Beware “gem generator” lies / Scam for gems

Seems like someone did cause it worked until they got caught lol and those players are still playin so…

Sure they got a neg gem balance, but not hard to pay that back in small increments through a credit company while enjoying the things the splurges of hacked gems got them

Just sayin to deter this kind of thing, permanent bans is the way to go


This was through facebook(figure out how they got caught lol)

They paid a guy for hacked gems

He hooked em up with gems that were cheaper than going through the in game store

And then they used the gems no problem on whatever they wanted

In the end they got caught temporarily suspended, then reinstated with negative gem balance but all the goods the hacked gems got them intact. So was still beneficial for them to do so, especially if they maxed troops for a few hundred bucks instead of a couple thousand or whatever it really costs


I started playing after that happened but I have seen similar enticements for other games. Never was tempted myself (I blame my puritanical upbringing) but I researched it and found that the vast majority of these are scams aimed to get as much info out of you as they can – period. Yeah, you MAY gain the benefit of a bonus in the game you’re playing but you also gain the benefit of being on every scam mailing list on existence or worst case having your identity stolen.

I’ve seen it happen to friends of mine. Not good.

Maybe they did gain something in gems, but what did he get from them that maybe they aren’t even aware of?


Idk and doesn’t effect me

The game is competitive though(this is one of the top alliances) so i do feel the in game benefit does effect everyone else drivin to compete. And can totally see how/why someone would take the gamble.

Do i advise it? Hell no lol. But for everyone to act like gems cant be scammed or that no one has done it relatively succesfully is a bit naive and I’d prefer to have all facts on the table.

If people know it’s possible, then when someone says they can/have done it, they are more likely to be reported to sg than to just be brushed off as being full of it


Oh for sure if the option is there people will definitely be tempted to take it regardless of the ramifications. Especially if they have had a run of bad luck summons pulls. My point is just think twice about what you are getting yourself into outside of the game if you do.


This is the moment where i swoop in and post the Rules. :grin:

Good conversation thus far.


It used to happen that some guys get caught (i guess) using cheats and end up having a huge minus on cups.

I recall an alliance with something like -25000 cups.

So actually Small Giant doesn’t ban you, but it marks you and make quite obvious you are a cheater on everyone eyes.

And it kinda works, as i never saw those players anymore.

That “mark” probably make them leave.
No need to ban.


It is crazy they should be banned the negitive gems isn’t enough!!! But just like some things we don’t agree with about the game, it’s their rules. They need to try to recoup some of the money that was hacked out in gems some probably paid it back so but in the end it’s a lose lose sisuation for true players and the makers

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I heard about an app that can get you free gems? What’s that about and how does it help the makers of this game make money? I think it’s wrong! I saw someone trying to promote it in the chat room

Any unofficial method of obtaining gems is a breach of the terms of service.

Players risk having their accounts frozen or having to pay off the equivalent cost in legitimate gems.

Definitely stay away from these scams!


Such apps usually don’t give you any gems. If they do, it’s very easy to detect fraud and permanently block your account. But the real risk is it could be malware which can steal your private data like text messages, saved passwords and photos.


Yes stay well clear of these things


As the others said, don’t do it!

The only “free” way to get gems (which I only recently learned about) is by earning Google Play credits (legitimately through Google itself) and using them to buy gems (through the game store itself). Anything else is almost certainly a scam.


not Doing it, just wondering if the creators are aware of it. These sorts of things cause games to close because they aren’t earning money.

I doubt anyone who uses that app will actually get any “free gems”, most likely just get their Google Play login info (and any associated credit card numbers) stolen.


Free gems? Sign me up!

Do not use those gem generators. This has been discussed about here:

It is a scam, plain and simple.

General good life advice: if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is not true :wink:


They are aware, and have dealt with players scamming gems in the past.

Some times retailers will discount Google Play cards and iTunes cards. Usually four times per year including December Solstice.

But beware of frauds



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