Master lepus, jack, squire, damage bug?

When the rabbits use their special it takes a 20% defense down that is undispellable. I get that healers etc. can’t remove it but if I hit them with Grimm, gormek, tiburtus ramming pulv which lowers defense, it doesn’t effect them. Is this a bug since it should go lower or is it meant to lock the defense down? I managed to beat advanced Springvale but just wondering if this was meant as a “protection” against further lowering or if its a bug. Thanks.

Not a bug, the non-dispel-able also means non-replaceable. The debuff cannot be replaced with another debuff of the same kind. In this case the 20% debuff ends up helping the wabbits


Just like what I have discussed with @Oliz and @Noble_Weasel,…
A little benefit of those rabbit (only -20% and only 3 turn), avoiding from more dangerous debuffer -def from “Ramming Pulverizer (6 turn)” or Wilbur (4 turn) or other Normal defense debuffer.


I did check, their defense cannot be debuff further, Grimm, Kunchen, Wilbur, Gormek…etc have practically no impact on their defenses after their specials, this is a very good strength rather than weakness.


This actually a good point that I didn’t consider! Thank you!

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If the mods want to move this from bugs to gameplay discussion that’s fine, its not a bug. I guess it “protects” them in a way by limiting the defense down. They’re all soft defense to start so more than 20 would make them glass cannons.

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I’m not a mod, but Regulars have that power too, so: done :slightly_smiling_face:

I think it’s useful as a tip/trick for people to know.

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Didn’t know that :man_facepalming:


You have the power! You can also modify post titles. That can help with things like tagging that a dev responded in a thread, or helping to clarify what a thread is about. :slight_smile:

Discourse (the forum software) is, to the extent possible, a community-managed platform. The designers of it want those of us who participate regularly to work to make forum as good a place as possible.


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