🔱 [Mar 2020] Atlantis Summon Results

I read Proteus is gamechanger for most challenge battles. I am starting levelling him right away (Cyprian can wait on 3/58 :slight_smile: )

List of wanted heroes reduces once again :slight_smile:

Boldtusk © (costume summon)
Joon ©
Lianna ©
Proteus (Atlantis summon)
Rigard ©
Sonya ©
Tiburtus ©

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5 pulls and there she comes. Where do you think she suits perfectly except titan? My other special yellow 5* is White Rabbit.


That merge resetted the votes here -.- too bad.

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It is an unfortunate side effect of merging, that poll votes aren’t carried over. It’s helpful to ensure that there isn’t an existing thread before creating a post with polls like that to avoid that happening.

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@zephyr1 why did you do this? You just destroyed my whole survey results…

Forum Rules prohibit duplicate threads on the same topic, and the thread you created was resulting in duplicative discussion in two places.

Your thread was flagged by two community members, identifying it as a duplicate, and requesting it be merged.

Technically Forum Rules say duplicate threads will be deleted:

However, we normally merge threads instead, in order to avoid losing the posts from them.

Normally that isn’t much of an issue, but unfortunately the Forum software doesn’t maintain poll votes when moving posts from one thread to another.

All other post content was maintained, however, both from your post and the replies.


Yeah that’s my point…so I addes screenshots of the results

Is this negative for my account?

Not at all, I’d just ask that you check for existing threads before creating new ones. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@zephyr1 I acually did search for a survey, which wasn’t existing, so I created one…
But next time I will add it under such a post :slight_smile:

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My teammate did a 10x and received an Azlar and THREE Tellurias.


@MrGeetz 3 times?! that’s just crazy

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Of course I pull her in beta, but not on my regular account :laughing: my luck…

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Made 8 pulls , took Inari, Proteus and Kelile.


Personally I would also use her for yellow stacks against purple tank or purple heavy raid or war defenses since her tile damage is high. And with White Rabbits def down, all the better.

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I use her in most raids. Her dodge skill is underappreciated.

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Haha, well done, + @annarchy

2 pulls here - Hawkmoon and Agwe :rofl:

ja, pretty in good in a yellow stack. inari + attack jackal + third yellow, and kunchen is no issue anymore, if board is not completely bad

Third yellow = Mist

Jackal + MIst and Kunchen starts sweating. You bring a third hard hitting yellow (eg Joon) and Kunchen waves the white flag before the battle even begins lol

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Nothing but three star (unwanted) dupes on my main, but I just used saved coins, thankfully. And on my alt, nothing but three star (unwanted) dupes and dupe Gobbler and dupe Caedmon off a 10 pull. Was hoping for a Proteus on my alt.

I’m done with Atlantis pulls. Done from here on out, unless I win the lottery. It’s not worth it for me.

At least they made tasty food for Ratatoskr!

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