Community Guidelines

We encourage you to do these things:

  • Help others. You are an important member of the community, sharing your knowledge of the game with others is encouraged.
  • Share as much appropriate Empires & Puzzles related content, text, images, videos, as you want! The community appreciates it.
  • Ask questions. Feel free to ask questions and strike up conversations with others.
  • Answer questions. If you see a question you know the answer to, feel free to reply & help out.
  • Encourage others. If you see another player struggling, cheer them up!
  • Be respectful. Think before you write, ask yourself how would you feel if someone wrote this to you. Welcome all new community members and players. Remember that we all were newbies once.
  • Give constructive feedback and discuss openly any game-related subjects, as well as community related improvement ideas. Give examples on how you would improve the game & community.
  • In all inquiries, we strongly encourage you to always discuss with the community first. If you are unsure of any content you are about to post ask others.

Finally - have fun & enjoy! We have a vibrant, fun and active community!