Poseidon – New Atlantis Hero: First Thoughts & Discussion


Hi there.
Where can i ask a question about the game code?


I think Poseidon and Joon are pretty close, and probably lean toward Poseidon, here is why:

Attack and HP are roughly the same. Poseidon defense is about 60 points better, and goes up to 100 plus points better if paired with Ariel. (this is a big deal if you have high % troops).

On stats alone, its hands down Poseidon.

Special: both are fast, both deal roughly the same % of damage. The main difference is their effects. While I like the -40% accuracy better then the negative mana resist, the accuracy drop only applies to the target that joon hits, which usually dies or is close to dying when they are hit. That severely limits the accuracy debuff, whereas, Poseidon ability applies to everyone. So overall, I would give Joon a slight favor on here, but not much.

Attack/HP - even
Defense - Poseidon big time
Special- joon slightly.

I think Poseidon is the better hero overall, and when paired with ariel (or any atlantis) its hands down Poseidon…


Hi, @LordWoodland, welcome to the Forum!

What’s your question? :slight_smile:


Hi zephyr

Thx. I am curious if its possible to set the amount of gems for a hero incantation to 1 and for this I need to know where I can change this. Does anyone know the filename? :slight_smile:

Thx for feedback!


Joon does about 6% more damage with is special, but that’s basically a wash. A Poseidon / Ariel / Proteus+20 core would be very poweful.


Hi @LordWoodland, that would definitely be a violation of SGG’s Terms of Service, and probably isn’t something you should be asking about on their official Forum. :wink:

Summons are also server-based, so I would be surprised if such an exploit is possible anyway.

Nonetheless, #forum-rules would prohibit discussing it if it were:


haha i thought so lol. but thx anyways. i wanted Hel so bad, but ikr that this would be cheating and not allowed… :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is a little off topic, but I was wondering about the odds of summoning a recycled HoTM. It seems to me it used to be posted, but in looking at what they have posted, I’m not clear where it would fall.

The featured hero is Atomos, that is clear.
The HoTM is Frida, that is clear.
But do the recycled HoTM fall under classic legendary (I would assume), or S2 Legendary, or …?



thats why I said, attack/HP are a wash… defense goes posiedon with big time upside if you stack… and specials are roughly the same… If joon did -40% accuracy to target and nearby allies it would be Joon over Poseidon… but since he only does it to the target that dies shortly after he gets hit by the attack, that limits the benefit of his special drastically… So If the special goes slight favorite to Joon and the defense goes way big time to Poseidon with all else basically a wash… I think you have to say Posedion his better …

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We all want Hel and other great heroes, but it all comes down to randomness in the end. :slight_smile:

I encourage you to be moderate in your spending appropriate to your budget, and to consider reading these two posts that provide good insight into the gambling nature of hero summons:

Also, if you run across websites claiming to offer free or discounted gems, you should be cautious that those are typically scams, and that even if you were to find one that worked, SGG has a strict policy against it that will at minimum result in revoking your access to the heroes, and can result in permanent bans from the game. (See here, here, and here.)

I have no vested interest in this — I’m just a fellow player and volunteer moderator for the Forum. But I do care a lot about players being able to enjoy the game, so I’m sharing this just to avoid heartache from scams that are out there.

Hope it helps, and if you do decide to Summon, I hope luck and RNG are in your favor! :slight_smile:

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They’re part of the “Legendary Featured Hero: 1.3%” category.

So basically you have a similar shot at any of Atomos/Poseidon/Hel/Alberich as you would for HOTM draw — but the odds for a particular one of them are only 1/4 of that.

This thread has some good context reminders about the crappy odds for that:


Thx, thats kindly. What does RNG means?


Thanks. Odd that they only call Atomos out as featured.

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Random Number Generation

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You’re welcome! RNG = Random Number Generator.

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Not odd, so much as confusing.

A reasonable person (like you) could presume that means this hero:

But it actually means these:


alright thx mate. tbh ive already spent way too much money since when i started playing the game… :frowning:

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Sorry to hear that, and a good reason to take it easy on summoning. The cool heroes are fun to play with, but you can go far in this game using readily available heroes. I’ve personally made it into the Top 100 for the Raid leaderboard multiple times using all 4* heroes on my attack teams.

So I suggest enjoying what you’ve got, having fun, and taking a break from spending on Summons. :slight_smile:


wow thats awesome. ye i will. recently got joon from training camp lvl 20. that felt way more better than getting a hero on summoning :P. back the i got 2 heros from 1 training. is that even possible or was it a game bug? and how much money did you spend since when you started playing?

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Sniper imo. Put him in the same team as Ariel and with a good center, you got a solid defense team