🐰 Master Lepus – 5* Ice/Blue from Springvale

Master Lepus

Rarity Element Class Mana Speed Mana CB
Level Attack Defense Health

+1 Costume
+1 Costume
+1 Costume
Origin Family
Springvale Springvale
Image Aether Power Description
attack-up Attack Up At the start of each battle, this Hero gets +20% attack for 6 turns.
In battles with multiple waves, the effect is refreshed at the beginning of each wave.
:dizzy: Special Skill: Reckless Finisher
  • Deals 410% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies.
  • The caster gets -20% defense for 3 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.
All-In-One Reference, courtesy of @Lumi
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:balance_scale: Balance Changes

Jun 2023 (Big Balance Update)

March 2024

:money_with_wings: Avoiding Overspending & Heartache :broken_heart:
Or: How many summons are needed to get a Seasonal Event Legendary Hero?

It’s important to remember that Seasonal Event Heroes have extremely low summoning odds. No amount of summoning will guarantee a Seasonal Hero.

On average, in a 10-pull, you have a 4.9% chance of summoning a particular Seasonal Legendary Hero.

But that statistic can lead our minds astray in exactly how our odds play out as we continue summoning.

Some useful insights:

  • 39 times out of 100, you’ll get a specific Seasonal Legendary Hero by pull 100
  • 95 times out of 100, you’ll get a specific Seasonal Legendary Hero by pull 598
  • 99 times out of 100, you’ll get a specific Seasonal Legendary Hero by pull 919

Putting that in Perspective

  • 61 out of every 100 people won’t get a specific Seasonal Legendary Hero by the 100th pull

  • If 1 Million players each summoned 100 times, 610,000 of those players wouldn’t get the specific Seasonal Legendary Hero

  • 5 out of every 100 people won’t get the specific Seasonal Legendary Hero by the 598th pull

  • If 1 Million players each summoned 598 times, 50,000 of those players wouldn’t get the specific Seasonal Legendary Hero

More Insights & Reading

I highly recommend reading these two threads for more information and context on summoning odds:

If you’ve read them a million times before, you may consider reading them again before deciding on your budget for summoning. A little time spent deciding on how much money you want to risk on summoning goes a long way to avoiding disappointment, frustration, and regret later. :slight_smile:

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Feedback Poll - Master Lepus (post release)

:question: Is Master Lepus worth Summoning For?

  • Yes, absolutely
  • Only if you’re P2P
  • Yes, but only if you’re summoning for someone else.
  • Not really
  • Not at all

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:question: How many copies of Master Lepus would be useful to keep & Level?

Note - this is roster space dependent & isn’t the same for everyone!

  • zero
  • Just one
  • 2
  • 3
  • All of them

0 voters

:question: What do you think Master Lepus’s Primary Purpose is?

  • Sniper (Primary Damage Dealer)
  • Finisher (Secondary Damage Dealer)

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:question: What do you think of Master Lepus compared to other Heroes?

  • Over Powered (OP)
  • Little stronger than Most
  • On Par with Most
  • Little Weaker than Most
  • Completely Broken (Under Powered)

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:question: How does Master Lepus’s Special Skill and Intended Purpose match his Base Stats?

Note this means his Class, Attack, Defence & HP Stat

  • Perfectly
  • Better than Most
  • On Par with Most
  • Worse than Most
  • Terribly

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:question: Is Master Lepus worth giving Druid Emblems to?

  • Yes absolutely
  • Depends on who else you got
  • Hmmmm, not sure yet
  • No I don’t think so
  • No… Not at all.

0 voters

:question: In Defence, where do you think Master Lepus is best used?

  • Left Wing
  • Left Flank
  • Tank
  • Right Flank
  • Right Wing
  • Not on defence at all.

0 voters

:question: How do you think Master Lepus is best used?

  • PvP Raids/ War attack
  • Normal Defence
  • War Defence
  • Titans
  • Farming
  • Tournaments
  • Event Teams

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Hi, how does JF combo with Lepus work? Does rabbit gets def boost together with loosing his def down?? Thnx

If you fire JF before firing Lepus, Lepus does not get any defense down effect. Instead, he gets the defense up buff from JF. They have great synergy together.


Nice bug. :slight_smile: I wish I had JF.

Has an animation of Master Lepus’s special been changed in v28? I noticed that it looks different: more colorful and with golden flies or bees flying around when an emblem is displayed on a screen…

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Yes, Master Lepus’ animation was updated in Version 28:

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A short video of Master Lepus new special skill animation plus the synergy with JF:


I just took him down in Advanced level 14 and had his defence at -44% thanks to Isarnia when he fired his special replacing it with -20%. Not saying it’s a bug but I don’t like it one bit. What was intended as a drawback put him in a better position. If I fire Isarnia after would the defence down stack?

No, because his self debuff is undispellable, so it can’t be overwritten.

Yeah that’s what I figured. But to my mind it wouldn’t be overwriting it would be adding. I know that’s not how the game works but either -64% or taking away 44% off the remaining 80% would make more sense.

Stackable defense debuffs would be a nightmare everywhere else, though.

But this is definitely a place where Lepus has an advantage — he’s a counter of sorts to Kunchen, for example.

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According to my alliance mates who’ve played years longer than I… Master Lepus was once seen as a highly desirable hitter. Players who have used him - does this still hold true in the power-crept meta of today?

YES! Lepus is still a great hero. But I will add a disclaimer: I don’t spend, so limited edition heroes like M. Lepus are a big deal for me. My only other ascended Blue 5* is Aegir, and I have Isarnia and Richard waiting for mats.

Lepus is a key part of my raiding team. I usually do 3/2 or Mono, and he synergizes very well with Kiril, Grimm and even Aegir. He’s also a mainstay on my anti-Red-Titan team for his tile damage. He can easily carve a hole in enemy defenses with his splash damage (sometimes finishing off three weakened enemy heroes at once).

I used to try using Lepus together with Aeron to prevent the self-defense-debuff. But even without using them together, Lepus is sturdy enough to survive a few slash hits after. I try to save Lepus’ special for when I know he will kill someone.

And like others have said, the self-defense-debuff can be strategically used to stop Lepus from getting a bigger defense debuff.


Thanks for weighing in!

I was going back and forth on pulling this this round, but I think I will. I use Grazul on my main attack team, and I think Lepus would be a good fit.

I love using Kiril as well, and am looking forward to his costume. Lepus would smack all the harder w/ that -34% def debuff.

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After having JUST posted on the Killhare thread about how she was my first ever legendary hero off a single pull, IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!


oh. my. gosh. now you have two bunnies! may they multiply and give you many more - er, if you don’t have and want Jack and Squire Wabbit and/or want multiples, otherwise may they simply fight well in Raids and Wars :wink:


Congrats! I have a maxed Master Lepus from last year, and he is amazing. Excellent hero :slight_smile:


Congratz @Guvnor!

20 congratz!I


I know this is from last year, but belated congrats @Guvnor! :rofl: