Raids are Rigged

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I stand by my original statement that all I offered was my own opinion.

There’s no rule saying anyone has to like it. I openly say that I may be wrong.

Problem is I could be right.

You can collect all the data you want but the fact is none of us will really know the truth as none of us coded the game.

We just play it.

Most on these boards like to hear well thought out suggestions on how to improve the game or want to help if someone has encountered a problem.

It’s a little different with things that have come up for the 150th time with longtime readers thinking ‘not again’ halfway into the first sentence so if a person relatively new to the boards posts based on feelings and against logic the responses tend to be a bit more harsh than they should’ve been.

Several tests have been done with starting boards in mind and come to the conclusion that it’s all random. The programmers have also told us it’s all random so the logical thing to believe is that it’s true, not that all tests were inadequate and that the programmers are lying. Some companies lie of course but most wouldn’t. So in a sliding scale from good guys to a tobacco company in the 50’s I place programmers in general well above the 50% mark if I should trust them or not.

If you do firmly believe that it isn’t random the burden of proof lies on the one thinking that. Still need tests with large samples about which tiles tend to drop after you start to play.

50-50 in the long run would be true to war score if a guild has stopped improving what they can do to win and aren’t in the top 100ish of guilds. Do well and after a while you will come to a battle where you basically have no chance. Do awful for a while and you will be that unbeatable guild for someone else, as long as enough people use flags.

However there’s no 50-50 win-lose statistic about raid offense. That will be heavily influenced about what heroes you bring and what team you attack. You need to find what team(s) work for you and what opponent to avoid and after a while you will win at least 80% of your attacks and then login to see you’ve lost 150-300 cups since most players tend to win more than they lose.


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Any chance you’ll do any of the things suggested in this thread? Or just going to continue flaming and name-calling people that disagree with you?

Some people really are trying to be constructive here, but they can only do so much.

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Well yes, there are a few persons who go to ideas and suggestions to dismiss the new posts. They are few but they’re noisy.

I generalized that group of people on purpose. I think the same thing happens with all people who complain, we get thrown in the same bag. There are some rude persons who insult others and the game all the time. They’re the noisiest, and people who complain in a respectful manner get called names by the rest of the forum thanks to them.

I was just replying to Melimber’s post cuz I thought it was interesting. I’m still new here so that’s my view on how things work in the forums. I could be wrong but it’s just my opinion, you know.

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People who complain in a respectful manner will not be called names by those replying who seek to help them out, only by those who are being disruptive.


Of course you are entitled to your own opinion.

Depending on the topic and where you live you can even state your own opinion.

You stated that sometimes you get the feeling that raids are rigged.

Would you believe I had the same feeling on Tuesday when I had my 4th loss in the tournament for the first time ever on day 2.

But with this post

“You can collect all the data you want but the fact is none of us will really know the truth as none of us coded the game.”

you are wandering into the unfortunate “fake news territory”.

If the developers state that the boards are as random as possible and player generated data supports this view then it might be time for you to admit that your feeling might have been wrong or you Show data that proves otherwise.

FACT seems to proof that your feeling is wrong, even if we cant see the code.

It is my personal opinion that we all should do our best to avoid “fake news territory” because this is one of the things that threatens our democratic ( not the political party ) way of life.

Hope the days of the feeling of rigged Raids may be rare for you in the future.

With best regards.



Please flag them when you come across them. We really do want a dialogue rather than an insult fest. I’ve been enjoying having you on the forum as a new voice, and I’d hate for you to get soured because you feel disrespected or like you don’t have a voice here.


Me too. It’s hard not to feel that way when you get a few boards in a row with too few of the stacked-into color. My gut definitely whispers “there’s something wrong.”

But my gut tells me all kinds of things that are wrong from time to time. That’s why I look at data. Because data never gets irritated about losing to weak tank due to no $%@# tiles.


I’m not a fan of flagging people tbh. I would definitely do it if a discussion starts to get too personal tho. And thanks by the way.


There is a few people that constantly reply to posts in almost bot like fashion and in general they put down anyone who says anything negative. They fail to realise that these negative sentiments offer the best way to improve their hallowed game up in its ivory tower of infallibility.

That is their failure. I can live with mine.

I am the greatest e&p player of a all time. I know great hero’s. The best.

Everything else is fake news.

*politics have nothing to do with my opinion of any game I play.

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It is not a question of politics.
It is a question of the mind set behind the way people express themselves sometimes.

I believe the raids and raid tournaments are heavily rigged, but not for all players. It’s not impossible for certain players to be flagged and have their profiles set to win just enough to make it interesting. If different games can be set for difficulty level, then you can set it for other things. I don’t expect any of the mods or staff, programmers etc to come on board and suddenly all become whistleblowers. It’s in their best interests to refute any and all such claims.
I don’t believe that a player can have characters of all one colour and still convincingly win. I don’t believe a player can have the same characters as you, be at weaker levels than you and also convincingly win. I don’t see how an opposing player can have their team all geared up with mana and use their individual skills after 2 turns. If the same is happening for me when I’m raided, why do I still lose so often if it’s all random? If it all relies on randomness, then why bother with team strength etc. What does it matter if I level up the talents of my team to 10 or more if I can still easily lose to someone who’s team barely has even one character at 70?
Yes the board will automatically shuffle if there are no further moves, but that can easily be included as an in-game algorithm and not necessarily be evidence of the game being totally unbiased in the shuffle for everyone. All players have codes, so how possible is it to be prejudicial towards some players and not others?
For the record, I don’t expect to win every time I raid, that’d be boring. I’ve won raids, plus I’ve had people who’ve raided me and lost. Some players I’ve revenged on and won. Is any of that evidence that the system isn’t rigged? No, it isn’t. Sometimes I’ve only managed to win by the skin of my teeth against a player so low and with characters so weak, it should’ve been a walk-over.
Almost all of the players that raid me and win, are roughly my level to 1000 points higher than me in strength and I lose 90% of the time. When I revenge, I lose.
On the off chance I go raiding, I can only win against players that are considerably weaker than me and sometimes not even then. They can then get revenge and their revenge/win ratio is about 80%.
I was recently raided by someone at just below my strength level and I lost. I revenged and lost. I revenged 2 more times and lost. In all 4 games, I barely got any decent hits in, before his team systematically took out my team in quick succession. The mana regeneration of his team was so fast, I never really had a chance. Statistically speaking, I should’ve at least won once.
And after we do win so many times what’s the result? A handful of trinkets that don’t really do much, so I no longer bother as much as I used to.
Is anything I’ve said proof of rigging? No, but at the same time I don’t believe it’s equally random as much as they want us to believe.
Anyway it’s just what I think.

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Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Do not raid and leave tournaments out if you don’t like em.

No raiding will show you the strength of your def, but even bad tournament loot is better than no loot at all.