🧪 Early Information on the February 2020 HOTM (Jean-François)

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Now i ask you, for the majority of us vc2p, how do you counter JF without all those special heroes you mentioned but only have the classic heroes

I would also like an answer to this?

Finley would buff jf and do almost no damage in the process; not a sound counter and if jf hasn’t fired then not likely to have any buffs active either which is finley’s biggest perk

Not to mention finley is a pretty rare hero to have. Anytime i mention havin him there’s a bunch of “wish i had hims” to follow which considering he’s an event hero available twice a year at ridiculously low odds…makes sense

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I feel bad for Telluria only having 171 posts I hope this only helps sweep her under the rug laughs in satire

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I forget about that…

Yes he have to wait for buff to be good… risky

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My suggestion earlier was to reduce his base per-target DoT by around 20-30% (so something like 400-450, instead of 604).

Reducing him to 3 targets instead would accomplish about the same total damage reduction (or more), but would still be fairly brutal to the 2-3 targets he did hit.

I’d want to test that a bit before giving an opinion on it, but I do think some variation of that could be appropriately balanced, and that probably wouldn’t be far off from right.

That said, I’m not opposed to JF conceptually as a high DoT AoE hitter.

I personally think he’s more interesting as AoE, and would prefer to see him appropriately balanced in that design direction, instead of just dropping him to 3 targets.


please note this was posted before J.F. was adjusted on January 3rd 2020

Cleanser is almost mandatory against him. Rigard is going to be your best friend. Vivica may be okay too, but she’s slow which I find problematic myself against a fast hero – it would depend on your holy mana troop level. Whenever costumes come back (and hopefully in a more frequent attainability schedule) Sonya’s costume is great too.

Lacking that, HoT can somewhat mitigate the damage, but do note that JF’s burn outpaces all HoT in the game. Minions can also help mitigate the damage, though how quick you get them up depends on where J.F. is positioned. And HoT / minions aren’t very available either.

I’d advice also bringing a neutral stack + cleanser myself against him, even if he tanks. The Ice defense buff just makes him very beefy even when taking strong Ice damage, and at fast speed he’s likely to fire. I had more success focusing on cleansing and ignoring his buffs, to smack him hard with neutral damage instead. If you bring a dispeller, do it to dispel the defense flip.


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So curious question.

If SG sees that we have outflagged, out closed or out insulted each other in this thread vs any other thread do they interpret that as : “OK we need to nerf” or “Let’s keep him as is as he’ll bring us a fortune”

They probably don’t care, maybe they’ll increase his DOT for all we know


Who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

all we can really do is wait and see what happens when he next releases to beta (if at all).


Curious. Has a hero ever gone through beta then been released with changes without revisiting beta?


ETA 20robbedtitles

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Not sure… @zephyr1 might know?

Yes, though usually when the last round of Beta was shortly before release.


Thanks to both.
It may be 30 days of anticipation lol


1 month to go, at least let us know in advance if he is nerfed or not

Go total offense with a dark mono to take him out.

This ain’t a scene, it’s a goddamn arms race…

Something like this should do it:


True mono purp would for sure i was overthinkin it yesterday

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Beta Update

Jean-François has returned to Beta, and his amount of Burn Damage has been changed from 604 over 4 turns to 302 over 2 turns.

I’m updating the top post of this thread accordingly.


Still at fast mana speed?

Seems like your suggestion @zephyr1 was adopted

@rigs the campaigning paid off :wink:


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