🧪 Early Information on New Knights of Avalon Challenge Event [Part of The Beta Beat V23]

When I said staff, I meant you, the moderators. I don’t really know if I am corect, but I consider you part of the staff on this forum. I call the others -> devs :slight_smile:


Staff and moderators are different, mods are players.


Staff are players too. Secret alliances and everything lol but staff get paid, mods get a title


Well, I don’t know. In my country is different. I was part of the staff on Filelist for example. There, admins, moderators and interns are all staff of that site. I thought is the same on all forums :slight_smile:


Well i dont think it varies country by country, just company by company but i could be wrong

I do know that typically “staff” refers to people on the company payroll paid to deal with issues and bs and game development

Where as moderators are volunteers to deal with issues and bs and not involved with game development outside of beta testing

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Thanks for clarifying!

I personally use Staff to mean “people who work for Small Giant as employees and are paid.” Often this includes members of the Support or Community Teams, not just developers or designers.

I picked up that usage from the Small Giant Staff, who typically use it the same way.

They typically distinguish Staff (paid employees) and Moderators (volunteer players), e.g.:

When being more specific about portions of the Staff:

  • I use Support for people who reply to player tickets and help resolve player-specific issues.

  • I use Developers for people who write the game software and build and maintain the servers.

  • I use Game Designers for the people who design the game, most notably Tim, the lead game designer, whom I often refer to by name when citing the March AMA we did with him.

It’s a useful insight that someone could misread “Staff” to include Moderators, so I’ll make a point of trying to distinguish that every time I say Staff in my posts.


I am glad to see that the minions are getting nerfed, as that 10% mana cut looks really brutal to deal with. The nerf to the health recovered is fairly insignificant.

They want him to be an anti-tile damage tank I guess :confused: While the 50% chance is indeed a welcome nerf, that ice condition being removed seems to leave him as fairly strong.

lol, either all or nothing eh? He’s a super good 3* tank. The reduced damage hardly matters, because that’s not the highlight of his skill. The highlight is that once he fires:
a) the attacking team loses their skills
b) the defending team gets a mana boost (same as Ariels) that lets them charge up all their skills

a) alone isn’t necessarily scary, but when combined with b) that makes it a devastating loss of mana. Attacking team now has to potentially suffer from any special attacks that follow.

Very powerful skill imo. Even if the damage is removed he’d be a great tank, although it would potentially make it easier to take any specials that follow from Bauchan’s allies.


I understood :slight_smile: When I was in the support team on Filelist, we were called staff and I didn’t know here is different. Perhaps because of this major difference. Filelist is a torrent site and forum, not a game that requires developers. Thanks for clarifying.

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Staff confirmed Avalon will be next event in Sep. Time to make this hot again

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When were?
Revamped or older version?


Thanks @CrBear just arrived was cheking everything out! Found it great news!


I like all the new heroes. I’d be thrilled to get Bauchan, he’s strong for a 3 star. He’s rather a 3.5 star. But won’t go crazy with pulls and will possibly only do one or two pulls additional to the coin pulls and try to get lucky.
Feeling a bit luke-warm about the 4 stars but would warmly welcome the older 5 stars :slight_smile:

Will this update just be the event or is the new strongholds coming as well

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That hasn’t been announced yet, but I’m personally still hoping they’ll rework Alchemy Lab before release.


If they also release Alchemy Lab as is, the only good thing that can be said is it isn’t a junk update thanks to the updated events.

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True, I’m just still struggling to figure out what to use or recommend the Alchemy Lab for.

The only thing I’ve seen mentioned so far in the Beta thread is converting 1* Battle Items to 2* Battle Items, but the Food costs seem pretty steep to me to make that particularly appealing.


Not a fan of alchemy lab either i agree it needs to be completely overhauled.

If memory serves, didn’t you say there is a really nice looking icon to collect a finished transmutation? We could build it so we could enjoy the icon…


I did say that:

But I also said this after a subsequent release:


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