Minute Men looking for new members

Minute Men is a strong alliance but we need more members. The top 10 or so are very dedicated. Come join us! Open alliance with an 800 cup cutoff


Ciao, c’è posto per me? Livello 11, non sono forte ma gioco tutti giorni

Moderator translation:

Hi, is there room for me? Level 11, I’m not strong but I play every day

I’ve enjoyed my time with the team and encourage others to join. We are competitive with wars and hit titans on the regular. It’s a good community with a lot of experience to pull from. Hopefully we’ll see you soon!

Of course. Buono

Moderator modified to remove personal information.

I lowered the trophy requirement to 600…

Moderator modified to remove personal information.

Been in the alliance for over a year; great group of supportive people.

@Smengey63 do you use Line, Discord, or similar? That might be a better way to reach out to someone. Thanks.

I do use Line, is there a group on there?

Please don’t post personal information. Not rule 11: * 1. Respect privacy. Posting your own or any other person’s personal information is absolutely prohibited.*

Many people post their Line ID here. @Rook and I also can help find more larger groups if desired. My line is is same as my name here, littleKAF. Feel free to reach out.


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