(Tool) Alliance War Team Planner


Hi guys,

I need to take a break from E&P due to significant neglect of other parts to my life :slight_smile:

I am working on finding someone to take the project on while I am gone. Please stand by.

Basic Features Tutorial - YouTube (7mins but will make using the sheet much easier)
Titan Damage Tracker Tutorial - You Tube (4mins shows the basic features of titan data tracking)

Current Version: 0.94

Added grading data for Alasie

Make sure you try out the Hero Comparison tool. It will compare any maxed 3-5 star hero head to head. It looks at all stats and the hero grading information gathered by @Anchor.

Please remember to make a copy of the sheet if you are going to enter your own data. This version is shared and your data will likely be overwritten.

7DR Alliance War Team Planner

If you find this useful we have some other cool new features on the way:

  1. Raid tracker
  2. Update comparison tool to include stranded 5* (3/70) heroes! (Credit to @Kerridoc)

This tool can be used on phones but the size of the screen makes it very challenging. It works great on my Android tablet and perfectly on my PC.

Many thanks to @AzraeL804 , @Scndstar, @Ritopo , @Avicious, Torn and others that have helped with the creation and testing of this tool.

Thanks to @Anchor, @Xero786, @ScndStar, @Arien and @Boarasaurus for the hero grading data. Thanks also to @Petri for supplying the missing hi-def hero images and for giving us permission to use them.

[Tool] Alliance War Team Planner (ESPAÑOL)
Flawed War Matching?
Luck the difference on the war is not fair

This is simply AMAZING Mel!


Thanks buddy. Its gonna get better :slight_smile:


Brilliant, thank you!


You are very welcome mate. I will be posting the updates through this thread so check back often. I would love to have the first cut of the AW Attack Team tracker out by the weekend. We will see what work allows :smiley:


Wow!! thank you very much!!!

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No worries!. If you find any bugs please let me know here and I will credit you when I release the fixes :slight_smile:

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Great stuff! Well done!

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Amazing tool, @Melchior

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Thanks @Melchior !!

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You are very welcome guys. I did some planning for the AW attack team tracker last night. If I get the time I’d live to have it done by the end of the weekend!

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funny. i added an ascesnion item tracker to my titan damage sheet yesterday. Less so for figuring out where the items went (i.e. to which heroes) but more to track how often you get them and where they’ve come from. Ill send it to you offline and see if you want to incorporate any features into yours.

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Excellent tool; thank you!

It would be a nice addition if partially ascended heroes (full level, stuck for ascension mats) were an option. Is my 4/70 Tibertus better than my 3/70 Obakan, for example.


For sure @Dante2377. I really like what you have done with titan tracking. You are well ahead of us there. Great suggestion Kerridoc. That might be a good change after I get the AW tool done. The images for that shouldn’t be too hard to find either (for most heroes anyway).

Thanks guys!


I would have to exclude the grading data, or make it clear that the rankings are for Maxed heroes so the comparison of the grading data is not valid for partial heroes. Its for sure doable though. Consider it added to the list :slight_smile:


Astounding! Many kudos and thanks to all for your excellent work and exemplary generosity.


Thanks so much for the kind words @Azure. I hope you enjoy the tool!


Ok just had to fix the published sheet. The protection on google sheets is pretty rudimentary. Someone had found the hero list and re-ordered it. This breaks all the lookups for hero names. Please be sure to make a copy of the sheet and store it in your google drive if you want to play with it in earnest.




I have added the Alliance Wars team builder/tracker function. Please download the new version and copy your existing data across. Please drop me a line here if you have any suggestions, find any bugs or just like using the tool :slight_smile:



Guys. I have found an annoying bug in the dynamic lookups for the AW Team Planner. If you have two heroes of the same name, tier and level it excludes the second one from the dynamic menu’s incorrectly. I am working on a fix and will hopefully have something out shortly.

Sorry for the hassle.


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