🧪 Early Information on the February 2020 HOTM (Jean-François)

then Anzagoh with a proper mana troop is over powered compared to him since he is much durable and have the ability to last longer because of his special, therefore gets more chances of firing

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Here is your asw


Sorry, don’t see anything in that which stats or even hints at Dave saying he’s a support hero…

In fact it says “I think he’s a fantastic hero as he is right now.”

Doesn’t really support you argument :wink:

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And btw, Anzagoh and Khiona would make a better pair :wink:

I never argued that durability was a factor with Marjana and JF. I gave you team makeups where I found him successful – at no point did I ever say durability was a factor.

I’m not even sure on what your point is regarding the Anzogh comparison. :confused:

Edit: It’s fine to disagree with me and other players here, but you have to do so without resorting to trolling. Please also remember that #forum-rules don’t allow trolling.


How about if we compare him to what I consider the holy version of grave, Rana.

Rana does more damage over a longer set of turns because of slower speed. JF would do the same amount of DoT without the % in exchange for a faster speed.

Sorry, it was not my intention to troll anyone. Especially this person who’s responses had been coherent and respectful. I just really think it was funny.
Btw, you should have seen the responses by a couple of guys when the topic as nerfing JF

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By looking at the paper, I know Grazul is not good enough.

Her protection is only for 2 turns, I don’t even bother bringing dispeler.

She do not cleanse.

Her heal is very minor.

How can she make status ailment obsolete? Not a chance.

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See, again, we’re in agreement here. What I meant is that Grazul’s special is amazing-one of a kind;yet it is so situational that in a lot of stances it doesn’t bother people.
The same with JF’s complementary skills

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Oh really? lol, if that’s true I guess it’s because their dots does not stack maybe?

How would JF would pair with Zim as flanks on an emblemed/costumed Richard tank? Is that too soft of damage/easily mitigated since it may not take anyone out? It would certainly put the pressure on I’d think.

I don’t know about others but that doesn’t sound scary to me, especially with what JF looks like now.


No we are not.

I never consider her special amazing, in fact the first time she was released in beta I thought she was underwhelming.

That is how I read her card. Bad in paper bad in reality.

Margareth is also one of a kind but she is not amazing.

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What an endless argument. I think we need to be on the same page by converting the DoT to direct damage. JF is somewhat unique who does DoT only to all enemies.

Things need to taken into account:

  • Direct damage has more threaten than DoT
  • DoT take time and has durability
  • DoT can be counter by cleaners and healers who are common
  • DoT bypass def, counter attack

To form a formula like Converted Direct Damage = x * DoT damage.

  • x < 1 as it’s obviously direct damage is preferred than DoT
  • x depends on DoT durability, the more turns the smaller x and vice versa
  • At 1 turn, x = 1

Feel free to propose your formula.

SG has its own formula, hit all fast heroes with minor side effect is about 190% (Kadilen), with good side efect, its about 150-155%. I doubt anyone want a second version of Zimkitha.

And then there is Quintus,

270% AoE damage
76 years old

And then I will laugh thinking about some of them doing the same mistake when they didn’t tried to pull for Gravemaker…


Just comparing damage to other 5* heroes who hit all… not regarding specials
JF: dot ~300/2, fast
Ursena: 260% instant damage, if less than 50% health 130%+ additional light damage, average
Kadilen: 190% instant damage, fast

Dot is weaker than instant damage, to me fast with dot means: not fast damage and with the possibility to cleanse. If Gravy fires Im usually able to buff/heal/cleanse when the 1st dot arrives and he is very fast - this is his strength and the reason why he is good, he is not op anymore, imo.
I think everyone agrees that Ursena, who also hits 5 deals more damage and also instant damage and strangely noone is crying over her…
Kadilens damage is probably comparable to JF, perhaps sb. can calculate?.. and to me Kadilen is not good…

I guess what people want is not a hero who is mediocre at many things, but really good at just 1 or max 2 things…

I agree to the 3 dot Version with less special skills, 4 dots would probably be too strong

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Actually I started a thread long ago called Ursena is OP(IMO) I will try to link and edit this though it’s likely going to be lost in a few minutes as this thread is more heated than GM burn damage plus JF Dot (great now another argument about it’s not that heated since Jf is dot etc…lol. )

I only hope I get this hero since some clearly don’t want him. SG I will take the spares :fire: :rofl:

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As it is, i’m afraid no one will be happy.

The hero is well balanced right now, that in current translaslation means meh.
I already saw it with Neith, people don’t want a “balanced” hero, even if it’s for their own money and game experience benefit.

People that want his card to stay as before, want an attacker.
They don’t care at all about the ice defence or whatnot. They want a killer that could replace Gravemaker.

But as it was before, it was really too much. No matter what you are bringing to the table, he can’t stay like that.

So i totally agree to make him an halfway nerf, 3 turns of the same burn damage with -54% ice defence.

This would bring joy to everyone, keeping him away from OP territory and more to Finley zone.


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