New all-female alliance

I have found in my 48 years that people project their own traits onto others. Good people generally assume that others are good like them and are generally trusting. Shady people assume that others are like them and generally distrust people.
What does the fact that you imply that I am a “predator” say about you…Chris?
I am betting my doing the same thing to you bothers you, right?
It is funny that a couple of men who are part of the privileged gender feel so threatened by an all female alliance. Y’all need to worry about yourselves and stop trying to tell others how to be.

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Maybe it’s because I’m older, or a female, but I found your wanting an all-female alliance to be perfectly innocent and exactly what you stated. Women like to chat, and generally about subjects that have no interest to men. Myself, I prefer a mixed alliance but see no problem advertising for certain “traits”.

Actually it doesn’t bother me one bit. In my city last week a 16 year old boy found himself behind bars for following to younger girls into the bathroom at a grocery store. If more people had that concern or new what the world really is today things like this wouldn’t be happening. Its not a general distrust in people and if you believe the threat is not real you are blind. I’m all for your girls only alliance but this just seems to be the wrong way to advertise it. You must already have a great alliance for this to not be your first. You really should screen through your first. This will be my last post because every time someone adds to it it goes right back to the top so I hope the best for your alliance and for everyone in it.

I’m thinking of starting an alliance for cat lovers. My current alliance isn’t interested in hearing about my cat’s wonderful antics :smiley:

And before all you dog lovers take offense, YES, I love dogs too. I just prefer my kids to own them, so just like grandchildren, I get all the benefits without the maintenance.


I like cats too (my parents has them), and this just made me smile.

Hi guys. Please remember to keep things constructive and civilized.

Please read Forum Rules when in doubt what that means. :slight_smile:

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I think it should be an all female one too. Crazy Cat Ladies unite!! :grin:

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Some of you talk like there is a “danger” in having an all female alliance. Could one of you explain this to me? We have no ulterior motives we just want to get more ladies in our group because we find them to be friendlier, more supportive, less competitive. We also believe that by bringing the number of women closer to the number of men, we are creating a better game environment for all.

I think some people were just concerned that if you gathered a group of ladies together, it’s easy for some creeper to infiltrate and pick on them? :woman_shrugging:

I’ve played games since the first Nintendo came out so I’ve seen how guys react to female gamers. Sure it’s gotten better, but we still have a long way to go. And unfortunately there are creepy people who stalk games and try to pick up girls/kids. I’ve been on the receiving end so please don’t tell me I’m being paranoid.

Anyway, best of luck to ya!

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Hi. Honestly it diesn’t bother me 1 single bit that you have an all female alliance. My comment on the fact that it wad illegal in most countries to advertise specific gender ads and thus considered discrimination.

I was just having a bit of fun with it and didn’t mean to affend anyone in any way at all and appologise firvthise that misunderstood the put. By all means do it and have fun.

As for the cat allience, well acually I’m a dog person myself but do what ever turns you on.

Have fun

Pretty sure no one said there is a danger created by women creating a women only alliance. Just dont get your panties in a bunch when guys want to create an all male alliance.

It’s not illegal. Get the hell out of here with that. If women want to create a discriminate alliance. More power to them and good luck. You will need it

There is no danger, just plain hypocrisy. Male-only alliance would be discrimination, female-only is POSITIVE discrimination. Like there could be “positive genocide” for example. Anyway, Social Justice Warrioresses is a great name for an alliance. And don’t forget to create alliances for the 64 remaining genders.


Not bothered that it’s all female, but to call it kinky xxx is a ludicrous name. Type that in a search engine and see the results you get.

Well said. “positive genocide” I’ll have to use that one. I think those 64 alliances will get a severe beat down. My alliance, run by a women btw, is very strong. We have people of all ages, ethnicity, and gender. We are as strong as could be.

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Absolutely Enigma, couldn’t agree more. it’s probably some perverted old man trying to create a “women’s alliance”. Yeah we weed out the males by how they talk or if they admit to it. Give me a break. Couldn’t be more ridiculous. GTFO

So i would guess you would have no problem if I created a post for an all male alliance? Also I don’t think anyone is turning this into a social issue but you. How about a white only alliance? Would that fly? I highly doubt it. You actually gave me an idea. Maybe I should advertise an all male and all white alliance. You would be ok with that? We won’t take into consideration that there is no way to tell any of these things online, female, male, black, white, any other descriptor. That’s why we participate i this community in the first place. No gender, no race, just people.

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I’m not sure where to even begin with this. This is the same logic I see when people suggest creating a ‘white history’ month because there is a black history month. I personally don’t see what the problem is with some females creating an all-female alliance. Let me attempt to explain the difference between my history month examples. At least in the United States, whether one likes it or not, their is a clearly defined history of racial (and gender) discrimination. So folks establishing a ‘black’ history month is a attempt to shed light on history that may not be recognized or highlighted in the same way that ‘white,’ or majority history is. It’s a bit disingenuous for a white person to claim ‘reverse discrimination’ since most established history (at least in the US) is ‘white’ history. I would bet the majority of gamers playing this game, indeed, most video gamers, are male. So I find it puzzling to see all the ‘social justice’ nonsense whenever a suggestion like an all-female alliance is made. Especially when such outrage is demonstrated by those of the ‘privileged’ class. So I guess I don’t understand how it hurts anyone to have an all-female alliance and suggesting an all-white alliance creates a false-equivalence. Have a great day, all :wink:


So, all those alliances asking for x cups, y TP, y amount of heroes, w age and whatnot are ok, but if you put gender as criteria than suddenly that’s a problem? :thinking:

We spend huge amount of time in this game, and I think it’s natural to seek people with whom we share some interest - maybe some hobby, maybe some life view, job or something else.

I’ve seen religious alliances out there, war veterans, first responders and so on, but no one was offended by that.

I’ve also seen poor behaviour towards women, so, I see sense in creating women friendly environment. That also means ‘no one can hit on you in the private message’.

Even this forum doesn’t have private message, that’s also way of protecting everyone from unsolicited messages.

Why people keep being frustrated in this game about things they don’t have? Why they don’t just go and play with that what they do have?

I was trying to find an alliance with specific gameplay, I gave it few weeks and tested a bunch of teams, and even if some were close, we were still apart in some other things. So I’ve created my own. I didn’t go on each of their topics and rant against them how they’re doing THIS THING wrong or that they’re bad people. Because that’s not true, we’re just seeking different thing in the game.

So please, go and open your alliance by things you’d like to see in this game. Be the change you want to see happen in this game.


You have hit the nail on the head, 100% CORRECT

Life new laws in 80% of countries (and what i mean by new, it has been so for many years now) when applying or requesting for applicates, jobs and pretty much anything/everything it illegal to state gender.

Now don’t shot the messenger here ( meaning me as I didn’t make the laws) but I will that these laws have only come about from womens rights as they are the ones that kept complaining that applications where gender based and wanted it to change because they thought that womem could do everything a man does.

So the laws have said that gender based request are illegal.

You could base your requests on hobbies, material items, interests etc, you can even say something like ( only people who wear dresses for example) but specific gender is illegal.