Anzogh is really good with emblems

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I have anzogh but I’ve never used him. And i face gm, zim, mitsuko as reds in my wars and raids, i don’t think I’ve ever faced anzogh that i can recall.

So no clue one way or the other. I will say he seemed lackluster on paper which is why he stayed at 3/70.


I kept anzogh at 3/70 until like last month, I had 12 rings and finally fed him. I did it due to being surprised how decent he was when I raided a team that used him as flank. Being average mana AoE and healer they can’t make his damage too high for the sake of balance, but it’s still a tempo shift. Without any buffs or debuffs he does about 400 damage each and if it’s 5 heroes he does that to, he heals his allies for a similar amount. Using him to attack with, he does very well paired with Ares and Wilbur. Like he will basically kill the team. I actually found his special to do a comparable amount of damage like Azlar, but at average speed. Azlar DoT will shift his damage profile up a lot but the initial hit, Azlar will do like 70ish extra damage. I’ve been surprisingly happy with anzogh. He’s great on the world map too. He’s helping complete S2 hard. I’ve been using tarlak, Evelyn, Ares, anzogh and drake. The team can do lots of damage and sustain itself quite well with all the healing, and drake blind. If I made a list of underrated heroes anzogh will make the list, and 40 days ago I had been starving him since release lol


@wineybrit, wanted to make sure you saw this thread; I think you’ll find madmarv’s post particularly edifying.

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Thanks Ivy, I’ll check it out. I’ve obviously always had a soft spot for him, being my 1st 5*. I want to believe, so badly, that he is better than people say. He’s given me some trouble in raids but my defense seems no better than before…


There’s already been 3 flags in this thread, please keep the discussion civilized, even if you disagree.

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Yeah, I saw that now. Why mine? It is on topic, only about Anzogh…

Thanks for this @madmarv, I was just discussing Anzogh and Santa with my alliance yesterday. I was trying to convince them to hold there EHT’s until Christmas by baiting them with MM, Santa, Buddy and even Rudolph. We also were discussing that if Anzogh is your only red 5* tank, and at 3/70, it may be worthwhile to hold on him until after any Christmas summons you were going to do. If you didn’t plan on it then finishing Anzogh wouldn’t hurt your team at all.

But that’s a reason why I use him: he’s average like all others except Scarlett in my stack. So all fire at the same time, one BOOM, win. With a slower one, maybe DoT then, I have to wait longer :slight_smile:

I’m only talking about offense, I know he’s not that good for def :wink: good enough for me atm until I maxed some other 5*.


That’s the thing @AngelOfDark666, some of us don’t spend endlessly to get the best HotM. I personally set a budget and darn do I do my best to stick to it. I’ve gotten lucky with a few HotM but also gotten a few that will remain at 1/1 for a very long time.
I play with what I get. Just like new players play with what they get. Sure taking out TP4500 is a challenge but I like challenges.
My main goal here is to teach my alliance that they CAN do it without breaking the bank. I like to help my players get better and gain confidence. I’m not here to be in the top 10…or even 100, could really care less about trophies (as long as I open my hero chest in diamond :joy:)


I have been playing for 9 months, Anzogh was my 1st red *5 and my 2nd *5 overall, later I got Red Hood, Marjana and Azlar… Once I got 12 rings he got my first 6 rings, and have not regreted at all… Actually I think he could be considered an upgraded version of Red Hood, his special hits harder, and heals your whole team inmediately not HoT by minions like RH, you need minions alive to be healed, only advantage of RH is her minions prevent also mana reduction…

Once he was maxed I gave him some emblems to reach +4, since I wanted to keep enough for taking Proteus to +18 (gladly I could pull Proteus last week)…

I know Anzogh has been very trashed since he was released, but I took him to 3.70 and he has been a game changing for me, with him I beat Ursena in S2 Hard, I have completed last stage of legendary in Avalon, Pirates and Wonderland with no troubles at all (he is only one of my 2 *5 maxed) and have a winning record in riding of about 80% against teams around 4100 to 4300 He has been my tank even when we was at 3.70, but since he is maxed I am now staying at low diamond something good cuz my TP is only 3850 and I have only 2 maxed *5… He probably let the spot for another hero in tank position once I get one more suitable for that, but think that flank is the natural position for him…

Many people could say he is useless based mainly in their roster or play style, and it is something I respect a lot… But unless your roster is as deep as theirs so u can consider several choices I believe that in order you can succeed and enjoy this game u have to follow one simple rule: ‘GO TO WAR WITH THE ARMY YOU HAVE NOT WITH THE ONE YOU WANT’ …at the end I am pretty sure there are no useless or mediocre heroes, but shallow players… you do not need top rated heroes to be competitive or enjoy this game…

And also I have learned after some months, emblems are useful in heroes not in inventory waiting for the right option… emblemed heroes help u to get more emblems, (and resources overall), emblems in inventory dont… .


I just completed my raid chest and unfortunately I met Anzogh only once. Unfortunately only +7. And it is pretty nothing to see. Like usual, he doesn’t get to fire… Before chest, I met another Anzogh, but I deleted the video because I had a super lucky board. I will post only the combats with crappy boards. Just to show you Anzogh doesn’t matter at all for a player like me. I hope next time I will have the occasion to charge him intentionally, to see even when he fires is pretty useless in defense.


I am always nervous when there is a topic about Anzogh since the first time, because I have Anzogh and he is my first HOTM.

In my case, my alliance’s war tank is red, and I have no other choice, besides Boldtusk, Grazul and Marjana.

And I have made my own topic to choose first who needs to ascend those heroes, and whether he will be a tank candidate.

Currently my defense are:

Later after Anzogh has emblemed, it will be changed to:

I think in my case, I do not have choices for better option. And I enjoy what I have.
For offense Anzogh is great, good damage and heals. Specially if stacking with BT-Wilbur-Falcon.


You don’t have other options because of the fighter emblems. Otherwise BT +18 would be a much better tank. I still use him in my wars as tank (on my alt), when I have really tough opponents. And has the best results in my small alliance. My 4350 main defense with GM is defeated more times than my 4200 with BT +18 :smiley: Once, that defense repelled 5 attacks in a row. An emblemed BT has a great def stat and revives a lot. If it happens to fire after a reviving, the opponent is pretty much screwed… His buff and healing as tank, is awesome. But yeah, in your case, you don’t have this luxury, since you have another 2 great fighters and Anzogh is your best option.


I mostly use him in a mono red stack, Wilbur, G. Falcon, BoldTusk, Anzogh, Mitsuko. It goes Boom!! But I have messed around trying to get him to hit as hard as possible. I had alot of success with G. Falcon, Wilbur, Anzogh, Khiona, Mitsuko. Khiona/Spirit link can get Anzogh at +144% and it is amazing. Fun times.


At the end it was . Again. Seshat against the world… And she won. Again…

Anzogh didn’t get to do anything but it doesn’t prove a thing. Here at least. His avrage Mana (every avrage wouldn’t have time in this situation)didn’t ingnite and you attacked the left side

So it was frida and ursuna and from this video that did the heavy lifting and you sure attacked them

Also it looks like albi is a crapy rear and didn’t help team mates… that is what could have iearnt from this video…

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I like Anzogh a lot. However, you have to pair him with the right heroes. This is my current red mono setup, but in the past I have also used BT and Falcon.


I picked him over GM, Zim, Marj, Nat, Santa, Red Hood and don’t regret it. I decided on him after a war team (that looked weak) I faced almost wiped me out with a Buddy \ Anzogh combo.

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I was told Anzogh was not worth the mats and never actually tried him out. I’m curious now to try him out - thank you for this discussion. I was blessed with two :woman_shrugging:.


I rarely want to comment about things like this but sometimes I would suggest to be more conservative in your comments about heroes especially the bad part of it.

Not everyone has every super hero in this game. There are good to great heroes and some are lacklustre. I did post somewhere in the past, heroes are judged by most based on their solo ability especially for raid defense.

Saying a hero is bad, is like slapping someone else’s face for making a bad choice.

All heroes can be good and each of them has their merits. Most, if not all heroes can be utilized well during offense where AI does not do stupid things for you.

Anzogh is an all rounder and does really well for a mid level player.

  • Average rating on defense (not a killer / semi healer / nothing fearful)
  • Does well on offense when he fires especially when the going gets rough
  • Does shine as an AW wing (healing while dealing damage during war is a bonus)
  • One of the best utility hero going through the map / trials / challenges due to his ability to heal keeping heroes alive longer while dealing some damage
  • Needs other heroes like Wilbur/Gormek/Falcon/BT/Ares to shine

All in all, Anzogh is a solid hero.

For all players, please do bear in mind that hero synchronization is more important than just mana speed. Some veterans do forget how it was when they started playing and having a smaller roster. Please be more creative in your mindsets when creating offensive and defensive lineups.

For a master like @Rigs, Anzogh will not be very helpful but for a new to mid level player, he is wonderful to help get past tough/hard maps similar to Cyprian / Boril.


I’m not a “master”

smarta** lol

If it wasnt for a lucky pull of grazul, i would have used anzogh more to see if i wanted to give him rings but i could tell i would have a better use for grazul. I have an anzoghish type 5* already and his name is aegir. Getting grazul let me max her and aegir instead of anzogh.

You’re right that I’m at the point i can be pretty selective on my 5s but i always have been. With emblems now, it really doesnt make a ton of sense for anyone to max a 5* they find lackluster like how the op feels about anzogh regardless of anyone else’s reviews, we’re not the ones that have to use the hero once he maxes it.

All i can say, is to each their own. Some people find a use in a hero that fills a void for them, some people don’t find that use for the same hero, it is what is.

I like margaret, many hate her. I like inari, many hate her. I maxed ranvir, tarlak, and miki, some people think i only should have maxed miki. But it’s not their decks & mats, i have goals in mind, i max heroes i think will help me reach those goals. Just a game, have fun with it.