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Ability to buy each item in the store maybe at say 1 or 2 of each per month or make them more accessible.

You could for example even add to quests or titans etc something like these,

  1. make every quest that currently exist or some have a harder version which offers the player to pay say a few hundred gems for a guaranteed chance of a rare ascension item
  2. every quest and event offers the option to pay a few gems for a guaranteed chance of a 4* ascension item

In my opinion the game is fine for f2p player and even acceptable for c2p players but I feel those that spend or wonna spend more money to improve their gaming experience should be given an option to ascend their heros accordingly to reflect and justify there expenditure within the game.

I would go even go as far as putting something in place that provides say a free 4* ascension item for every 100 or 150 dollars spent. Even tbis would help justify spending somewhat.

Any of these would not only encourage spending but encourage the need to want to get more heros.

None of those will affect f2p or c2p players any more than the game already does.

This @Ozy1, is my biggest issue as of now. It’s the waiting for the specific AM’s that I need to ascend the heroes I wish to ascend.
Meanwhile these heroes may come out in the occasional AW or trial but otherwise warm the pine.

Summoning even more would only put them further down the waiting list. I have more than enough ongoing projects to last me a year, or more, until I gather enough AM’s to ascend them.

Just to point out I’m not as casual as my wife would like :wink:. I tend to get pulled into the intricacies of this game and darn if putting the phone down when I’m on a raiding/tournament winning streak just isn’t going to happen.

To top it off, when I’m not playing I’m here waiting for me WE to refill.

I thoroughly enjoy the game (much better than PONG, my 1st video game) and can understand both sides of this ongoing issue. The developers need to make money, but they also should try to give back maybe a bit more? The issue is the shareholders want to see increased profits quarterly and giving doesn’t really help in that regard. Plus balancing the giving with making the game boring is a very fine line. If everyone has everything the want/need…what’s the point? I’m just glad not to be in their shoes.


Totally agree but these are only options as I have only provided paying ideas thus I never suggested giving anything for free as getting an 4* ascension for for every 150 dollars spent isn’t getting it for free but it would encourage players to save up and spend 150 dollars instead of 50 or 70 dollars or keep spending smaller amounts to reach that goal, don’t you think? Thus increasing revenue

Remember this is not only about making if fairer for p2w but also encouraging new spending options which in turn does/will increase the shareholders revenue/profit.

Note! There are always comments about making it fairer for f2p players and having this so called fine line between the 2.
That fine line has long been widened and this new update will widen it even move by a greater margin.

Where a f2p player had an opportunity to reach max levels and become somewhat competitive with top players within a year (give or take a few months) will now become a minimum of 2 years if they are lucky and in many to some cases they will never get there if they choose not to use gems to craft.

So the gap has already been determined/broken/widened or what ever you choose to call it and this 2 years will not encourage new spending but instead more likely will it turn new members away thus the need to find new and different ways to remove some of the grind from spenders t encourage new spenders by allowing them to remove some of the hero leveling grind which is currently discouraging spending.

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@Ozy1, there’s little illusion it’s skirting the edge of full on P2W, unfortunately. But I don’t think SG would want to push off the C2P as they more than likely make up much of the revenue generation. If they stop playing this would mostly leave the big spenders.

Consider that also will mean less competition for the big spenders. Some may welcome that opening as skill will matter less. Many will not. Meaning I think in the push to increase revenue SG will lose much volume, which will substantially decrease profits. There are very many that will spend 5-50$ a Month, not so many that will spend 1000$+ a month, in a game with several million players this doesn’t increase profit.

I’m going to guess that if SG see a sharp decline in spending, and/or playing from us small fish, changes will be made. Yes, it’s a business and there are good and bad business decisions. Good business’s, with staying power, course correct when mistakes are made. Here’s hoping to many more years of E&P :+1:


Dang sharp criticism of everything but the players… now that’s irony. So, all the players can give sharp criticism but can’t take in any. Who made those rules… cause I’ll criticize unless it’s a player.

Small Giant made those rules, so I guess they’d be fair game for criticism per my comment. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That said, there’s this to keep in mind:

Small Giant has actively encouraged constructive criticism, though, it’s even included in the Community Guidelines:


Thank You :grin::grin::grin:


This may have already been discussed, so my apologies in advance if it has…

With AL 9, I understand the 95%/5% chance split.

Am I understanding correctly that I’m sacrificing 12 3* AM no matter which outcome occurs? It’s one thing to sacrifice 12 Warm Capes and receive 1 Mysterious Tonic. Poor exchange rate, but I can live with it. Am I also understanding correctly that I could be sacrificing 12 Warm Capes in exchange for 1 Sturdy Shield? If so, that’s complete horsesh**. In what world should 12 3* AMs = 1 3* AM?

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, because it just doesn’t seem possible that SGG could’ve screwed up the AL concept this badly.

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You should use farmable rare AM such as chainmail, tall boots, etc.

150 gems + 168k food + 12 tall boots for 1 sturdy shield.
If you are lucky: 150 gems + 168k food + 12 tall boots for 1 mystic rings


No, not irrational to spend money on video games. I definitely don’t buy a new game every month (and very rarely do I buy games that cost $70? $60 maybe if it’s a “must-have” title, though even then I usually wait for the price to drop), nor do I ever spend over $1000 on one single game.

If someone earns a lot of money and they can afford to spend extra on E&P, go for it. I’ll stay C2P because I have a limited amount of discretionary income and I’d rather not spend it all on a “gacha”. SG will probably continue to get some of my money, here and there, but nowhere close to thousands of dollars.


Ah, I completely overlooked that. That makes more sense, although the tradeoff still seems too expensive and/or time consuming.


This is EXACTLY what is going to separate the whales from every other player.

Basically the amount of warm capes and tall boots for example that I get I need all of them to level heros and it already takes a few months to accumulate and to donate thus for a possible single unlikely option is just totally and unterly rediculous.

Sure some top player who live on being the number ones and who make the top 5% or so in most events etc who get all the major cool rewards might be able to substain using these for a little while but it won’t last long as they will run out. Oh and how many of these players are there in thus game, hmmm maybe and I am quite sure I will be way to generous when say a possible 1% out of millions of players. And how will this affect the others including myself,
These top players will get so big and strong that they will end up will only them selves to battle agaisnt and the rest of us will either just be content with where we are or just plainly leave the game because it will come to a point that unless your prepared to spend 1000’s these top 100 players who can attack you while your online will be waiting for you to knock back down instantly making you beleive you need to spend more money.

All I know is that reading these requirements just now knowing I have been ready for it with my Advance buildings ready and storages full, just TOTALLY discouraged me into caring if I even get these buildings upgraded at all.

Like it’s already been stated by others, SG took an excellent idea which had amazing concepts and utterly and litterly throw it into the trash can only to deliever us with the rich mans marketplace.

Good luck with it SG.

I guess anyone who responds to any comment with the likes of IT HAS TO BE FAIR FOR F2P’s will now have to think twice as that concept has just gone out the window.


Okay while there is no way in hell I would trade 12 capes for 1 shield, I probably would trade 12 farmable boots (and 150 gems) for a shield, if I really needed a shield badly enough.

And I’m no whale. I’m more like a goldfish. :smile:

It’s not about the gems, that’s actually acceptable but 12 capes for a single possible and more likely chance at another 3* mat with the unlikelyness (new word, lol) of a possible 4* one.

Who is going to using this , those that have already been here for 2yrs or more and already have amazing rosters? Because I know I know that after playing for just over a year and still struggling to finalize heros I only have 3 capes to my name and might be lucky to see one cape every 1 days or more.

It’s about common sense and logic and making it better accessible to upper mid range players whether they be f2p or c2p players not just whales and sharks.

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Oh I’m definitely not going to trade any unfarmable mats for “possible” unfarmable ones… but farmable mats? Yes, I will do that.

If I see one of those say, $2.99 for 300 gem deals, 150 gems is $1.50. A buck and a half plus a dozen boots that I can farm in a couple of days in exchange for an unfarmable AM doesn’t sound like too bad of a deal to me. And yes, I’m cheap.

But trading multiple unfarmables for one random unfarmable, nope. Just nope. Not going to do that.


Don’t use capes, use tall boots/chainmails/battle manuals/scabbards instead…

Even as F2P, I have hundreds of them… I won’t use the Alchemy Lab though… just a waste of time…

I have more than 30 sturdy shields… As F2P, I am not concerned with AM but with heroes, I’m still looking forward to Hero Academy because the developers promised that it will be F2P friendly unlike the Alchemy Lab.

In AMA, the developers promised that Hero Academy will be F2P friendly. However they didn’t make the same promise about Alchemy Lab. So I do not wonder when Alchemy Lab is unfriendly to F2P, it is as expected.

What is killing F2P is actually lengthening duration of tournament from 4 to 5 days… When it was only 4 days, I regularly enter top 1% but since it become 5 days, I rarely able to be at top 1% as I don’t spend gems to continue…


I Think one of my points here is if I read it correctly is that I can use 12 x 3* items only to possibly receive one of those back or another 3* item.

How heart breakingly rediculous

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The 3* item we received is guaranteed to unfarmable (sturdy shield, etc)

However it seems the 3* for ingredients is not restricted for farmables.

It would be heartbreaking for those who do not understand it and unknowingly use 3* unfarmables…

Should have restricted the ingredients for farmable (tall boots, etc) only?


I’m kind of divided on this… on the one hand, I like the idea of “idiot proofing” things to keep people (myself included) from making dumb mistakes.

On the other hand… how else will we learn? :laughing:
The most painful lessons are the ones I learn the most from.

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They are.

They cut the ability to use unfarmable 3* mats in AL9.


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