🏅 [Nov 24, 2019] 32nd Raid Tournament! — 5* Rush Attack, All Elements

I use Gormak, Gadeirus, Boomer, Grimm and Hu Tao for my Tourney attack and defense team, holds up pretty well, I have made a slight change to my defence team however for my attack i use the afore mentioned, they seem to hold up reasonably well i just rarely get into day 3/4 of tourney as it loves putting me against ppl i stand no chance of winning against a lot of the time but quite often stay between the 50-75% ranking by end of it. working on max ranking them best i can while working on a few other heroes i have (l particularly look forward to getting cheshire cat ranked up a bit more plus 1 or 2 others)

Am i supposed to black out certain things when i post pictures? Is there a privacy policy i dont know about? Im quite new to this forum

quite happy about my results with this team.

as expected… today 3:2:see_no_evil:

real pain fight with a delilah that kept reviving by talent and a mother north reviving at enormous success rate… long fight, that was nearly won, but then got turned :woozy_face:

I finally got attacked! Once. And won. So grade A for now. Unfortunately lost two attacks, though. On one I was really outmatched and had a bad board and lost really badly. On the other, it was the first time I’ve ever had the timer run out. I had managed to kill both wings by the end, but then the timer went and it counted as a defeat. It was a super slow match— they had tons of buffs, including Aegir, Black Knight, and what’s that zombie one? Marie-Therese? And I had the Hatter, who stole all the buffs. So buff, steal, buff, steal, buff steal,

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Many do block out names but there’s no real policy to my knowledge. The forum rules can be found below. They include stuff like “don’t be rude” and “don’t insult.” There is a privacy rule too but it’s to personal information - I guess that can be interpreted if it applies to battles.

My rule of thumb is this. If I tag someone I fought, I share. If I don’t, I screen shot to exclude. But I don’t go out of the way to exclude. I almost see it as me giving praise if I felt the opponent put such a worthy team out there that I’d want to post on it. Of course, saying how bad a team is is a different story.

Hope that helps. The end all of it is be respectful.


Day 2

Will it continue? No!

This day started off well. First, I got to visit @LadyXeliara and this nasty defense.

Freaking Mother North was all that was left and she revived everyone. Got to that point again, and she revived 3/4. Can’t believe I won that one - had to kill people multiple times.

This was followed by another win and I’m feeling good at 7-0. Then I got two losses in a row to these teams.

In the first one, I chose a poor team. I had no chance against a team that good. I got a zero. I killed Guin in the second one and that’s all. Finished with one win so 3-2 on the day.

My defense started the day with two losses but then won a few. I went from a B yesterday to a higher B (can I get a plus?) with a 4/7 total. Sitting top 5%.



Lacking a deep 5* bench my strategy is simple, fire Miki and Proteus any chance I get. Only loss so far was against a Kunchen tank who resisted Miki and then took off the silence from the flanks as well. Really disappointing.
Defense is a solid E so I won’t be anywhere near the top.

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Ah ok. I was wondering because some people post their wins or less and scribble over opponents names and even their own alliance names. What’s that all about?

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Attack 9-1
Defense 5-1

Points: 7247

I did fairly well the last time we had a rush 5* tournament. This is one time any FTP should have a decent shot since there are so many slow vanilla season 1 heros. Running into the 4400 and 4500TP teams now

Yup. This is where the very slow and slow heroes have the advantage on defense teams

I’ve been very fortunate so far in getting decent boards. Honestly, it’s the only way I ever stand a chance in these tourneys with 3600 TP vs 4000+ TP, so a good stack makes or breaks it [for me].

My stacks on offense (3-1-1 or 2-2-1 all @ 70):
(Always including Hel & Alby)

Red involves using Elena, Azlar and/or Khagan
Blue is usually Frida and Isarnia (maybe Lepus too)
Green I always bring Alby, then Hatter and Lady Locke get added in as needed
Yellow, the most fun one, using Justice with Inari :heart_eyes:
Purple I always bring Hel, so usually my second is Kunchen (Panther and/or Ursena sometimes make an appearance too)

Day 1:
I went 5/0 on offense, with a C grade on defense (no attacks made)

Day 2:
I went 5/0 again, with an A grade on defense (1/0)

& Just as I said the last time I posted one of these, I do expect a loss or two tomorrow. I’ve only gotten to day five twice (?) in 5* tourneys without any continues; 9/10 I get knocked out day 4

& I’ll be honest and say I am usually willing to spend 75 gems, but only when certain conditions are met -

  • Only do it once a tourney
  • Only if I have 5+ flags left to use
  • Only if it’ll land me in top 1% or 5%

& So far, I’ve always landed there (other than the 2* one), and only about ~50% of the time have I had to spend on a [single] continue to do it. The loot itself is rarely worth it, but I use tourneys to fill two+ raid chests a day [with ease], so to me, it’s worth it [being cheaper than a raid refill] in order to knock out as many chests as possible… in hopes for that one elemental that gives me something better than what these tourneys [rarely] do lol

(Although, there was a point where I got three consecutive reset tokens from placing in these things, so you never know…)


Hi @RandaPandah, can you elaborate on your use of Justice and Inari? I’m getting ready to make a decision on which Yellow (Justice, Inari, Neith) to “invest in” (I have a limited amount of mats). I have the details on a separate post yesterday (my first one) and was wondering of the three and since you’re using Justice at 3.70. (If you didn’t mind).

Ooops I meant your use of Justice and Isarnia

Of those three, you’re deciding who to take to 4T?

My suggestion would be Inari personally, but that’s just me; I love dodge - and it’s especially amazing during these VF raid tourneys, and the buff one, too. & With her attack stat, makes her an amazing hero in a yellow stack, and against purple titans. Plus, dodge is so much fun lol. Being average speed does make her less versatile, but I still think she’s the better way to go.

Blind + dodge has to be one of the most fun synergies in the entire game (throw in taunt too, and it’s a real party :wink:). Neith (usually) would be the better one to pair with Inari (with both of them at average speed), but with this being a VF RC, Justice has her beat with the extra damage (imo). The mana cut on Neith is nice, but since you want heroes to fire with dodge on, doesn’t really help in this situation [as much]. However, outside of this WRC, I’d choose Neith over Justice any day; mana cut + blind all @ average > blind all @ slow

Anyway, after all of that, I’d still vote for Inari, cuz even though Neith has some nice utility, that’s about it. At least with Inari, you get utility and a great attack stat - for stacking and titans, too.

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EDIT- @Aunty_Krauser this is 4 you!!!


YouTube success! I watched it. You were driving me crazy - you had a yellow March three in the top left when it was only Evelyn left and you were searching. Had to move the blues and it would have fell into place. Good match.

And you’re more advanced than me. You had Eddie Veddar in the background. I don’t know how to play music on mine (someone want to teach me if possible? - I use apple recorder and have no music saved on my phone - I just listen to YouTube).


@littleKAF you will see several missed tile opportunities from me - my biggest problem is that I rush the rush attax wicked bad…
Here’s another 3/2 with my new and improving Gretel


I can show you how I DID IT… It was a lot easier than I expected.
If you have line hmu anytime @ jcb_titan36… I have a Droid phone and a Samsung tablet so idk if that makes ANY DIFFERENCE AT ALL ( SECRETLY, I GOOGLED IT AND WATCHED A YOUTUBE VIDEO ON IT)
isn’t it ironic
Don’t you think…


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