🧪 Early Information on Contest of Elements (Holy) Event [Part of The Beta Beat v51]

NOTE: Please do not, under any circumstances, share IMAGES OR VIDEOS from Beta in this or any public Forum thread. Violations can cause players to lose their Beta accounts, or threads to be closed down.

This thread is to provide early insights and discussion on the new Contest of Elements Quest.

Don’t get too attached

Details from Beta, especially brand-new Beta content, don’t tend to be very reliable for actual release.

It’s incredibly common that features are changed during Beta testing, or sometimes even after testing but before release. That is, after all, the purpose of Beta testing.

So I wouldn’t get too attached to any of this — it’s not unheard of for entire portions of features to be removed or reworked, or for radical changes to functionality to be made.

Contest of Elements Quest

The Contest of Elements Quest structure is similar to the Tavern Legends Quest as it contains 10 stages, which can be played succesfullly only once.

Hero Roster Mastery

There will be Hero Roster Mastery just like the Taverns Quest:

Special Gameplay

You can only bring Holy heroes to the battles.
As noted in the rules you bring twice amount of battle items what you can usually do. (Eg: 20 Small mana potions, 10 Tornados, and you will need those as even the first stage has 5 waves.
Hunter’s Lodge items are also allowed.

All waves are like a boss stage, where all enemies are elite enemies.
There is at least 1 boss at every wave, which is a Holy hero from the portal.
The final wave contains 3 Holy boss heroes.

Stage WE Recommended TP Waves Elemental Summon Coins
1 4 3000 5 10
2 5 3300 5 10
3 6 3600 5 10
4 7 4000 5 15
5 7 4300 5 15
6 8 4600 5 20
7 8 4800 5 20
8 9 5000 5 25
9 9 5200 5 25
10 10 5400 5 50
Total 73 200

Mana speed in the event

As you can read in the rules above all tiles are charging your heroes even the off color tiles.
Off colour tiles charge only 20% of the usual charge, while on color tiles charge your heroes with 40% of the usual speed.

I have created a table about how much tiles needed to charge you heroes at various mana speeds without any mana troop or mana generation buff / stack:


Hero and monster stats:

Credits to @birksg

Topic about the new Heroes in the Quest:

Super Elemental Portal

The portal is very special as it contains various heroes from various seasons and events, and the new Super Elemental heroes.
The regular Elemental Porta is replaced with this Super Elemental Portal.
Costumes are not included the portal.

The portal runs on Gems and a new coin type: Elemental Coin.
There is no bonus ascension material chest if you do multiple soons.

Available Heroes

Right now in Beta these heroes are available in the portal:

Featured Heroes:

  • Jequn
  • Zandria
Hero Type Rarity Hero Count Hero list
Season 1 Legendary 4 Joon, Justice, Leonidas, Vivica
Season 1 Epic 4 Chao, Hu Tao, Li Xiu, Wu Kong
Season 1 Rare 4 Bane, Dawa, Gan Ju, Kailani
Season 2 Legendary 2 Inari, Poseidon
Season 2 Epic 1 Danzaburo
Season 2 Rare 1 Melia
Season 3 Legendary 4 Norns, Odin, Sif, Thor
Season 3 Epic 2 Gullinbursti, Mist
Season 3 Rare 2 Agnes, Kvasir
Season 4 Legendary 4 Auoda, Akkorog, Prof. Lidenbrock, Zekena
Season 4 Epic 1 Griffin
Season 4 Rare 1 Poppy
Old Challenge Event Legendary 4 Guaridan Gazelle, Guarian Owl, Guinevere, White Rabbit
Old Challenge Event Epic 2 Gretel, Guardian Jackal
Old Challenge Event Rare 2 Pixie, Sally
New Challenge Event Legendary 4 Caitlín, Director Zuri, Faline, Penolite
New Challenge Event Epic 1 D’Andre
New Challenge Event Rare 1 Candy
Seasonal Events Legendary 3 Rana, Roc, Sir Roostley
Seasonal Events Epic 1 Lady Woolerton
Seasonal Events Rare 1 Arman
Past hero of the Month Legendary 11 Bai Yeong, Deliath, Devana, Drake Fong, Hanitra, Malosi, Musashi, Neith, Onatel, Ranvir, Uraeus
Tower events Legendary 3 Mica, Motega, Topaz
Tower events Epic 1 Anastasia
War of the 3 Kingoms Legendary 2 Zhang Fei, Zhuge Liang
War of the 3 Kingoms Epic 2 Wang Yuanji
Alliance Quest Legendary 2 Eloise, Wolfgang
Alliance Quest Rare 1 Bertulf

Total number of non Featured Heroes:
5* : 40
4* : 15
3* : 13
Total: 68 + 2 Featured = 70 heroes are in the portal.

Appearance Rates

The chance of Season heroes are no longer visible in the Apperance Rates.
All Holy Heroes who are at least 180 days old are available in the portal.

  • Rare Hero: 71.0%
  • Epic Hero: 26.5%
  • Legendary Hero (Non Featured): 2.3%
  • Legendary Featured Hero: 0.2%
  • Bonus Draw
    Hero of the Month: 1.3%

I have done a quick analysis on hero chances per type bases on the current portal content.
Here is the table for it:

Hero Type Rarity Chance
Season 1 Legendary 0.23%
Season 1 Epic 7.07%
Season 1 Rare 21.85%
Season 1 Any Rarity 29.15%
Season 2 Legendary 0.12%
Season 2 Epic 1.76%
Season 2 Rare 5.46%
Season 2 Any Rarity 7.34%
Season 3 Legendary 0.23%
Season 3 Epic 3.53%
Season 3 Rare 10.92%
Season 3 Any Rarity 14.68%
Season 4 Legendary 0.23%
Season 4 Epic 1.76%
Season 4 Rare 10.92%
Season 4 Any Rarity 12.91%
Old Challenge Event Legendary 0.23%
Old Challenge Event Epic 3.53%
Old Challenge Event Rare 10.92%
Old Challenge Event Any Rarity 14.68%
New Challenge Event Legendary 0.23%
New Challenge Event Epic 3.53%
New Challenge Event Rare 5.46%
New Challenge Event Any Rarity 9.22%
Seasonal Events Legendary 0.17%
Seasonal Events Epic 1.76%
Seasonal Events Rare 5.46%
Seasonal Eventsl Any Rarity 7.39%
Past Hero of the Month Legendary 0.63%
Tower Events Legendary 0.17%
Tower Events Epic 1.76%
Tower Eventsl Any Rarity 1.93%
War of the 3 Kingdoms Legendary 0.12%
War of the 3 Kingdoms Epic 1.76%
War of the 3 Kingdomsl Any Rarity 1.88%
Alliance Quest Legendary 0.12%
Alliance Quest Rare 2.52%
Alliance Questl Any Rarity 2.64%
Any specific featured hero Legendary 0.1%

Summon Costs

  • Single: 400 Gems or 100 Super Elemental Coins
  • 10x: 3400 Gems

Super Elemental Coin Summon Token

In-game tooltip:

Used for a free summon at the Super Elemental Summon. You need 100 coins for one summon.

:question: Questions

Release date: Unknown

Will be there quest to other elements: Yes

Recurrence of the event: Every second month.

Will be there new 3/4 star heroes: Maybe

For a full list of items currently in Beta testing, as well as their related threads, please see:


You left “covenant coins” on the quest stage table :grimacing:
Thank you as well for your efforts :+1:


I think it’s an interesting concept. Veteran players will certainly love it and the challenge will be nice for middle players (those playing for 2-3 years). Of course, new players won’t be able to do much and there may be complaint for that. It’s just what it is.

I can’t help but noticing the increase in items cap though. It clearly shows how they count on us to heavily spend battle items to finish it… With elite enemies at each wave, that won’t be easy but I love the idea.

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Something is not clear, we can only bring holy heroes, if so I hope to have enough


400 gems again? That seems to be the new currency from now on…


Each hero can be used a limited number of times.
You can only bring Holy heroes to the battles.
10 stages

A player needs 50 25 holy heroes to complete this quest? :astonished:
And TP is so high that you can’t use your rare heroes much… Crazy quest, not for F2P for sure…

To be clear - I’m not whining, I don’t have to be able to complete every single event/quest in the game.


more… you will bring holy heroes to fight holy enemies. I wish I had 3 or more Norns :joy:


25, not 50. They can be used twice.


Ah, OK! You are correct.
Still TP is so high that probably I won’t finish this quest. Well, will see!

I checked and I have:
5* - 5 heroes (3 at 4/80 and 2 at 3/70)
4* - 10 heroes (all maxed)
3* - 13 heroes (all maxed)
Total: 28 heroes.

That will be… challenging! :smile:


with the recommended initial team power of 3000, 3s cannot be used for long. I will not have enough 5 to finish this event


Err…, Typo ? Or are both events one and the same ?

If it’s a costume, I am guessing that you can +1 to your count. :)))

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Yes.you need 25.

I have 37 leveled holy heroes, but only 8 of them are Legendary.

So I have started the even even with unleveled heroes so that I can have good options.
I have went in with 2500 TP team on stage 1, which is usally ok for Tavern of Legends, but I have not anticiapted to face elite enemies and boss stages only.
So without battle items I would have 0 chance… :fearful:

So this will be challenging…


Sorry, I forgot to update it to “Contest of Elements” Quest.

It is fixed now.


Hm, will see. ToL doesn’t allow you to use heros in costumes if you used their non-costumed versions before. That only works in towers.

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Yes. Inflation has hit this game.

This revised 400 gems starts with the upcoming Covenant Portal.

I am guessing that S6 will be 450 gems instead of the current 350 gems for S2-4.


I will test this soon, and I will let you know.

Maybe we can request for this. :)))

of course they have to do this with my weakest color first. Guess I have to ramp up and start training Justice and that guy with the bird.

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400 gems for one summon with such low odds?


Oh well. I hope the gameplay is fun :pray: