Mono teams and random tile falls

I was about to close this thread but saw @Ultima was writing so I thought I’d give him the last word. Now I’m conflicted. There may be more to come from this thread so I’ll leave it open but want to remind people of the forum rules, specifically:

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  1. you didn’t ask advice, you stated as fact that the boards have gotten worse.
  2. I suggested that to make such a claim, you had to have proof/evidence/data - SOMETHING other than ‘feelings’
  3. I’ve not called you any names. You’re mistaking me calling bullsh&t on your video claim for calling you a name. It’s different. Well, I kinda suggested you were being less than 100 per cent truthful, but let’s call it exaggeration. And… you can easily make me take that back by simply posting this video evidence that, again, you promised you had, but somehow when asked to see it, you suddenly don’t want to post it… one must ask, why? Occam’s razor suggests it’s because it doesn’t exist. But yeah, I stand to be corrected - prove me wrong, please.
  4. You’ve offered nothing but name calling yourself. Stop gaslighting.
  5. Niners!

Edit to add - You offered no data and no expository information about how long you’d been playing mono. Having been running mono for nearly 18 months, I suggested that I may have more experience than you. That’s NOT name calling.

You replied by telling me how much more experienced you were than me, that you took down 4500 power teams regularly months ago (long before they existed in numbers, btw), and said about me, “You know nothing”… so let’s revisit who started being RUDE first, shall we?
PLEASE close this thread. It’s not worth arguing - one can’t counter ‘feelings’ with data.


Reading through this thread is both entertaining and aggravating.

Aah, but actually you do. That’s how the scientific method works. The accepted theory, as stated by the developers of the game, is that the boards are completely random. We don’t have to prove that is true, that is the premise.

However, many various studies have been done and documented here on the forum to test that premise and ALL that are documented with data show that yes, the premise is correct. The boards are in fact random. Starting boards. Replacement gems for boards. All. Random.

Now you come along and say the boards are rigged. They are getting worse. You feel it. And you even have proof. But you’re not sharing. You are questioning the validity of the premise that so many times has been shown to be correct. Well, PROVE IT. Otherwise, it’s just another story in the National Enquirer.

We tend to not subscribe to the idea that you disprove something by yelling it down here.


I too run mono for all 5 colors and too lazy to customize teams.
RNG seems to be running fine although every now and then I do want to treat my phone like a shuriken @KLinMayhem (I still find that photo funny).

Some people do like to exaggerate to prove a point but evidence = evidence.
If you have it, show it. Many of us here like to see numbers and stuff.
Simple way to start off is by showing your player profile. :wink:

I thought @Rigs would join in the fun. :rofl:


Lol I’ve had my fun with it, now I’m just makin popcorn and watchin others have their fun with it


That’s why you are the legendary hilarious flag master. :rofl:

I imagine that in real life you are like Trevor Noah. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Who is trevor noah??

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Please google or YouTube.

All in all, telling facts with a hint of comedic sarcasm.

Will do lol
Sounds like it’s probly a good comparison

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Oh my goooood I just had a really bad board in the tournament, almost no reds for my mono, no replacements and bamm, I lost…that must be the thing the OP talked about^^ (just forgot to mention my successfull attacks, which were many against much higher players, lol).

Still wondering why some posts are still flagged…okay, got it now^^ sry!


That’s the thing right there. We all have a tendency to remember the extremes, that really great board where one move cascaded everything and wiped out the entire opposing team. The bad boards that would not cooperate at all and went on and on until we lost. All the many many ordinary boards we don’t take note of because they were, well, ordinary. And yes, the bad boards do outnumber the outstanding boards, probably by a lot. So, perception is that boards tend to be bad.

But actually track ALL the boards and they turn out to fit completely within the expected results from RNG.


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Which ones?

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There fixed it


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Hello Kira can you PLEASE tell me why an opinion of mine was flagged?? At time of my opinion there had been some personal attacked flagging going on. I stated MY OPINION that I felt flags should not have been used. Has NOTHING to do with the rules of the forum. At that time I am sure mods had not seen them yet. So there was NO discussion or anything else related to punishment. It is normal people who do the flags. I merely stated I felt there was some used that should NOT have been.
We as regulars have been ASKED to help mods. Again in my opinion reminding people to NOT use uncalled for flags would help the Mods.
Thank You Rohn

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