You won't complete Path of Valor #1 (Probably) Analysis, Complaining, and Suggestion

Why is it to technically written for you that you don’t understand the simplicity of it, lol.

Give a sec I will go back my primary school day books and try to simplify it for you.

I will be 10yrs before I get all the mats I need m8, lol.

100% and that is my point.

Don’t get me wrong, I did 8 odd key pulls but that was cause I had been saving my keys for when Vivica was featured (and had gotten a couple of the deals with keys in them)

I think many had done the same :slight_smile:


I feel you should stop while way behind the 8 ball here.

I totally understood what he meant and turned it around to what it should of meant.

You whole discussion is about getting more rewards for f2p players by way of reducing total required scores and/or offering more to better rewards to be obtained without purchasing the PoV pass.

That’s been quite clear.

I totally understand what is said.

No it isn’t. You didn’t understand a thing, as proven by what you’ve just written here.

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Here is my 2 cents on alliance hopping for titans: it is all about timing.

My alliance regularly takes down 13* and 14* titans. Eventually, you encounter a titan you have to let go. When that happens, we decide from the very beginning that it is a pass; and we ask all members to be full for the next titan. So now you have to do some calculation:

Suppose you have 0 flag to start with. It will be 24 hours before the next titan spawns, which is enough time to generate 6 flags. You can only store 3 flags. That means you have 3 “free flags” to hop around with. This is a good time to go titan hunt. You just have to make sure you do not overuse your flags so you will be full when titan spawns in your own alliance. Of course, if there is a war coming up, you also need to be sure to come back before matchmaking. It takes some calculation and timing; but you can definitely do it without hurting your own alliance.

I did this last time when my own alliance was having a down time. I hopped around and killed two extra titans. I came back before war matchmaking and had 3 flags when new titan spawned. Everyone was happy. The only downside is that I lost all my “days in alliance” count and had to start from zero.

Again what more effort does it take.

I somehow doubt very much these last levels where ever meant to be achived by f2p players to begin with unless those players have been playing for years and have the rosters to do so.

This is where your totally missing the point of the PoV.

It’s not a challenge that is meant to be hard or challengingly tough to beat BUT INSTEAD a reward over and above for very active players who are interested in the added bonus of extra offered items in which case they need to purchase the VIP to acquire it, it was never meant to be fully obtainable by f2p and c2p players at all unless they where prepared to spend more.

It is no different to other games out there leting you play for free and constantly slamming ads in your face to purchase bonus to help you get further ahead and offering you an extra 10, 25, 69 100% etc etc to encourage you buy but yet they give you nothing for free except the bare minimum to keep you in/on the game hoping to one day find that enticing ad that will make you spend money.

Here though the PoV is exactly the same thing, it’s designed to entice you to spend money but at the same time offering you the bare minimum if you don’t.

This is only the first PoV, who’s to say the next one won’t have better offers or different rewards etc etc,.

I am not wrong when I say I understand your comments as they all lead to only one thing, wanting more for less.
Your concept of making it harder and offering more for it just totally defeats the whole purpose of it being what it is.



I am glad you are not so irritated with alliance Titan performance now. I can see it might be difficult for new starts to get it done, but also when I started playing I wasn’t expecting to be on top straight away :wink: it is hard grind sometimes but as long as you finding purpose in it and having fun, that is the main thing whether you are f2p, c2p or p2p. Is it harder for 1st group? Yeah probably, but there is definitely a huge group of players in this category that will complete it. Is it easier for p2p? Yeah probably, but they still have to go though every challenge. Being in any category is our own choice.

Have fun completing it @Elayanith. Fingers crossed for you :slight_smile:

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You are wrong on absolutely everything you said. Including about your point about f2p; I’m not even f2p anymore, any cursory search of my forum logs could show you conclusively that I am not f2p. I made like 50+ pulls on Avalon and costumes this month. Will I have trouble with the POV? No. Will making it easier benefit me? No.

So stop being so patronizing.

edit: Call me thin-skinned. But it really irks me when people question my character and keep trying to paint me as a jealous entitled greedy complainer. Most of my suggestions do not benefit me at all.

Disagree with my ideas, but I truly believe that my ideas are for the good of the game. Not just for myself.

But yet it is the only argument that you just totally refuse to accept thinking there should be more offered when in fact it’s not meant to difficult but instead an added bonus for your normal daily grind for active players.

I don’t think there is anything that could be said beyond this point that will help you see that light any more.

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This is your opinion, not a factual statement. In actuality, the point of POV is to generate more revenue for SG, as you correctly identified earlier. The question is how to marry the needs of SG with the needs of the players in a way that makes everyone happy. And thinking that perhaps the current iteration of POV might not be the perfect implementation that can never be surpassed isn’t unreasonable.

Why are you so adamant into thinking that POV must stay like it is currently?

Again, this is your opinion. And that’s totally fine. Even more, I can TOTALLY ACCEPT such a POV.

But you know what? Then they should make it so. Make it so that active players who can’t fight 6 star titans or complete the challenge events can complete POV, because they are active. Make it so that the paid pass is actually worth more than simply buying atlantis deals, because with atlantis deals, you get your items immediately with no effort.


I am not debating you number, just giving a comparison data from another very active F2P players (me). In 17 days, I have used 17 daily summons, 66 silver tokens, and 10 ETT (total 93 summons). All of them are acquired during PoV.

Best Regards.


You won’t be able to please everyone. I didn’t miss your point there. I gave you my opinion on what you said before but you keep playing same tape and no person thinking different than you will be able to convince you to their argument.

Way I manage my budget is also nothing to do with you, but since it bothers you so much I will stop playing all together.

Happy now? I doubt it… (see first sentence)

Isn’t that the same for you and everyone else though? Including myself as well.

What about agree to disagree?


I never said anywhere that MUST stay the way it is an anytime.
I did say I accept it and that this only the first of many thus there will no doubt be changes to future PoV’s.

I also stated in a post further up discribing a breakdown of gained tokens for the summons agreeing it wouldn’t be achievable for most but I also said “so it shouldn’t be” unless your prepared to pay for it get further on.

The PoV is nothing more than an advertising concept with a difference that rewards loyal spenders/players and shouldn’t be seen as anything else or more and For those that can complete it great but for those that can’t then so be it, it doesn’t affect their playing style or game weather they be f2p, C2p or big spenders.

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Its a little comical to see people getting so upset about a game. I like Path of Valor and I am glad that it is challenging and that not everyone will be able to finish it. Not everything in this game is set up for f2p and new players. It took me almost a year before I had a chance to beat Legendary section in challenge events. If you don’t want to spend money than do not expect everything out of the game that someone who is willing to. This game isn’t and never was intended to be completely fair, fast or free. It’s a business completely about making money. The f word I get out of it is FUN. Regardless of whether you are f2p, c2p or ptw if you aren’t having fun and enjoying the game to the point you want to play without those first three “f” words I used previously than maybe you need to find another game.


Great. So why are you so vehemently against people who try to think of ways to improve it?

why would there be changes if no one voices their thoughts that the current POV needs changing?

Their is a BIG massive difference between saying a current concept needs changing AS you so insistantly put it Compared to suggesting other options for future PoV’s like for example my suggestion for a daily challenge to kill the dragon.

One degrades the devs hard work and the other shows appreciation for it and offers future suggestions.

Don’t forget it was us forum members who wanted and requested some sort of loyalty reward thingymigig, well now you have it., lol.

Big massive differences


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