🧪 The Beta Beat (V52) – New S1 Costumes, Gargolyles, December HoTM, S5 Hero -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

NOTE: Please do not, under any circumstances, share IMAGES OR VIDEOS from Beta in this or any public Forum thread. Violations can cause players to lose their Beta accounts, or threads to be closed down.

:thinking: What’s this all about?

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Often players on the Forum wonder about what’s going on in Beta.

If you’re a regular reader of the Forum, then you’ll find that there’s actually abundant conversation about what’s going on in Beta at any given time.

And that’s actually allowed!

What’s restricted is images and videos — but discussion is ok:

The challenge is that information is often scattered around the Forum. I’ve created The Beta Beat to help centralize it for those who are interested.

The Beta Beat is a series of threads which are evolving as I get feedback on what’s helpful to players.

My main focus is giving some high-level guidance of what’s going on in current testing, so players outside of Beta can be better informed.

Like Beta itself, this thread is experimental and will evolve based on your feedback.

Information from Beta is frankly often mostly useless, so don’t get too attached.

Details from Beta, especially brand-new Beta content, don’t tend to be very reliable for actual release.

It’s incredibly common that heroes and features are changed during Beta testing, or sometimes even after testing but before release.

That is, after all, the purpose of Beta testing.

So I wouldn’t get too attached to any information from Beta — it’s not unheard of for entire portions of hero skills to be removed or reworked, or for radical changes to hero stats to be made, or for large chunks of new functionality to be completely changed.

Often Incomplete Information Circulates

Many of us have seen screenshots and other information shared on LINE, Discord, Facebook, and other groups — often without context or explanation.

These can lead to confusion and misunderstanding.

Often, early Beta information — the least reliable or useful — is circulated…and then updated information is missed.

I’m hoping centralizing some high-level information on the Forum may help to reduce this as well.

What’s Going on in Beta Right Now

IMPORTANT: I wouldn’t get too attached to any information from Beta — it’s not unheard of for entire portions of heroes or functionality to be removed, reworked, or radically changed beyond recognition.

New S5 heroes

New S1 costumes

2022 December HoTM

-🧪 Early information on the December 2022 HOTM -- Balur [Part of The Beta Beat V52]

New Gargolyle Hero

Other Beta Content

(These were tested in earlier Beta versions. These might come back to testing or not…)

Covenant of Champions

Valhalla hero costumes

Season 5 Heroes

2022 October Hero of the Month

2022 November Hero of the Month

Season 5 Heroes

Styx heroes

Contest of Elements

Monster Island Event:

Season 1 Family Bonus:

Superior Talents

Beta Feature Tracking/ Forecasted Content

Staff have not yet released any further insight into the future V50 Beta testing content.

:left_speech_bubble: Feedback?

I’d love to hear thoughts on whether this information and format is useful, and how you’d like to see information presented in the future. Any thoughts or ideas?

Please try to limit discussion in this thread mostly to the information sharing process and feedback on the thread, so we don’t end up with a jumbled discussion of a bunch of different heroes — use the threads linked above for each individual hero to discuss more.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

:calendar: Beta Schedule

Beta Name Status Open Closed
Beta 1 Testing In progress FRI 23.9 MON 26.9
Beta 2 Testing Planned WE/THU 28.9/29.9 MON 3.10
Beta 3 Testing Planned WE/THU 5.10/6.10 MON 10.10
Final Beta Testing Planned MON 10.10 FRI 14.10

:exclamation: Beta Updates

This section will be updated over time as there are updates to the V52 Beta Testing Cycle

September 22, 2022

  • New Heroes are added.

New Beta has arrived with these contents:

New Season V Hero added for testing

Balance changes:

New Gargoyle Hero added for testing

New Hero of the Month added for testing

New Costumes for Epic Classic Heroes added for testing


Great news! :ok_hand:

I’m guessing that they will be a blue hero. I need blue heroes, so finger crossed that they won’t be so bad as Klaern. ^^


Get back to us with a reaction after reading up on Balur


Well… I’m not impressed. I read his special skill and my reaction was… meh…
450% damage at average speed and 772 attack doesn’t sound great. Still better then Klaern, but I won’t chase him.
I just have about 8 telescopes, so Richard or Balur won’t get them. Pity, I really like my Kara, Arfanias and Tahir. 2022 is not a good year for blue HoTMs.

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great news indeed. looks like we were correct to hold our keys until further news @Sorvina :wink:

I haven’t gotten Kiril’s 1st costume yet, so I’m really hoping I finally pull Kiril in the chamber…!


So, Gargoyles will have 1 more hero than Villians, Starfall, and Slayers?

maybe not for long, last months gave me the feeling they intend to slow down the rate new heroes are released, droping heroes one at time to existing events is a way to do it… not like they can fit lots of new events in the curent calendar anyway

My most used s1 costume 4* is rigard… So I’m anxiously waiting to see what that looks like… But… This kiril seems uninspired… Just… Slightly better than the s1 option.