Help! Not for me

I ask for help for a great guy (I hope he’s not mad about me for doing this here) and his tool.

It’s one of the best, if not the best, for our game! He created it and he keeps it alive and more, he always adapts it to the changes in the game and also to your wishes. But I’m afraid it will be too much for him alone. And I would not like to do without the tool.

@GDIBass, if you like, please describe who or what you need as support. I can’t, I understand less than none of it.

I found some posts I’ll quote.

And now guys, please get in touch here! Give GDI a tag! I beg you!


this deserves a big bump up, kudos @Pike for starting this!


I donated a little directly on the site. If I can spend $15 on a ten pull, he’s worth it for all he does for us. Like anything, give if you can…this site is really the best.



I’m not a coder at all so can’t help on that front, but I do have a library of every hero headshot. If those can be of help for HeroPlan, let me know and I’m happy to share my library. (I’ve been slowly updating the wiki with these as well.)


You are also appreciated VQ. Keep it up rockstar!


I am familiar with Git. I am using it every day in my job.
I have no experience with Yaml, but I am familiar with JSON files at first sight they seems similar.
GIMP, I do not have too much experience in image editing, but I might be able to do easier tasks.


I might be able to help too, I am familiar with json and git but not the other tools, I play a lot with video and image editors so should not be that bad, as programer should not be hard to pick up other skills with the right documentation and tutorials


Throwing my hat in to help too.

Git - :white_check_mark:
Yaml - :white_check_mark:
GIMP - no, but I do know intermediate photoshop.


I donated a small amount via the site, but I use it so much, I should probably go again.


Thanks so far guys! :hugs: Now we need the one and only @GDIBass! :wink: And more help is always welcome…

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Aww, thank you everyone.

Honestly the coding and what not is the easy part… even creating the images isn’t very hard. My struggle is mostly with keeping the vast amount of hero data updated (when new heroes come out, or there are balance changes).

I’ve tried this in the past, and got a little help at first, but it fizzled out. For anyone interested, please reach out to me on discord. I mostly have a contributing guide ready to go.


Found this. Is it still relevant?

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