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He is aware but hasn’t found a way to make it work just yet, it is on his list to get to though.


@GDIBass considering all the additional Heroes that have been added and everything else, my friend, you are amazing and it’s very hard for me to be nice. But cheers and thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do :kiss: :beers:


@GDIBass I’d love to collaborate on this with you if you’re interested.


Hey @GDIBass , you’re an absolute hero! Big recognition for your continuous work! It’s very much appreciated by the community!

I know there are the new covenant heroes missing (Waterpipe, Hammertusk and Fianna) but also are the Styx troops, which are now live again for the Styx tower event.
Hope you manage soon.

Thanks again!

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Love using heroplan, thank you for all the effort you’ve invested in making this amazing tool @GDIBass.

Is there a way for more than one person to accept new members in an alliance or is it only possible for the original creator of the alliance to do so?

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Just here to update the list of missing heroes in one entire compilation for (hopefully) easier access. Also, doing my best to include all that have hit beta too - to know who to keep an eye out for - as their release is imminent, considering how fast SG releases heroes now… (and especially if they’re listed under upcoming vs beta, means they’re next in the cycle)



Upcoming: Roughian & Nurgib

Black Friday / Masquerade / New Mystery Hero


  • Is a Ranger, not Fighter



C. Tarlak

In Beta: C. Misandra


Upcoming: C. Thor

In Beta: C. Frigg, C. Odin, C. Tyr, C. Almur, C. Fura, C. Nordri and C. Ei-Dunn






Upcoming: Hathor

In Beta: Anubis and Eset

Covenant of Champions / Abyss Hunters

Upcoming: (5*) Otis and Goretooth (4*) Bogart (3*) Basil

In Beta: (5*) Dabria, Sorrow and Staintongue (4*) Numbskull (3*) Greel

Styx Tower


  • Is a Cleric, not Barbarian
In Beta: Thanatos and Amphitrite

Tavern of Legends

C. Hel

C. Perseus

Contest of Elements: Nature



In Beta (Ice): Zengar and Anzia

Challenge Festival II




Upcoming: Belladonna and Celimene

War of Three Kingdoms

In Beta: Erlang Shen

Ninja Tower

In Beta: (5*) Ekanite, Amethyst, Oniwakamaru and Serandite (3*) Kinsaishi

Santa’s Challenge







In Beta: Kemény and Matrera

Costume Chamber (Secondary Costumes)

C2. Khagan

C2. Magni

C2. Isarnia

C2. Elkanen

C2. Horghall

C2. Vivica

C2. Obakan

C2. Domitia

C2. Kelile

C2. Kiril

Upcoming/In Beta: C2. Leonidas, C2. Joon, C2. Justice, C2. Quintus, C2. Caedmon, C2. Li Xiu, C2. Cyprian, C2. Boldtusk, C2. Colen, C2. Gormek, C2. Grimm, C2. Skittleskull and C2. Rigard

Upcoming New Event

…with tons more new heroes TBD :roll_eyes:

Brave Musketeers (Alliance Quest)

In Beta: (5*) D’Artagnan, Athos, Aramis, Porthos, Queen Anne, Milady de Winter, Cardinal, Richelieu, Rochefort and Constance (4*) Villiers and Kitty (3*) Planchet and Felton

Sorry for the massive list. Hoping having it in one place makes it easier to find + knowing what’ll be coming (and where) helps prepare a lil better too. & If I remember to, I’ll try and edit this list with the newly released heroes as they come (no promises tho; I’m super forgetful). Still, even compiling all of this was overwhelming, so can’t even imagine how you feel :expressionless:

Btw, if you have a way that someone like me can just enter the data into your website - like a template I just follow along and type into - I’d be happy to help. I’m on mobile, and not super technologically savvy, but I know the game and am happy to help! :relaxed:

Anyway, hope you’re RL is going well, and you have a fabulous weekend :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


So am I. If we can help by entering data in a certain format or template so you can upload easily, then please let us know and we will help where possible.

He´s on this feature, but it takes a bit to program… while right now he´s got trouble just keeping up … Once it´s up and running I am sure there will be no shortage of volunteers…
I guess the bigger issue than inputting data is quality control.

He´s been hinting at this whole thing a few times in the past if you read the backlog…

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FWIW, I wrote a script to scrape some of this data and fill it in a format that the tool ingests. It’s not perfect and you need to fill in avatar and stuff as it needs to be in certain format but it gives you a jumpstart.

Looks like most, but not all of the Mighty Pets got added.

Missing: Waddles.


Thank you for your hard work and the update! I can definitely appreciate all the hard work you do. I don’t have the hero profiles to add here, so maybe someone else can assist. I have noticed these did not get added:

Thanks again for all your efforts!


I could add Waddles just now. Thanks for this great tool, @GDIBass !


Am I missing something, or are the Styx troops not yet added?

20 chars of “Not yet”.

Thanks for adding Costume Heimdall!

@GDIBass thanks for all uploads.

A whole bunch of new heroes have been released (again).

Challenge Festival II:


Santa event:


@GDIBass Maybe this is an interesting thread for you.

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Hi @GDIBass ,
thank you again for this marvelous tool. Do you see any chance to include the Styx (cyclops) troops to the heroplan?

Here is a specs sheet of the troops.

Happy gaming


Wow, that is a great guide itself for the Styx troops!

@GDIBass more heroes have been launched: