🧪 Early Information on Additional Telluria & Vela Balance Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v31]

I feel like we’re both doing useless nitpicking here.

Whether or not you call it a meta, the issue of a set of heroes being overly dominant in the diamond arena exists, and I don’t see how fixing it would hurt anyone.


Completely wrong. On average you need 100/1.3 = ~77 summons to get the HotM. Depending on where you summon the cost for this is roughly 20-25k gems. Even if we exclude free summons through tokens and cheap gem offers that’s about 200-300$ (again depending upon the amount of gems bought at a time).

The amounts of money you mention are needed to have an extremely high probability (way more than 99% I guess) to get a specific hero (you will never 100% even if you spend a million).


Perhaps. I will admit I was lazy and took the first search result on the topic I found that was highly approved. Maybe that was indeed 99%.

This is also a point. How many war and raids attacks we all lost just because the board wanted us to lose?

The pvp battles victories are almost “random” just like everything in the game.

You need experience to manage boards, of course. But sometimes it’s a death sentence even using 3.1.1

Some boards have no solution and all you can do is throw stones at your enemies, fill their mana and be killed.

Starting boards are ALSO to blame inside the meta problem. Starting a board with 1 or 3 stones only of your main element is trash. Should’ve been analyzed by sgg already to prevent that.

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Only bummer if Vela becomes less than desirable after rebalance all of my Ice hero options are paladins lol. Richard Frida etc… Please make new hero’s NOT paladins going forward.

So basically there’s too much to recap but currently can be summed up as follows…ahem…

SG has no idea how they broke the game with the initial release of Vela and then Tell…which when paired with Gravemaker becomes a difficult/impossible combo to beat…continue monkeying with Vela (cause we know she’s the problem…NOT)… all the while completely ignoring Gravemaker who is part of the equation.

Someone wanna clean SG’s glasses for them? Or loan them a flashlight or 3?


I have proposition: leave Telluria and Vela as they are, and make everyone else OP.

And when everyone is OP, noone is. evil laugh. Very evil.


I think that you overreactede with nerfing Vela so much!

I understand if you nerfed something (lower base damage to all, excluded additional damage, lower water damage per turn, decrease duration of some skill) but you totally destroyed her.

And problem isn’t solved it still exist because today in 8 raids in 7 of them was Tell, but only in 2 was Vela!

But you didn’t have enough courage to nerd happy that or both of them and you just butchered Vela because it was more peaceful solution to you!

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Except Vela isn’t OP - on the contrary, Finley is more OP.


Make Mitsuko easy to get in the Next AR event. Could be very helpful for many dealing with Vela and have difficulties.

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Yeah, true. I never had a problem with her alone. She is also not that bad with Teluria. They were quite difficult before the first nerf but now I find them manageable. Then again I use rainbow against them. Found out Kage is quite effective against Telluria, and Queen of Hearts blocks AoE of both. Natalya, despite being hated for some reason, is also great counter against Telly and Vela is not that effective against her. Unfortunately all of them are rare heroes (Natalya is almost impossible to get now and not many would ascend her I guess) so not advisable as counters. I am also lucky to have G. Kong but it’s the same case - he is rare and available once per 5 months.

But still, I find nerfing Vela because Telluria is everywhere puzzling at the very least, enraging at worse. I wonder whether Vela will be buffed when SG nerfs Vela and inevitably finds out that Telluria is still everywhere, but now flanked by Finley or C-Magni or Ariel. Guess not.


They are going to have to nerf all blues for telly. Vela will be replaced with Finley cmagni master lupus alasie.

Or just lower telly defense so he can be easier to kill with his Paladin talents


That’s exactly what will happen my alliance mates are all thinking of a backup plan if The Vela nerf is severe. We will be back here again for the same reason.

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SG wants variety at the top? What’s the player incentive to try different teams?

It takes so long to build a +20 (or close to that) defense team, most players want to be ‘all done’ after that, and move their focus elsewhere. They could nerf Telly and Vela significantly, and it STILL would not change a huge number of teams. It takes far too much to move emblems around.

I propose a ‘switch’ function. Use it on a hero, and it lets you select a new hero of the same class, and moves the emblems. The emblem path is the same. Don’t like the path? Reset and pay the food/iron to re-path, then. The ‘switch’ could have a gem cost, or be a new kind of emblem.


Exactly, it won’t change situation with Tell where we can see her even when we open fridge.

With or without Vela, Tell will be everywhere, almost in every defense team, but now only with some other satellite (mostly Finley, c-Magni, Ariel…)


Let’s assume (I know that’s not a good word here…) that SG makes balance changes that dethrones GTV. In order for NEW teams to start being seen, WEEKS worth of resources will have to go into moving emblems around - JUST TO TEST THE NEW TEAM. Didn’t work out the way you like? Turns out Noor isn’t so hot on defense? More weeks of resources devoted to emblems once again.

SG please give players some incentive, some reason at all, to NOT stick with exactly the same team.

THEN you’ll see variety, and players happily throwing new teams out for us to battle.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

TY for the humor in the midst of this thread’s angst.


@Petri often repeated in the current thread (and this was a popular opinion even in the first balance round discussions):

  • Many players think that the main reason of defense setups being stuck is the current emblem system (especially the lack of flexibility to move the talents around and change defenses or experiment with different setups)

  • In case the goal of SG is to decrease the Telly defenses saturation (which seems to be the biggest complain of the playerbase) and bring more variety (which was publicly stated as the goal of SG), and also if they understand their own game: SG must know that even if they reasonably rebalance telly/vela again, no one will change their heavily (and costly) emblemed telly defenses. Rebalance alone is simply not enough.

  • The players would be forced to change from telly/vela within the boundaries of current game mechanics ONLY in case SG would overnerf them into B/C grade heroes, but I trust that is not the goal here

Having said the above my questions are:

  • Is SG aware of the wish of (I believe) the majority of the playerbase to have a more flexible emblem/talent system?
  • If so, is SG developer team working on or at least considering an implementation of an emblem system rework? (most important aspect for me: more simple and cheap move of talents from one hero to another, with sufficient anti abuse restrictions)

Thank you,


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