Help me fix this mess please

@Olmor, I really like Zeline, but seems she works for everyone else but me, Aegir too. What am I doing wrong ??

@SWEG, thank you very much, and I appreciate the time you took to put this together, it wasn’t a waste of time for me… Thanks again, I will take all advice given from everyone and put it to good use, thanks again

@littleKAF, so should I place more emblems on both Guin and Aegir, or which one first please?

On your defense? Just wait and see how many cups it’ll hold.

Any def keeping you above 2500 cups is nice imo.

A high talented tank will help.
Top defs will keep you at 2.6k.


Seshat - Zim - Guin - Arthur - Lianna

Well any standard combination should hold you in diamond.

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Emblems are tricky. There are different philosophies out there. One is to create as strong a defense team as possible. Another is to spread them out amongst the heroes you like.

My recommendation is to not jump too far into the emblems as you’re just starting to figure out your defense, but if you have heroes you use frequently, they are worth consideration.

As for me, with one exception, I stopped giving talents to my 5* at +7 - too expensive and I’d like others to get the buff too.


Seshat, Drake, Aegir, Zimkitha and Zeline.

P.S. My AW defense is similar. This war were needed five attacks to take me down (I can take screenshot if there is required). I said similar, because I do not have Aegir, Zim and Zeline, but I set it this way: Seshat, Drake, Richard, GM and Kingston (4400 TP). Mine is most offensive, but the one with Aegir may prove very resistant, if the tank is not killed in time.


My defense is quite similar, just change Richard+13 with Aegir. :sweat_smile:
I’m always above 2500 cups.

So that’s why my prefered order would be:

Zimkitha - Zeline - Aegir - Drake - Seshat

Because Zimkitha heals everyone following up. Seshat in the corner is harder to beat.


You are right, this is the right order with those heroes :slight_smile:





@littleKAF, hi, good day., so I changed my top team for defense a little bit, and it’s now this,
Zimketha, Seshat, Aegir, Viv, and Zeline, from left to right, what do you think please, thank you

@Scarecrow, ok , so I’m still learning that’s why I asked, no need to be mean !! …so how should I set this defense up ??, how would you set it up ?


This is new setup
Now as far as Vivica being there , she’s my strongest healer… I appreciate your response, but again no need to be mean please, thanks

Please tone down the trolling! :slight_smile: Thank you


May I know why my posts are flagged? Which forum rule?

@DaveCozy, may I say I was not trolling, just asking for help and responded to the person that answered, but that person seems to be a bit mean, so I hoped that he has a blessed day and please not read /answer any future questions I may have, thank you

Please don’t derail the conversation by debating moderators on disciplinary actions. I’ll drop a reminder of the two #forum-rules here that were crossed:

You can always disagree with someone by explaining your point, without being condescending and without adding wood to the fire.

In my experience, Aegir is a very passive tank and Vivica does nothing to help him here with dealing with attackers – she just further delays the match. I think it’s better to have someone more offensive than her.

You don’t need a healer on your defense team necessarily – this might work better for a healing aid war, but aside that, Aegir + Vivica in the center are giving the opponent a lot of chances to charge their skills.

I think the defense described here will work better:

Zimkitha on the corner isn’t ideal, but that aside you have Zeline and Drake further helping the team survive – via decreased attack and blindness ailments – while still presenting an offensive threat.


Ok thank you, I meant no harm, just trying to learn and get better, I appreciate all advice, and I have no problems following rules… Agreed, and I will try the setup , thank you :grinning:


I will second Cozy’s suggestion. Glad you were able to find help.


Thank you for you advice, I do appreciate all everyone’s help !! Just trying to get better and maybe make a friend , thanks again :grinning:


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