleted my WINNER CLUB
Such bad loot ?Really?
Having a hard time winning raids? Try this
Subscription service for new heroes
What exactly is a Gacha? (Read before posting things about "unfair pulls")
Gem hacker or what?
Hero ability uplevel
Can we please get recruits for challenge levels?
Useless support?
Dear Developers (regarding Special Events)
Event call
Inactive leadership alliance
Function of the Acc change fault
Changing forum user / profile name [MASTER]
Opposed to Telluria/Vela Nerf-Share Opposition Here
Dear Developers (regarding Special Events)
Skewed tile drops
Not happy banned frm chat
You won't complete Path of Valor #1 (Probably) Analysis, Complaining, and Suggestion
Loot ticket
Is the game really P2W? or not?
Summon heros is not fair
About the Forum Rules category
War and ex member
About closing topics
Tima's "Unofficial" Official Guide to Speed Levelling
Theory: Loot Has Been Nerfed to Force Using Alchemy Lab
Help With Forum Issues Available Here!
Forum Toxicity
:raised_hand: Stop Mercenaries! (In wars)
Greed. How to lose 120 paying clients because summons & loot is gambling with zero reward
SG needs to make children heroes
Alliance Wars Matchmaking (Discussion & Developer Response) MASTER
Blocking and banishment
World of Cupcakes forum?
Just the place for a Snark! I have said it once
Is the game really P2W? or not?
Please explain the banning of Alliance Recruitment members
Gem hacker or what?
Are we heading to Pay2Win? Plus, other concerns
Time for me to go & my parting feedback
Minor Adjustment to Hero Powers
Can't talk about beta stuff on here?
Account ban for travelling
I guess it's my turn to say goodbye
What kind of event is Wonderland, Seasonal or Challenge? [ANSWER: Reflect Green Challenge Event]
Anchor 7dd and Aegir
Is Victor better than Hansel
How to - give constructive criticism/feedback
The Ridiculous Complaints thread
Dear Small Giant – a plea for changes to in-game chat reporting
Give me something for my money, SG
Umiejetnosc specjalne
Give me something for my money, SG
How much should I spend?- HotM cost, and odds, analysis
After new updated: Alliance War has became unbalanced & there's bugs/tricks
Heads of institutions
Dragon strike rpg
What am I doing wrong?- Where are my Elemental chests?
Dragon strike rpg
Alliance war cheating
Tell them what you honestly think of Zynga games
Give Global Chat Rooms a Featured Message with Rules and Code of Conduct
Leader got banned
Posts in global chat and alliance issue
Is there an actual list of blacklisted players?
12* Titan loot worse than 10? Some stats & concerns from our group- Players quitting over RNG
Buying Emblems will kill this game
Pay2Participate Content (New Raid Challenges). What do you think?
Fairly False Forum Facts 🤓
Forum Edition: Count to 15 before a mod posts!
Czuje się oszukany!
Hero Academy! Can we please have more information?
POV - Untitled Complaint
How is it possible a player has maxed Lady of the Lake and Black Knight within 12 hours of their release? (Discussion of how heroes can be maxed immediately after release with a little planning ahead, and no need to buy Food)
Cup droppers are wimps
It’s time to talk about chat/game bans
Chat ban in the game- More warning, More transparency, More leniency
Mystic Vision Not Available / Has a Red X [Master]
War is wrong bug
Czuje się oszukany!
Small Giants soft-launches Puzzle Combat
Let's introduce ourselves!
Path Of Valor Harvesters Useless / Extend the duration or impact of Harvesters
:test_tube: The Beta Beat (v23) [NOW RELEASED] – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta: Stronghold 22/23 & Alchemy Lab, New Challenge Event Heroes, New Knights of Avalon & Pirates of Corellia Challenge Events, Costumes, November/December HOTM
Poseidon – New Atlantis Hero: First Thoughts & Discussion
V26 blocked players in chat. Answered in post 4, 41 by staff
Summons are ridiculous
Zynga cookies?
[SOLVED] Mana Gained Decreases (v23)
Italy – Recommendations for Where to Play E&P and things to do/see/eat while waiting on flags
I quit Empires & Puzzles because I was addicted!
The Unpopular Opinions Thread
Please Read this before posting a bug
Raids are Rigged
Raids are unfair, but not for the reasons you think
What are the rules around screen names?
[KNOWN ISSUE] Tournament Leaderboard Scores Incorrect
:broken_heart: I HATE / LOVE this game! – A Guide to Complaining, Celebrating, and Overcoming Obstacles
Minute Men looking for new members
Thumbs down to devs, thumbs up to moderators and my teammates
Any hilarious Defense teams you've met?
Cyberbullying and mental disorders
Competition is healthy for Small Giant
Why do people take this game so seriously? Alliance Meltdown
Craziest/most stupid hero/special ideas
Spambot post, account suspended
SG empathy to its users, what's your experience?
Prohibición del chat
Sead: Tsssssssdf
I want to get an answer from the developers: WHEN WILL THE BUGS BE FIXED?
Mono teams and random tile falls
Mono teams and random tile falls
The moderator instantly closed your post before anyone can read
Thoughts go out to the people of Wuhan and Hubei province
Valor pass, a posible PR desaster in the making!
Help me fix this mess please
Continuing worsening boards
R N G with Atlantis
Anzogh is really good with emblems
FALLEN INTENT - please close as per request
:test_tube: Early Information on New Knights of Avalon Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V23]
Path of Valor Rant
Was Season 3 cancelled? No, it wasn’t [Dev response post #13]
Changing forum user / profile name [MASTER]
:trident: [Mar 2020] Atlantis Summon Results
Time to say goodbye
Clarification on behalf of beta testers, to the anti-nerf crowd
[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!
:medal_sports: [Nov 24, 2019] 32nd Raid Tournament! — 5* Rush Attack, All Elements
Clarification on behalf of beta testers, to the anti-nerf crowd
Too Many New Alliances. Hurting Recruiting
The game turned into a "swamp" AKA Yet another complaint thread. Please ignore
How is Coronavirus impacting you
[SOLVED] Can no longer scroll on Samsung Note 8 with S-pen / Stylus no longer working on Note 10 (Fixed in v25.1.2)
Pulling 5* heroes is depends upon your geographical location
One more help needed [Team Building]
Forum Game: Vol. 4 of Count to 20 before a Mod/Staff post a 0! Wins - 226 Highest no. reached 422 [in this thread]
Phoenix Fire Recruiting
Is guild/alliance chat recruitment spam reportable?
Cyberbullying and mental disorders
Ascension Items what should i do more?
This Game Has ROBBED me!
Atlantis Summons – Results & Discussion [November 2018 through February 2020]
War matchmaking strikes again
Donut Stuffers
:test_tube: Early Information on the February 2020 HOTM (Jean-François)
Fun with flags
This Game Has ROBBED me!
:test_tube: Early Information on the February 2020 HOTM (Jean-François)
Guardian OWL a bad hero?
Forum Game: Volume the 5th - Count to 20 before a Mod/Staff post 0! Wins - 183 [Highest number in this thread: 754] (New all time record)
Forum Game: Volume the 5th - Count to 20 before a Mod/Staff post 0! Wins - 183 [Highest number in this thread: 754] (New all time record)
:test_tube: Early Information on Additional Telluria & Vela Balance Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v31]
How is the beta testing application going to work
The alt account survey
Spend Less, Price Goes Down
Alliance kick before titan loot
Mental health is more than a word!
War matching in 2 wars - On 2x Battlefields due to Matchmaking Timer Differences
Happy cakeday, dear @GenieDee! 🍰
:astonished: Is it me? or people started to quit the game / become m.i.a.? #1
May 2020 Finalised & Live Balance Changes Discussion
Hero Academy! Can we please have more information?
I hope will see Odin and Ragnar in season 3!
:test_tube: Early Information on ROUND 2 Telluria & Vela Balance Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v30]
Nerfing Telluria (Mar 2020 HOTM) ---> POLL IN POST #2; [Staff Comment Post #1445 & #4422]
Your favourite things? It's an idea!
Where is the game going?
No charge reroll
Raids: fair or unfair?
Master List of E&P Links & Player Guides
Vois joku tarkistaa mun sotilaat Onks hyviä jos nostan tai....?
:test_tube: Early Information on ROUND 3 Legendary Season 3 Heroes (Lady Loki, Bera, Frigg) [Part of The Beta Beat V29 & V30]
Ascension materials - An appeal to quit being so stingy with them MASTER
The Colossal Moderators Wars! Pirate Horde vs. Misfit Toys ☠️ [#OutOfLikes] [#Fatality - Pirates Win]
The Colossal Moderators Wars! Pirate Horde vs. Misfit Toys ☠️ [#OutOfLikes] [#Fatality - Pirates Win]
Puzzles from Wonderland
Titan chests have the same loot as monster chests
War chest NOT SOLVED
Able to see enemy raid videos
Who is the best Moderator in 2017
SG is Becoming Embarrassing – It’s Time for SG to Hire More Team Members
Seriously, HOW can they be this far behind!?!?!
Нет кристаллов после оплаты
A 7d Civil War Is Upon Us
Where is Brobb?
HOTM is supposed to be hard to get?

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